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Step By Step - Tree Tutorial EASY

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Hi there

Since I had a poll here on dA. The one with most votes for a new tutorial, was for Landscape. So I decided t draw a tree for you guys!
I really hope this step by step is easy for you to follow! I only used the marker tool, pen tool, airbrush. 
This is the easiest tree I can image to draw ^^ So I hope you will think so too! Of course you can add more leaves/more shading and colors, but that is up to you!
I choose to let it be a little more simple! Be creative and surely add something of your own into the tree! 

Another tip:  Go look around at trees, you found one you really like? Try to draw it to improve your tree art skills! ^^ 

I always struggled with trees, just since a couple of years I finally can draw a decent tree... I practised a lot!
Anyways, Enjoy!

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program: Easy Paint Tool Sai

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~Saviroosje 2015:heart:

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