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Step By Step - Rhinestone


Hi there

New tutorial! Some sort of Necklace RhineStone tutorial ^^
I felt like creating this ^^ I just made this out of nowhere haha.
Please enjoy! And try it yourself!
Please like my facebook for more tutorials!

program: Easy Paint Tool Sai 



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I love this! The gem I used it for is tiny and I could have gotten away with something much simpler, but I'll definitely use this for bigger gems/glowy stuff in the future!
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Very cool and very shiny! :D
Saviroosje's avatar
Thanks a lot! 
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It's such a good tutorial! I gotta ask you something though, why do you
And some other artists color over stuff with blue's and oranges and screen it? How do you Know what colors to use? It really makes it look that much better!

I've been trying to find out what it is with no no luck. ;w;
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Actually just thinking about if you want to give it a more "warm" look or a "cold" look ^^ 
Also depends one where lightsources are. If on the left side is a cold light, use a cold color on that side, on the right side if there is a warm tone ( such as a lamp or the sun) use something more warm ( yellow,red,orange) ^^

But you can also just play with it! You can make different layers, make them all with other colors, and pick the one yo think looks best :)

Thank you for your comment! ^^ 
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Thanks so much for the help!
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You're welcome and good luck! 
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Thanks, looks so amazing!!
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it looks like something is in there but that is my weird imagination
Saviroosje's avatar
maybe it is haha, it should be an easter egg or something haha
moonjumper4's avatar
ya or some sort of magicShyHappy 
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hihi yeash!^^ 
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You make such beautiful sparkly stuff <333 :D
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Thank you so much!
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this could be handy! Thank you this is great! :D
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Thank you! ^^ 
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this is great ! ^^ here *gives llama*3D Llama Badge
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