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The world in His hands

I removed some wallpapers above my window in my room, and it kinda looked empty. Thats why I made this image, so that I can hang it there!

The hands of God around the earth.. In the version that I am going to print it also has a Psalm.

Psalm 95:3-4

The Lord is the greatest God, king over all other gods. He holds the deepest part of the earth in His hands, and the mountain peaks belong to Him.

Hope you like it!

God bless!
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I love this and the song too!! He has the world in his hands ♡♡🌏
Hi there I LOVE LOVE LOVE your images and would like your permission to use this one ... as a matter a fact I would like you to create more for me and I will make sure you get compensated for it ... I am building a system in the Glory of Our Lord which will create a movement and fund the WORLD CHANGE ... Mission is to end poverty and starvation... If you are interested in the opportunity of drawing for us contact me at
Your work is really beautiful. You have an amazing gift, and it's a blessing to see it used so powerfully for God's glory. :)
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I'm loving everything you're making! The Lord is worthy indeed
khaurkiss's avatar
Oh my gosh. Wow.
Chakra-Design's avatar
Wow its amazing, i did an similar work a long time ago, but u did better ;)
Dragstrip's avatar
It's nice to see religous art for once.
Live out loud brother!!
Depyk's avatar
oh man!! so talented! this is really awesome
Depyk's avatar
you are very welcome. i love it!!
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this is a very lovely piece.. SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL!!
Cloud214's avatar
Wow, that's amazing! Everything looks awesome in it - the hands, the planets, the colours - great job!
SaviourMachine's avatar
Thank you very much!
AATHEKING's avatar
I would have fav it but the hands are behind the stars? that can't be right and easy on the "outer glow"

Very nice otherwise
SaviourMachine's avatar
Thank you very much!

The hands are not behind the stars, they are transparent and I happened to like outer glow ;)
AATHEKING's avatar
aight aight... but it look like they are far away... Ok the glow i can go with :)
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Dude, how crazy would it be if people could see giant hands around the Earth?
SaviourMachine's avatar
Amazing wouldn't it? =)
middaymoon's avatar
Things would be easier, too. *sigh*

Anyway, this is pretty cool.
SaviourMachine's avatar
It sure would... Thanks!
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