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Step By Step - Lip Tutorial


Hi there

I was practising some lips. I am finally a bit happy with them. So I also made a tutorial for you guys! It's a shiny lips tutorial.
I'm in a totally tutorial mode, I'm so sorry, but I will upload other Art to^^

Please like my facebook for more tutorials! 

program: Easy Paint Tool Sai 

Jellyfish Tutorial:…



More tuts + video  tutorials + downloadable content + 

Brush setting:…

~Saviroosje - Roos Illustrations 
I love seeing you trying it! Put your result in a comment! I'd love to check it out! :heart:
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pink heart {big} this is so helpful, thank you so much!pink heart {big} 
pink fabric border pink fabric border 
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I am glad it is! ^^ You are most welcome! 
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ive been struggling with lips for so long and this really helped ahh thank you! <33
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You're welcome!^^ 
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thanks so much needed this :D
now off to find female face coloring steps XD
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You're welcome! Goodluck! 
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faces are hard XD
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i can just never get the colors and shading right...they always either look dirty or flat XD
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Hahaha awh, try to look up some pictures, take soft pinkish colors,and most of the time the upper lip is a bit darker than the bottom one!^^ 
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Ive looked at a lot of lip stuff so ive finally got it decent, face im still working on XD
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Very helpful, thank you .
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i needed it ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 
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You're welcome! 
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I like this approach, makes sense to start with the center line!
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Thank you! ^^ 
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could the Gyazo softwear harm my laptop???
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Gyazo is just a screenshot program I use ^^ It just directs you to a screenshot I made! 
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thank you,this tutorial helped be a lot
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You're welcome! 
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