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Regency Hero Dress Up Doll

NOTE: If parts of the sleeves disappear or show up when you don't want them -- click on the shirt again to have them show up, or click on the coat to make them invisible.

The first dress up doll in almost a year!

I'm so excited to have this finished. I was literally thinking about this all the time. I even had dreams of assembling and coding.

I always wanted to picture my favorite hero while reading Jane Austen, Georgette Heyer and others. I made this, in hopes other people wanted to as well. And ever since Lost in Austen, I HAD to. Just had to.

So, here it is, as accurate as I could make it, even including those weird cossask pants and ankle trousers, sigh.

I'm no genius at coding -- there were some serious flaws that I tried my best to work around. But my goal was for the guy to look good once all the items were on him (or off, muahaha -- though I gave him a package that rivals the Ken doll). Hopefully it worked!

OH -- And miliary experts, please don't bayonet me -- I have no idea how accurate the guns and uniforms are, I just wanted them to look cool. The army uniform is based off of several Mr. Wickhams -- and I believe the navy uniform is for a naval commander.

If you see any serious mistakes, please let me know! I've stared at it so long I can't tell the difference between a waistcoat and a quizzing glass.

Background Resources:
country landscape: [link] from ~TudorxRose

library: [link] from =CausticStock

ballroom: [link] from ~airless-stock

city street: [link] from ~morbidmongoose

Edit: Fixed vest -- it can move now!



The doll was not intended for kids, though I don't think it's inappropriate. I made it for people who love Regency literature, whether it's Austen or $5 romance novels. Let's face it. Many want to see Mr. Darcy naked. This is a stylized peek at that.

P.S. Men have reproductive organs. I'm not kidding! They really do!
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This is cool games..Everyone must be attracted of your work..Thanks for sharing this..
He needs a walking stick!
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Astounding and brilliant use for historic references, thankyou!
Lovely work! Easy to navigate, gorgeous art and a lot of interesting options. It is a lot of fun.
Great job!
Another wonderful one. Is there a way to share our dressed gentleman, with credit to you, of course. I can do a screen capture, but I wondered if there was some other way.
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Thought you would want to know. This site has the game up and as far as I can find there's no stated credit. [link]

Thank you for such an awesome game!!
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Hey, thanks for letting me know! No, they definitely should not have it up there.
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Yep! No problem! It's such a great game and I can tell it took a lot of work, so you deserve the credit!!
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I made a Regency Beatles image using this game: [link], I hope that's okay with with that I've posted it on ::dalogo:, and I hope you like it! :D.
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That is awesome!
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Thanks! I'm glad you like it :). Thanks for the awesome game! :D :huggle:.
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THIS IS AWESOME!! So fun XD I love the amount of detail you can alter. Brilliant work!!
when a sailor, he resembles frederick wentworth or william price :D
he lookslike frank churchill from emma!

LOVE the cravats and all the intricate detail and historical value
Hi I have a probably really unreasonable question, but I thought I had to ask. Do you think you could make a combination of the regency hero and heroine? As in, on the same screen? I really adored your female Regency dress up, and I also adore this male on, so... please? :) thanks for the consideration, disregard this comment if it would be too hard
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In my head, I've had a dress up doll that involved a romance novel cover hero and heroine together, where you could dress them up in multiple historical periods. Sadly, I don't have any new dress up dolls planned for a while!
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Thanks so much for this little game. ;_;
Can I print this, for if I cannot I will be severely disappointed in this backgammon.
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This is really cool. :D
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I used your dress up game to make that pic [link] I gave you the propper credit you deserve. I hope that's ok with you.
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