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Passion of Christ

This is a drawing I made of the movie The Passion of the Christ, which now is one of my fav. movies. It impressed me very much!

watch it :D!!!
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Awesome , My Favorite Movie , JESUS CHRIST IS MY SAVIOR
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Too much worship of a delusional cult leader. He was a fraud. Great work though!
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You do know that a cult is defined a small group of people... Christianity is not quite that small...
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minus the "small" and you have the exact same ingredients. False messiahs, prophets, prophecies that never come true, exclusion, and oppression over individual rights. "cult" is liberally applied in sociology -- religions by protocol qualify as cults. it is just taboo to say so.
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You say it isn't so, based on what?! And what are our individual rights? To kill and fuck peoples lives up? We are the ones making rules to oppres. Name a rule from the 10 commandments that is an oppression...

Anyway, I can tell by reading your comments that you're quite intelligent. Study it a bit and if you have im sorry you've chosen like you did..

God bless!
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Oh wow, very nice drawing. I just saw the movie and was just so inspired by it. Such an impressive sad look of Jesus's life. Makes you feel so different afterwards. Touching film. Anyways you really captured the realizm and details to this pic. Nice job. Keep it up.

Ciao for now~!
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Thank you very much!!!
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nice drawing.. very classic look.. still waiting to watch the movie (on dvd )

i used to draw portrait a while ago.. it;s been a long time i guess.. i look fwd to make a new one..
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make make make... I wanna see your drawing skilllzzz!!!
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Im sick of you! haha no im kidding. -wiggles- You always do such a good job. You shall make me jealous.. one day. hah no but :w00t:
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Being an agnostic I'm not really one for the subject matter, but as a piece of art it's fantastic. The expression on the face is done very well.
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woops wrong smiley instead of the first one you supposed to see this one:


=p =p =p =p
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Well there's a lot of things I could say about religion, but I wont. Your work is great and I'd rather not take away from that.
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Good I don't like discussions :D
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too bad you don't like the subject :no:, in my eyes it's the best subject I ever chose:thumbsup:...
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Great artwork, as always!!! :wow::wow::wow:
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WOOOOOOOOOOOOOW :shocked: intense stuff. I like a lot!
the film was a little strong for me personally. A bit too much blood. other than that I agree, a great film. (I do design work for cinemas so I know quite a bit about films) :D
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cool!! and thanx :)
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Just had a thought, reading through the other comments, I agree about the top of the head being a little flat. If you ever run out of space on a pic put a border arround the image. that way it doesnt seem to amaturishly get cut off at the edge of the page. any old plain black or grey border, nothing fancy. It can improve the over all impact of an image too.
Anyhow keep up the good work! :D
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