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The book
The book is soft and warm in my hand,
its pages thick with newness and having
never been turned.  The ink glosses
running over the paper, waiting for
the hungry reader.  It sits, cradled
between my thumb and fingers,
patient and open, and inviting nothing
but for me to let myself fall into its world.
And yet I still don’t know where it came from, this book.  
Not that I know where any of them come from.  
True provenance.
(I remember once reading about a fly
sitting on the leaf of a book, in a box
full of them, and who they once
belonged to before they sat in that
shop, and who before that.
But I forget the provenance of that, too.)
This book was found, for me, it seems.
And I have never found the finder,
but I think of them often,
whenever I sit, with this book
(as yet unread, for fear of
what might have been found for me)
cradled between my thumb and fingers.
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Boy by SaViNgGrAcEs Boy :iconsavinggraces:SaViNgGrAcEs 1 0 Sulphur by SaViNgGrAcEs Sulphur :iconsavinggraces:SaViNgGrAcEs 1 1
This always was the best time
for walking out along the shore.
Late summer, just before the
lazy sun heaves itself above the
skyline, hungover still from his
weeks of bathing in a heavy sky.
The first weary glimpses of gold,
mingled into the cooling night,
light up the edge of the black
water, and those far traces of
cloud begin to twitch and shift
their cotton-wool heads
in the now violet, now
milky blue, now amber
stretches of dawn.
And the sea kisses at my ankles,
and tingles over the muddy rocks
as I sit sifting my hands through
wet sand, muddling pebbles
under my palms and breathing in
the sweet touches of morning air
and you, with arms wrapped over
my shoulders, tracing fingertips
across my neck, smiling your
slumbering smile at the wide open sky.
Melting a half-asleep kiss onto my brow,
and offering up a lazy laugh as dawn cracks,
and the world wakes, and we wander on.
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Judy washing her hair by SaViNgGrAcEs Judy washing her hair :iconsavinggraces:SaViNgGrAcEs 1 0 But fools will be fools by SaViNgGrAcEs But fools will be fools :iconsavinggraces:SaViNgGrAcEs 0 0 You gotta have me go with you by SaViNgGrAcEs You gotta have me go with you :iconsavinggraces:SaViNgGrAcEs 1 3 Beguine by SaViNgGrAcEs Beguine :iconsavinggraces:SaViNgGrAcEs 0 0
May winks through the clouds
with a playful grin; a glittering blue eye,
swelling with clouds and shaded with
rain reclines over the treetops.
In a blink, she is gone, showering the place
in a clean downpour, pure,
purer still than the dark shadow of branches
clambering over the grass.
And gulls sail through the blue sheet
with gaping caws and laughs that stream
like the sea.  Their noise drifts into the afternoon,
and a lazy evening brings out the laughter
and racket of the rest of us,
lazy and full with freedom,
swinging along the streets to the music
held in our heads, our throats, the backs
of our minds remembering,
the first time, late summer,
the sting of fear in our eyes
that lasted all of October,
and coming back to find it
all anew, all the same.
Around my head rattle the thoughts
of dancing for the first time, hand in hand
as the jazz and the night rolled past,
of the frost biting my cheeks one Sunday morning,
all the way home.  
And of when I first heard
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Summer draws to an end,
and this glorious city, with its
heartbreaking skies, smiles
a lazy August smile, full of
the slow pleasant heaviness
of this time of year.
And it's certainly grown on me,
this place.  Its webs of arms have
tangled around me, drawing me
ever closer.  And I've let myself
tumble, willingly, through its
streets, fall in love with the
cobbles and spires and rock.
Who knew the very air
could get into your blood-
stream, fizzing through you
like November frost,
which isn't too far off now,
I guess.
Lazy drunken summer sunsets
are starting to shrink the days,
ready for the slumber of winter
and the sharp, quiet tingle of
black stalk trees drenched in
white, silent frosty blankets.
And I'm never quite sure
how to say goodbye to summer.
Each year its passing
creeps up on me, and I grieve
its absence before it really leaves,
and the wide open sky winks
down at us for a few weeks yet.
But now this place threatens
to blink its way away from me too,
and I
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Marilyn IV by SaViNgGrAcEs Marilyn IV :iconsavinggraces:SaViNgGrAcEs 3 5
Our Kid
I remember the night before you left home,
we stayed up until it was getting light,
shuffling boxes around your bare room
and reminiscing over the stuff you pulled
out from underneath your bed.
Hand-me-downs, passed down to you
from me, third or fourth-hand primary
coloured building blocks, Lego sets,
and your raggedy teddy bear (that
was new when you arrived).
I didn't half love having a kid brother,
someone I could muck around with
in the afternoons, in the summer
when the days stretched for weeks,
and when we seemed to spend our lives
clambering and tumbling about.
Grazed knees and grubby fingernails.
And I could always take you in a fight.
And that night you left, we sat
on your windowsill, letting in the
chill air of late summer.
Days had stretched into years,
and we'd both grown up and out,
and now I was sharing a smoke with you,
kid brother, and watching you pack up
your nineteen years ready to shove off
up the M6 for who knows how long.
You grew up faster than me, kid.
I guess
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Hello there!  

I'm not really in the habit of posting journals, but I figured I should maybe start.  I'm also not entirely sure what should or shouldn't be going in here.  It's probably just going to stick to updating you all on any projects that I have on at the minute, or what work I should be doing.  

Stuff I should be getting on with is the topic of this post.  I figure if I make a list of all the stuff I need to get done in the next few days, and stick it somewhere other people can see it, I might feel more motivated to just get it all done!  I've been pretty absent on here for the past couple of weeks.  The reason for this has been uni work, which has taken over my life of late.  I managed to get a dissertation draft sent in over the weekend (YAY!) so am enjoying a couple of days (relatively) dissertation-free, while I wait for it to come back (and likely require a hefty amount of work).

So here are some of the things I'd like to get cracking with over the next few days:

1. A new portrait commission for Matt Werner, for potential use in his soon-to-be-published book 'Oakland in Popular Memory' [link].  You might have noticed a few portraits in my gallery that were made for this project.  I have yet to finish uploading the ones I've done onto dA (see below on to-do list!), and am hoping to do a bit of a write-up about the portrait series in a few week's time.

2. Get critiquing the latest :iconwriters-workshop: workshop entries!  I completely failed at critiquing the 'Killing a Character' workshop.  I read a lot of the entries, and have a page full of jotted-down thoughts on them all.  And then came massive amounts of uni stress.  I was determined not to let that happen again with the 'Flash Fiction & Compressed Poetry' workshop.  But I am quite a way behind already, as critique week is already over.  But I will try to give some feedback this time =)

2b. Reply to comments on here.  Again, apologies for being behind with this!

3. Do some more of the portraits I've been meaning to do for a while now.  I have a couple of faces in mind, and I want to make the most of this!  Usually when I have time to draw, I can't find inspiration for what to draw.  So keep an eye out for some new just-for-fun portraits =)

4. Update my gallery with pictures I have been meaning to upload for weeks.

5. Finish off unfinished drawings:

Montgomery Clift wip by SaViNgGrAcEs   

This was started ages ago, and is half of a portrait of Montgomery Clift and Marilyn Monroe.  All there is of poor Marilyn at the minute is one eyebrow.  This might require re-watching The Misfits, but that's not such a big price to pay =P

Marilyn WIP by SaViNgGrAcEs

This was more a case of lost inspiration/lack of sleep.  Would be nice to get this finished off, especially now I have a new set of pencils to play around with =D

And that's all for now!  Still, quite ambitious I suppose, considering I do have other uni work to do, and my window of relative free-ness might be very small!  Anyway, let's see how I get on =)

Bye for now!


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United Kingdom



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Have a pretty heart. Just wanted to say Thank you for your support! Have a nice day,

Jenna x
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