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If anyone is at Comic Con and wants to stop by and say hi, I'll be in the Small Press area booth Q-1. It's like row 1900 in the back area against the wall. I'll have prints, art, comics, etc. And my nee Samson comic I did will be there too!
Awesome have a good one! Cheers!

embedded_item1500733326015 by SaviorsSon
Just finished a great convention this weekend here in my home town of San Diego @ Comic Fest! Nice little convention started by the ones who started it all with the San Diego Comic con, but without all the crowds, and movie stuff, and non-comic related nonsense! So it was fun.
Next stop on the con circuit will be Comicaze up in LA next month. I'll be sharing a booth with Mike S. Miller... somewhere! Don't know where just yet, but we got a great spot, so it shouldn't be too hard to find us with our huge banners. =)
Look to the skies!
Anyway, hope to meet someone there who reads this! (Tell me if you did and I'll do a free sketch or something for you!) Sound good!

See you there! Adios!

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Well, it's that time of year again for the good ol' San Diego Comic Con! (July 18th-21st) So just a heads up, I'll be there if you are planning on going, I don't have a table in Artist Alley yet but I'm on the waiting list, so as long as there are a few "no-shows" which there usually are, I'll be there! I'll keep you posted, so check back in during the con for an update on a table # if I do get one! (Praying that I do!)

Also, I'll be attending the Wizard World Chicago show this August. The dates for that are the 8th-11. They haven't listed the table numbers there yet, but I'll definitley have a booth, so I'll update on a table # there when the time comes! But you can check out the site here...…
Next year I'll also be attending the St. Louis, New Orleans (again!), and Portland shows! So I'm super stoked for that. I'll be selling prints, original art, sketch cards, and whatever else I have, and doing commissions of course. So check on back! And stop by and see me if you're there!


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Get in on the action!

Journal Entry: Fri Mar 15, 2013, 10:09 AM

I recently had the opportunity to work on an awesome project for a new IOS card game called Guild Tactics. Guild Tactics is an online digital collectible card game for Mobile Devices that combines classic CCGs with video game RPGs. Having begun the preliminary work for it, it's now up on kickstarter to raise money for the rest. Check out the KS site here:…
I was able to have a huge part in this project, basically creating the whole look of it. I did the logo, card layout, character cards, equipment cards, and design of some of the smaller elements. It's been an awesome project to work on and get some great looking artwork out of. I'll be posting artwork that I do as I finish and some other stuff as well, but you can see a bit of the evolution of the project. Definitely fun stuff. I hope you dig it.

Check it out and tell all your gaming friends. If we get enough backers on KS then it'll be something you can play on your devices!!



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Hello friends! Comic Con is here again! Already! Can you believe it!?!
Here is some news in for you in case anyone is going, I will be at the Lamp Post booth in the small press area Q-01... if I'm not in Artist Alley. I'm on a waiting list and will find out tonight if i get my own booth in AA!! Pray I do! Then I'll update this with that info =D [UPDATE: I did get a booth in AA.... it's at EE-02 - right next to my friend Mike S. Miller! Cover artist on the Game of Thrones comic series!]

But here's some more good news! What to know what I'll be doing next?? Remember that WARGUN pic i posted a while back? and said I wanted to do a webcomic? Well I'm finally going to do it! Yup, I'm planning to launch the WARGUN webcomic, August 1, of this year. Yup, less than a month from now! It will be a weekly updated webcomic with art from yours truly. It will be up on
I'll be updating the site with info and art as the time nears till launch, so check it out!

Also, for the Comic Con this year I made a book, The Art of Eric Ninaltowski- a 45 page, B&W book full of my best art. Some that has never even see the light of day, or DA! So if you're interested you can also purchase that online on my new site too!…

And last but not least, I'll be posting new work as well of stuff I've been working on. Stuff I know you'll enjoy, so stick tight, and stay close. And let me know what's up with you!

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Well in case anyone has noticed I haven't posted anything in a while... I've been working on a few things, and now I get to share them (Finally!)!

One- you'll see the Rittenhouse Archives Marvel Universe set recently posted that I got to work on. These are all colored which is cool.

Two- I did a face-lift on my website, and did a re-launch. (it was much needed!) Check out the Wordpress site here...

Three- Check out the DFS site on facebook and like us!…

Four- Well, this isn't too new, but, I want people know that if they would like to commission me for work they can use the DivineFireStudios website directly,
or find me on Comic Art Commissions to check out my rates for more of the comic art related stuff...…
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If anyone is interested in a COMMISSION let me know. Contact me through…

I have some free time on my hands and would love to keep busy doing original art for you!

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I recently made available numerous prints and stuff on, and ebay for purchasing (along with some other stuff). I recently posted a few of my pieces to buy, such as The Unmasking Change pic, The Lord is a Warrior, and The Cover to Book 8 of Hand of the Morningstar. These are only a few of the ones I think are favorites, so if anyone would like me to post something else, and make it available for purchase I will gladly do so! Just let me know what you like! And the cool thing about iOffer is you can simply make me an offer if you want.

So head on over to my store and see what's available...…
and on…

FYI- For the "Lord is a Warrior"/"God Warrior" pic, I know I have gotten some great responses to that one, so I've made available an 8x10 (photo quality)print, but what I will do soon is add a little to it and make it into a nice looking poster with a black border and Title on it. So that will be bigger and more of a poster, so if you want something bigger, just wait and I'll make that available soon. =)

Thanks you to all you fellow artist and art lovers who have favorited my work and like my stuff. This is for you. Blessings.
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Thanks to everyone who has come to check out my page here on DA. 5,000 is gone and 6,000 is fast approaching and I haven't had the chance to say thanks! It seems like a custom to say thanks when you break 5,000 page views so I didn't want to miss my opportunity. But thanks to everyone who has made it a habit to watch my stuff and to comment on what you like and don't like.
I expect exciting times ahead for everyone... my work has now been seen by some top guys at the big two (DC, and Marvel) at this years SD Comic Con, and they like what they see. So I expect that in the not too distant future my work could pop up in a Marvel or DC book. Amazing to think about it, and I'm super stoked, so we'll have to see what happens. In the meantime I'll be finishing up my run with The  Hand of the  Morningstar, and just continue to get better as an artist and work on crafting my own style. So...

Thanks again for 5,000 page views, and thanks DA!!
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Hey ya'll,

Nothing much has been hitting DA lately from me but my life has undergone some significant changes lately. First, my Senior Pastor passed away on St. Patrick's Day from a Heart Attack. The crazy thing about it though was he was in perfect health. The Doctors said he suffered from a type of heart attack that only athletes suffer from when they push themselves too hard. Well, he was an athlete no doubt it, he was an athlete for the Lord; no man I know pushed himself in service to the Lord like Pastor Don Hamer. He was a visionary: he started a church, a school which is adding a third campus this year, and founded Better Courts, a grass roots effort to restore accountability to the Judiciary in California and hopefully the rest of America. But it just goes to show you that the Lord does what he wants, when he wants, and his ways are not our own. But He will get the glory, and he certainly has in the life and death of one of his beloved servants. So you'll be missed, Pastor Don, but we'll meet again! There is a nice website in his memory here...

Secondly, my first born son is here! Aven David Ninaltowski, was born on April 28!! He's an amazing little guy, and such a blessing from the Lord. He's been keeping me and my wife busy, but we're loving every minute of it!! Meanwhile, I'm finishing up the Hand of the Moringstar series, working on Book 8. Book 7 is done and is being finalized before it's out on the shelves. So that's pretty exciting.
I'm also going to be working on some new pages for the San Diego Comic Con which will be here next month already! So look out for those. And also i have a bunch of Art School work I was digging through that i want to post in my Scraps when I get some time. Lots of cool art work, (maybe I'll just post it in my "Featured" gallery?) but we'll see.

Hope all is well and blessed with you, Peace, thanks for watchin'

Eric Ninaltowski
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As I have before I wanted to bring again to the forefront of your mind the great battle that is taking place during our generation. It is the battle for morals, it is the battle for truth, and it is the battle for the unborn and their right to life. I've recently stumbled upon a speech given by Alan Keyes, on February 19, 1995 during a debate between the Republican candidates for President. They were asked specifically how they felt about abortion and other moral issues. The following is a transcript of short segments of select answers, and lastly Alan Keyes' response. It was quite stirring to hear a man speak with such zeal and conviction, especially on a political platform, but he took a stand, and said what Americans desperately needed to hear then, and I believe what we desperately need to hear and grasp again today. Please read what he had to say.

"I believe we should strive for party unity by making the abortion issue an irrelevancy. There's nothing in the "Contract with America" about abortion. I believe that the Republican Party ought to have a platform which is neutral. I'm very much personally opposed to abortion, but I do not believe it can be controlled by the government. I'm not looking for a pro-choice plank, but I don't think it's acceptable to have an anti-choice plank. When a leader of one Republican group said about ten days ago, that someone who is pro-choice is not qualified to be the Republican nominee for President, I was very offended for myself and for about half of the Republican Party. I don't think it is appropriate to put about half of the Republicans as second class citizens. So what I say we do with the divisive abortion issue is: Let's leave it alone. Let's unite behind core Republican values, smaller government, less spending, less taxes, strong crime control, strong national defense, civil rights."

"You cannot call "Right To Life" an irrelevancy. We're talking about the right to life of an unborn child. Forty percent of American people believe that taking that life amounts to a bloody killing of an innocent human being, it is a moral issue of enormous moment, and a great party is got to take a stand on it. The stand we ought to take is the stand taken by Ronald Reagan. He was pro-life all the way. He had a pro-life platform. He ran on a pro-life ticket. And when he put those together, he said, 'Listen. This is what I believe and what I'm going to stand for. However, we've got to put together a 60 percent coalition so if you don't agree there on this issue, okay, do you agree with us on small government, strong defense? You're welcome to come in.' That's the position I would take."

"Abortion is very important and here's my view: It's wrong. The states may restrict it, as I did, when I was Governor. The Federal Government should stay entirely out of it, because I believe it's wrong and that states may restrict it. I would characterize those views as pro-life. But I think we need to move on, to other issues."

"It is a baby, not a choice. If you leave it alone and don't stop its heart and flatline its brainwaves, if you don't kill it, you can call it potential all you want, it is a human being. And we cannot avoid discussing this, in depth, in this race. Roe-Wade has given us 22 years of abortion on demand for any and all reasons or no reason at all through all 9 months. I'm in this race to make sure that we do discuss this issue.

"I am actually from the great state of Maryland, where my ancestors have lived for the last 200 years, sometimes as free men and women and sometimes as slaves.

"And I realized as I was listening to the speakers who came before me that I come at an important juncture in this program. Because I think that the great alternatives have been laid before you tonight. And we Republicans are going to have to decide again, as we have had to decide in the past, whether we shall only speak of justice and speak of principle or whether we shall stand and fight for them! Whether we shall quote from the words of the DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE with real conviction or whether we shall take that document and throw it on the ash heap of history as we adopt the message of those who say that we can stand silent in the face of injustice!

"When it comes to deciding whether we shall stand by the great principle that declares that all human beings are created equal and endowed by their Creator with the right to life, there is no choice for silence! THERE IS NO CHOICE FOR SILENCE!

"And I can tell you right now, that those who are recommending that we pull the "Pro-Life" plank out of the Republican Party platform are recommending as some people decided in the Whig Party in the years before the Civil War that they would be silent on the great issue of principle that faced this nation, we shall be silent. The Republican Party grew up as a Party aimed at dealing with that moral irresponsibility. At standing on the principle that Lincoln articulated, that 'You can not have the right to do what is wrong.'

"And I'll tell you, we have heard a lot of people tonight. They talk about the money and they talk about the budget. But you and I both know, if we are willing to look ourselves in the eye what the truth is. Why is it that we spend so much money on welfare and illegitimacy? Why is it that we spend so much money on crime and violence in our streets? Why is it even that we spend so much money dealing with the problem of irresponsible behavior that contributes to the decline of the health of this nation? I think you all know in your hearts what the real answer is. We don't have MONEY problems. We have MORAL problems. And it's time we stood up and faced that truth!

"And I don't know how, I don't know how we're going to face that truth. If as what's suggested here today we can look our daughters in the eye and tell them that it is somehow consistent with freedom for them to trample on the human rights of their unborn offspring.

"We're going to have find the courage one of these days to tell people that freedom is not an easy discipline. Freedom is not a choice for those who are lazy in their heart and in their respect for their own moral capacities. Freedom requires that at the end of the day, you accept the constraint that is required, the respect for the laws of nature and nature's God that say unequivocally that your daughters do not have the right to do what is wrong, that our sons do not have the right to do what is wrong. They do not have the right to steal bread from the mouths of the innocent, they do not have the right to steal life from the womb of the unborn.

"And I'll tell you, some people may say, that if we stand up and we speak out and we fight for that principle we'll be dividing the Republican Party. But I don't think so. This Party was born on a clear commitment to principle. This Party was born of those who had the courage to stand before the American people and in the face of the threat of a greater division than we'll ever face, insist that we had to respect the principle that make us great, the principles that make us strong, the principles that make us free.

"Look at what's happening in the streets of our cities, look at what's happening to our families today. Do you think that the decline of marriage and the moral disillusion of the family is a money problem? Or do you think it's a problem that comes from putting the self first from deciding that there are no obligations that have to be respected and that at the end of the day, freedom is just another kind of empty licentiousness? We know better and our Founders knew better and it's time that we get back to the truth. They did not tell us that freedom would be an easy road. They offered us a true vision of the future of America. It was NOT a vision of licentious freedom and stupid self-indulgence. It was a vision of freedom based upon the fear of God and the respect for law.

"And why is it, that out of the mouths of all our statesmen and we hear all these great emotional words but they won't speak the simple truths that our Founders from Washington through Jefferson to Lincoln and every President spoke until we got to our own cowardly times? We are not going to remain a free people if we insist on being a corrupt and licentious people. We are not going to remain a free people if we arrogate to ourselves the right to destroy the rights of others. And that's exactly what we are doing when we embrace the so-called "pro-choice", the truly pro-abortion agenda.

"My friends, I think it's empty to praise the courage of the men and women who have died in the service of this country's freedom and its principles and yet decide that we shall lack the courage to stand up for those principles, many or few, or even alone if we must. Because that is in fact the courage that built America.

"This nation was not as some would have us believe a dream of material progress and prosperity and great cities and mountains of money. I'm glad that we have achieved that prosperity, even though it came at much expense to some of my forebearers. Those who toiled in the depths of slavery, they had an understanding of the real dream of American freedom. It's the dream of moral dignity that comes from respecting our true moral capacity. It's the dream of self-government that comes from respecting the fact that in the end, freedom is not just a choice, it is not just an opportunity. It can be a burden and a sacrifice and an obligation. And above all, it is the obligation to respect the truth of our moral identity. That moral identity can unite us across every line of race and color and creed so long as we have the courage to stand for it.

"Now I think you know by now, looking at the Clinton Administration, that if we as Republicans abandon that line of principle, it will surely be abandoned in America. But I can also tell you this in warning, that if you abandon that line of principle, there are Americans who will fight few or many, alone if we must, to make sure that it prevails. And in every point in our history, when we had the choice between right and wrong, in the end, this country chose what was right. And we can be grateful for it. And I think we shall do so again, because we know that the real heroes in America are those in their families and in their daily lives respect the truth that we must meet the obligations and sacrifices of freedom before we claim its privileges and benefits.

"And if that means as well that 'come what may.' Even if it means that we must sacrifice in our personal lives we have to stand where our Founders stood on the belief that you cannot have the right to do what is wrong, but that if we build self-government on a true adherence to the principles of justice, then we shall hold up a beacon of right and hope for all of human kind to understand the true destiny of mankind. Thank-you"

For the full website resource check out…
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It's been a long time in the coming but it's finally here! The Divine Fire Studios website is up and running. A friend of mine helped me out with it and it's a full flash site but it needs A LOT of work still, and fine-tuning. It's slow and I have to deal with the pictures being stretched and things but I'm just happy to have something taking up some web space besides a starter page! So check it out and let me know what you think (but don't be too harsh, like I said it needs a lot of work!)
Also I've been trying to update my blog as often as possible so that's going as well. Check it out and let me know what you think!

Peace and Blessings all,

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Well, i just found the scrapbook feature and I thought I would go and dig out a bunch of old stuff that I still had. These are some cool drawings that I thought people might enjoy. Some of these go back as far as 96'. But it'll give you an idea of where I've come from as an artist and maybe help young artists see flaws and little things that they might need to improve as well. It's always fun to look at old drawings. I used to have so much time on my hands!!

But check out my scrapbook here...…

Happy Browsing!!
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Hey everyone, greetings, hope all is well. I'm currently finishing up the 6th book of Hand of the Morningstar, not too much further now, and then on to the last two books. It's been an exciting project (not to mention a long one!). But I wanted to let everyone know who may not have had the chance to read the books yet, the first book is now online as a webcomic.

Check it out...

While the first two books aren't my art, you will see some of my tones. Me and another artist toned them. My tones are very subtile with lots of gradients, while the others are very hard lined. In case you try and spot them. But it's a great story and worth checking out. I'm sure the other books will be posted as well. So for those who haven't yet, you can see it, read it, experience the wonder!!

As for Webcomics you'll have noticed silence on my end about my WARGUN comic which I was broadcasting last year sometime. And as I'm sure you've noticed since that time you've seen nothing... so here's why...Unfortunately, because of a job change, my time schedule has changed, and I don't have the time I thought I would to work on it. Though I have been holding on to the hope of doing it sometime, I've had to come to the unfortunate realization that that time is not coming soon. So I've had to come to grips with that harsh reality, and wanted to share it with you sadly. That day may still come, you can hold on to the hope with me, and pray with me about it, but...who knows. And anyway, if I had it my way, you'd be holding a copy of my comics in your hand and wouldn't have to see it online. And believe me I have lots of ideas!. So all you prayer warriors out there, pray with me that the Lord will open some doors and make the way for a new brand of comics! Of the awesome Christian sort!

In the meantime I'll be posting my favorite pages from the Hand of the Morningstar comic starting with the 3rd Book and working my way up. So at least you'll have plenty to look at!

Thanks all, you guys all rock. TLBWY - The Lord be with you!

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For all who have gone to my Blog and caught the messages I uploaded, I have just updated it with a new message. This is one that after listening to it, you will want to share it with your family and friends for sure. The message is from Dr. Scott Lively, who has done extensive research on the subject of homosexuality and has amazing facts to share. This Blogcast is an eye-opener for sure and is even chilling, and I encourage everyone to listen to it no matter what your views.

Unfortunately, do to it's size i was unable to upload the second part to Politics and War. I hope everyone enjoyed it, and I'm eager to hear what you thought. But as soon as I've given this new message some air time I will upload part two for everyone so you can catch the good conclusion to Politics and War.

Please visit my Blog for the message and come back here to tell me what you think.

Keep pursuing the truth, wherever it leads!
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For everyone who is interested and following the election this year you probably know what a crucial time it is for our country. Not only are we voting for a new president but also voting for other things. Here in California we're (unfortunately) voting to restore traditional marriage, meaning only one man and one woman. Also, (unfortunately) we're voting to give parents the right to know if their minor teen daughter is undergoing an abortion. It's to give parents the right to know if their teen is going to have a potential life threatening procedure, yet their teen can't get a cavity filled, or aspirin from the school nurse without their parents permission! I don't know what others are voting on but here in California it's serious!

So... With that said...I like to keep up to date with what's going on and I like to find out the truth when I can. So when I do find it I like to share it with others so they can decide for themselves. So a few things that I would like to share are a few Pod Casts specifically focused on the war in Iraq. One comes from a Navy Seal who returned to serve our country after 9/11. And another is a message on Politics and War. An in depth look at our history and where we are now.
Check those out here...

Also I have videos collected from YouTube on MySpace that will provide all kinds of info on the election here in California, other helpful sources, as well as in interesting view on Senator Barack Obama, who is a Christian? Well, you can check all that out here...
Last, let me just say that if we are going to have an America that stands on the foundation that our fore-fathers meant for it, which is one built on the Judeo-Christian faith then we are going to have to fight for it. First on our knees, and  then with being informed, and then informing others. We must be vocal. The other side is already vocal enough,  and we will loose this battle if we don't get into the fight to keep our country and this "Nation Under God."
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I went to the Comic con 4 out of the 5 days this past week and was able to show my portfolio around to people who know what they're doing (the Pros), and so I thought I might post some things that were helpful for me that others fellow artists can grow from them. I know not everyone was able to make it, but I know if you're an artist you'll want to get better! So, here are some helpful things to keep in mind...and also keep in mind that I'm a "professional" and I still have things to work on...

1.) 5 PIECES - That's it. I've heard more like 12 in the past but 2 people told me you'll only want 5 of your most recent strongest stuff. They want to see sequential stuff, not JUST pin-ups. And they want to see that you can draw EVERYTHING, men women children old folks cars buildings etc. The one woman said, "do a fight seen in a coffee shop!" If you have more than 5, you CAN show too much, they will see more of your flaws!! And if they want more they'll ask!

2.) Obviously you need to be able to draw REALISTIC LIFE-LIKE FIGURES and have a really good grasp of structure and anatomy. If you can't draw people well then work on that first before showing off your portfolio. FACES and HANDS!! Know them and know them well. You'll draw people the most, so if your figures are all out of proportion and have weird anatomy then forget it! Seriously! You have to get the figure down pat FIRST!! George B. Bridgman, nuff said!!

3.) Know why you're drawing a line- When it comes to people and the human figure, sometimes we don't have all the intellectual knowledge of every bone, tendon, muscle, etc. But know why you're placing a line some where. Know why it goes there and not over there. If you look at my stuff, you'll see I have a pretty good understanding of those things but even I can do better by doing less. If you know WHY then you will actually be able to cut back the unnecessary lines and shading etc. Don't just throw some scratches down on the paper just to do it. Know why! Understand what you're doing! They want to see that you know what you're doing.

4.) On that same vein,  give your reader the benefit of the doubt. On my "Hellboy" picture, you'll see three shots being fired from his gun. I even put a connecting line for all of them. Now it would have been just as well to do the first one as just a blast into the creature, the second half way coming out of the gun, and the third just being fired out of the gun. Show some time elapsing. I don't necessarily need the connecting line unless I think my reader/reviewer is too stupid to know that it's happening in a continuous motion. A weird example, but again the point is to put the time and thought into WHY you're doing what you're doing.

5.) RESPECT IT, OWN IT!! As a comic artist you will be drawing a million different things over the course of your career and over the course of one comic. If you have to draw a brick wall and you do a rush job just to get it over with then you didn't respect it, and neither will your readers. You have to own it. When you're done you have to look at it with some pride and say, yea, I did that. You're portfolio reviews will ask you what you were doing or what you were thinking when you drew that brick wall and you will have to give an answer!! But that goes for everything you draw down to the little tiny bullet holes! Respect them, make them look like bullet holes and not flies on a wall. Show respect for everything you draw, respect the tree, respect the little baby, get your reference and show it the love!! Own it!! Be proud to say it's yours!!

6.) KNOW YOUR CHARACTERS- Respect them too! Let's say you're going to draw Wolverine! Everyone loves him! But if you don't know Wolverine's characteristics you can miss your shot at drawing an awesome Wolverine!! Take for example my X-Men 08 pic. I like that shot of Wolverine, I love his hands, but I missed it!! He's showing no expression; Wolverine is always mad and upset about something, always showing those teeth. His claws aren't ejected; Wolverine is not awesome unless his claws are out. Now I can argue that this is a relaxed pose of the X-Men, just out on some rocks deciding to take break looking all cool... but I missed it. Know your characters, RESPECT THEM, OWN IT!!

7.) HAVE YOUR OWN STYLE - You can get by if you're really good at someone else's style but you're more likely to get noticed and get work if you have you're own. Even I make the mistake of morphing my style to those I like or those I'm looking at. Hey it happens, but the more you draw and focus on your strong areas and the things you like to draw you will see that you will start to develop something unique for you. Then go with that. That comes with time and practice, practice, practice!! So get moving!!!

Well that's pretty much it. Now these are a little more advanced tips and principles, I'm assuming that a basic knowledge of anatomy, perspective, storytelling, and other things are in place, so these will help those who are a little more on their way. But if you're a beginner then you'll want to focus on the basics and the foundational stuff. "How to draw comics the Marvel way," is a great beginners book. It covers just about everything. Another really good tip to note is: don't crop figures at the joint. Ankles, elbows, etc. Crop your figures in the middle of a limb. Learned that one too. A lot of good stuff from the CON!! Thanks to J.J. Kirby from Wildstorm, for not taking it easy on me! Also thanks to the one and only Scott Williams, Arthur Adams, and always Mike S. Miller. Hope this helps all you aspiring artists out there!! Keep practicing!!

"Nothing was ever achieved without discipline; and many an athlete and many an [artist] has been ruined because he abandoned discipline and let himself grow slack. No one ever reached any eminence, and no one having reached it ever maintained it, without discipline."     William Barclay, "The Gospel of Matthew"
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Welcome to my site, I am a comic artist who has been in love with comics since I was in elementary school! Yes, that long. That's when I started drawing too, and it's been a long journey from there to here, lots of growth and lots of practice. I have been elevated to the "professional" status for only a few years now with the publication of my first comic: the third volume of the "Hand of the Morningstar."
It's a Christian comic based on the "Hand" of the Morningstar, who are 5 superpowered humans who received their powers from this mysterious angelic being known only as the Morningstar. The Hand take on the evils of the world fighting for justice as well as a terrorist group bent on world domination know as the SWARM. But what is the Morningstar's purpose and who is he?

The story also revolves around a guy named Michael Tempe, who has powers as well but got them from a freak accident. Or "from God," as he likes to say.  After all, there are no accidents. But it's a great story  with great characters and even has a crazy twist at the end that will keep you on the edge of your seat. It's a great read for adults and kids alike. Just how I like it! And best of all it's God honoring and a great alternative to what's out there today.

If you want to find out more and see a cool trailer follow the link below. It's published by Zondervan a very well-known and big Christian publisher.

You can check out the link here:…

Also check out an interview with the writer Brett Burner and see a sneak peek at book 5 here: thechristianmanifesto.wordpres…

So feel free to browse around and check out my gallery for what's new and what's not so new.

Thanks and come again!!
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50 million Since 1973...

4,500 a day...

...These are the numbers of babies that have and are being killed in the womb on a daily basis. Did you know that Hitler killed 12 million people? 6 million Jews, and 6 million people of other ethnicities. We called that Genocide. But what about a nation that allows people to kill their children, a nation in which it is legal, a nation where your tax dollars go to support this infant genocide. We hear more about Global warming, and "save the trees," but what about the children of this Nation? Who will speak for them, who will hear their cries?

Are you listening?

Think about those numbers. It is insane to think we have allowed this since 1973 after the ruling of ROE vs. WADE. And that only recently have we outlawed partial-birth abortion in a late term pregnancy, where the baby is partly delivered and then their heads are crushed or literally sucked out. Some may support abortion for the sake of the life of the mother, or in the cases where rape is a factor, well, two-thirds of abortions are from women who have never been married, they are single, and only one percent of abortions are from "hard cases" in which rape, the life of the mother, or incest are a factor. So what does that tell you? We are a culture that is obsessed with self, our pleasure at the expense of the innocent. It's like the guy who said he HAD to kill his wife because if he didn't she would have drove him mad. We have confused morality and ethics. We think because everyone is doing it it's "ok," that's what's right, that's what the majority is doing. There are absolutes in this world and murder is still wrong. America has to wake up, we have to hear the cries of the unborn and we have to speak for those who have no voice yet. We'll fight to preserve an animal species, we'll make it a law that it's wrong to kill an insect, but what about the lives of these precious humans!?!

Are you listening?

"Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations" (Jeremiah 1:5, NIV).

We will be held responsible as a nation and God will enact judgment on a nation when they step out of line. 9/11 is proof enough of that.
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Welcome Friends and Foes...

You have happened upon my page at no coincidence. For it seems that you like my work, or maybe you have just come here by mistake but... i doubt it. So... if you enjoy my work and you'd like to get your hands on some published work you can have some of your very own!

The Title of the book is "HAND OF THE MORNING STAR."

It is due out in Sept. - Nov. and will be in Barnes and Nobles as well as Christian Book stores. Now, the first two books are not done by my pencil but by Mike S. Miller's, but so you don't miss out on the story you'll need them as well. My pencils don't hit the page until the 3rd book in the series which isn't due out till Feb. of 08'. And Lord willing I will continue on until the end, and complete the rest... unto book 8~

Now how to find it. In Christian Book stores you shouldn't have a very hard time, just ask for it by name or look around you should see a huge Isle Display along with some other books being published by Zondervan. In Barnes and Nobles however, you'll have to do some infiltrating. The series Editor is Bud Rogers. You can find the books by searching for his name, or you can just go to the Manga Section and look through the 10,000 other Manga books.

WARNING!!....Now, to those who are attracted to my attraction to detail, you may be alittle disappointed, for these books are much simpler than what you see here. BUT do get them anyway and enjoy the wonderful art and great plot twisting story! It's a great read!!


Also check out an interview with the writer Brett Burner and see a sneak peek at book 5 here: thechristianmanifesto.wordpres…
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