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Prince Formerly Known As Beast

By savivi
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Maybe this isn't as original as I thought it was...

But anywho! I always loved the Beast. Seriously, I may need help, but I thought he was hot. So I was really sad when he transformed, and was not as delish.

And I bet Belle was too. ;]

This idea came to me right as I was about to fall asleep, of course.

I'm praying, praying, praying that *davidkawena gets his hands on Beast/Prince a la underwear model Disney Heroes: [link]

Done in: Manga Studio, PS

Textures from: mayang (no longer up... sad!) and ~masterjinn

Beauty and the Beast are Disney characters
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Aww this makes me kinda sad. Funny and cute but sad. I love him in both forms. My husband looks nearly identical to prince Adam, long hair blue eyes, jawline and everything, so I'm in love with the beast's human form, but i do love the beast version too. Anyway, excellent work!
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That's great and so funny :D
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this i cute <3
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poor Adam XD She didn't fall in love with the Beast she fell in love with Adam the person Beast is still Adam and Adam is still Beast... but this pic is adorable XD
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poor beast, the things he has to put up with.
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Sokai-SamaHobbyist Traditional Artist
LoL Aww, his face is priceless. It's a definite "Sigh. The things we do for love" face. :p :heart:
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CandiedJellyfishStudent Filmographer
Then I may need help too, cause I always thought Beast was hot as well. <:3c
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rebeccajophoto Photographer
ahh - poor prince... the eyes even look so sad on him. I like this idea though!
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Bruiser235Hobbyist General Artist
This put a smile on my face. I love Adam's defeated look, and Belle's contented look. Wonderful complexity of emotions. While I like Beast and Prince Adam, I love this idea. It is very original.
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ugh i know! i hated it when he transformed. But i love this its too cute!
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TaraPrinceProfessional Writer
I love this :D I always did think he looked better as a beast
Sliver-Of-Light's avatar
Sliver-Of-LightHobbyist Writer
though I must say in the second movie, when they did the prologue scene, I think he looks much better!
Sliver-Of-Light's avatar
Sliver-Of-LightHobbyist Writer
aww, he looks so down! When I was younger and not into boys at that age, I thought his human form was ugly and I was thinking "why! this is my favorite movie!" But now that I'm older, I like him the best out of all the princes. & the fact that my boyfriend has the long wavy light brown hair makes me love it even more! :D
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ChibikanHobbyist Writer
I think that was because Disney thought "OH we're only going to see Princey for about 3 minutes we don't need to put as much effort into him."
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dreaminpngHobbyist Digital Artist
pffffff. This is hilarious and awesome. I was sad when he transformed too. He was so much more awesome as the Beast. His lips bothered me in human form.
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UltimateGodzookyFanStudent Traditional Artist
Poor Adam, he's so unloved....all he wanted was o be human again and when he did, people said they liked him better before.

I do love the picture of course, I was just saying...^^;

and don't worry, we think the Beast is hot, too.
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Oh hot.. LMAO. Good job
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Dahila-MockeryHobbyist Writer
I really don't think anybody enjoys prince Adam. We all miss the Beast.
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If I were her I'd do the same... Beast was so sexy as well, A BEAST :heart:
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Genius :D ... I love the idea... after all, she fell in love with the Beast.
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Sweet-Amy-LeahProfessional General Artist
I love the idea of this! Genius!:clap:
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Jaxx101Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This is cute...I agree with you though, he was one hot beast!! I loved his expressions, but I have to say I think he was a hot dude too.

I would have been happy with either one - but imagine it's alot easier to kiss him as a man..though cuddling would be more fun as beast...

He is hot.
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