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The Book of Life

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I thought I'd try something completely different... Well this is what came out of that thought! I like it now, lets see if I still like it tomorrow...

Changed the background color and a little bit of the lay-out...

Hope you like it!

God bless
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Gorgeous!! I love how incorporated animals and's a neat effect...
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Wow Just Amazing! Awesome Work Really, Keep It Up For God!! =)
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Can we be save? In this journey called LIFE, are we preparing to meet our creator and see to it if we are written in the Book of Life.
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This is such an awesome and powerful image! Very dynamic and full of energy :)
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BEATIFUL! two thumbs up!
really like this one...
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i like it very much
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Can you upload a higher resolution version or even a wallpaper size one? :)
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I will try, but I ain't really pleased with it yet.. So I am thinking to add some more finishing touches....
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Stunning work! Erg goed man!
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This is really awesome!
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The colors are BEAUTIFUL. Thanks!

Great job.
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Wow, nice! Very sharp image quality and vibrant colors. An overall texture that's thinner around the books and fairly translucent could give it a better sense of unity, but quite nice.
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Hey thanks for your comment, what do you mean with your critics? Maybe I can try it!
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Alright so you're using photoshop, right?

You make a new layer on top of everything and you put a texture on top of it. I like to unsaturate it just to keep from adding a dingy look where I don't want one. If your picture wasn't so busy I'd recommend *Inthename-Stock but that might make it too busy, so instead I'd go for a relatively flat texture like stone or stucco. You can find a whole mess of textures on deviantart by going:

browse - catagory - resources - textures - all textures

Set the texture layer on multiply and lower the transparency to about 10% or less so that it's almost not there, but present enough to add a sense of unity. Duplicate the later. You then can use the lasso tool to highlight the center area in a rough oval, feather the selected area (under "select" on the tool bar), and delete. This will create a graduation from higher transparency towards the edges to very faint transparency in the middle, provided both layers are on multiply. It might give a papery look to your picture, depending on what texture you use, but it should also make it all look like a whole.
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oo cool..i like..!!
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glad you think that way! =)
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