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The Green

A theme that fits the phone perfectly in my opinion, especially the s500i with the green lights on the side!

Hope you guys like it!

God bless!
© 2007 - 2021 SaviourMachine
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Very nice work :)
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some idiot ripped your work...

check this out: [link]
How can i download this to my cell ??????
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What program did you use to make this?
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Photoshop and a theme creator produced by Sony Ericsson
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i used to have that phone, and it was simply sexy. but after like 3 months of texting, the buttons started cracking. it was a good phone though.
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Yes! I had it returned to the factory 4 times for that same reason!
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haha i didn't send it back, i kept using it. after like 6 months, the lights at the side went crazy and started flashing for no reason. was kinda cool though.
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excellent.. gotta choose blue one,
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*drools* I want a green cell phone damit XD
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Well stay away from the s500i. I had it fixed 3 times now and it's broken again! The buttons of the phone keep braking in half... So... Don't get the s500i or the walkman version...
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I'll keep that in mind thanks
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Oh that's my mobilephone ! :love:
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Mine too ;). Do you have problems with the buttons aswell? (I've had mine fixed 3 times........... )
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No I haven't . How long do you have your mobilephone now? I think the producers corrected this defect later , because my mom have it too and she haven't got the problem too. :confused:
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I have it for 9 months
imo, I think it would flow absolutely beyond perfection if you took the main menu icons from the everchanging theme, tinted them green and maybe kept the sparkle w/ it (if possible that is, wouldn't know).

But aside from my tidbit, great job, love the theme, use it myself :)
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one of the best themes i've ever seen. definately a fave =)

thank you
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I really like this! It combines all the things I want in a theme, but couldn't download from SE. The only complaint I have (after installing 2 minutes ago) is the clock doesn't look good with another bg. Like the green border is sorta pixellated. Otherwise, it looks very sexy! Thanks a lot for the theme!
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Great job man!
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Very good!!! thanks!!!
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