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THIS IS OUR GROUP. OUR GROUP IS FOR THE ART AND THE ARTISTS. Earth is the Mother of all people, and all people should have equal rights upon it. Nature photography, digital, traditional, fractal arts accepted as well as literary commentary and all mediums relating to the love of ecology, the natural world, and of humanity.
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Just A Mind's Wander by Swagglephant
Turquoise Paradise by slecocqphotography
for you Lawrence..thank you!!! by BlueIvyViolet
Florida by MelvinGaberelli
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Tunkwa Lake (3) by dashakern
ZIL 131 by DiggerShrew
BernardoDisco Global Domination 3 Sharks by BernardoDisco
Grand Teton Elk by KrisVlad
Balikli Gol'den... by fiyonk14
angel smiling by sheereenabba
compact..... by sheereenabba
Quetta Sky 2 by sheereenabba
Ready for spring by Momotte2
Mavisini... by fiyonk14
'Pretty in Pink' by TADASHI-STATION
Pier by dashakern
Mount Robson by dashakern
Sunset at the Pond by DNAArtist07
Chilliwack Lake (2) by dashakern
*** by Viatloner
Furepe waterfall by Furuhashi335
*** by Viatloner
The Summer is far away... by mossagateturtle
Kubbesinde... by fiyonk14
Beyhude seslenir... by fiyonk14
Belki de sonundayim... by fiyonk14
Bornholm-Marguerite by GLO-HE
Wonderful Life by aloner777
Lost horizont by dashakern
Autumn mosaic by dashakern
Uzun bir yol... by fiyonk14
Many worlds in one by EyweenaPterus
Earthlings by HildaSaukko
Crested owl by EyweenaPterus
Tree frog by EyweenaPterus
Animal Alphabet by diddles25
Rain Forecasted...But Not For You by diddles25

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Downpour and Thirsty Land In Love by diddles25
Drought Fantasy by diddles25
Frame of mind by dashakern
Ball free to use by FeliFee
Letter of Objection to National Service Armed Forc by GeaAusten
+Pandemia Ponderings+The pandemic has exacerbated some facets of humanity I beg must be addressed, met, named and faced. We stand on a cultural precipice where the damaged are turning in on themselves, folding like blank paper that's forgotten where their face is. The broken, unstable and more afraid than the rest of us are splintering, like fragments of jagged bone or glass from a lightbulb thrown against something unforgiving.Those less damaged, whole or in abundance are clinging to humanity in stark opposition of the damage the damaged are doing. They are creating community, sharing comradery and closing gaps between us and our neighbors and the thankless faces behind counters and plexiglass. Others have gone recluse, closing themselves willingly into home-shaped bunkers, comforted as they turn their locks and draw their blinds. Damaged outliers have become bombastic, slipping away into some uncouth corner of the internet, not to be seen again until they resurface on the nightly news in coverage of some insurgence or public proclamation of a pitiful party. Many of the youth live blissfully in denial, chasing the lyrics of some past summer's radio hit, refusing to turn down for even a global crisis because yolo.There is enough money in Jeff Bezos's bank account alone to have ended this pandemic many times over, but he simply won't because selfishness is in style, baby! What a strange cruel failure of modernity and governments that life can be purchased now, as well as death, and all it's trappings. Let's hope we get a good deal, huh? Clip your coupons, thoughts and prayers.Some of the damaged have let hate seep inside them, probably because they don't wear masks. Others have decided to hang their proverbial hats on this all being a hoax. Many of the educated and/or informed are floating in some mental purgatory become sea of modern horrors, the only life raft being a defunct dinghy called Stimulus, requiring participation in consumerism and contribution to the untimely heat death of our planet Earth.Approximately ~1% don't give a fuck because they are already slowly dying of Afluenza, but there's a pill for that, right?Many are children, whose memoirs I look forward to reading in about 30 years or so. Those in the twilight of their lives live in many flavors, some bold and reckless, some timid and intimidated, some invigorated by yet another thing that may finally kill them.Millions of human beings have died. So it goes.Some died alone. Some died at home. Some died just because it was their time to go. Some died slow or for a very long time. Some died over the telephone. Some were buried in mass graves, or kept in refrigerated trucks that will go back to transporting groceries after herd immunity is achieved. Some have yet to be killed, many of whom have assumed their time is coming and throwing caution to the wind is better than dying bored. Many are hopelessly bored. Lots compare the boredom to prison or war. Will any focus on how war and prison are inhumane and unnecessary if participating in them makes us feel both inhuman and dehumanized? Prisoner, prisoner of war, prisoner in your own home, no wonder this pandemic is being played like a political war game.Some have noticed this ample time is a gift, time being the only true currency in the human experience.Some of those who have noticed the unassuming gain of lockdown have utilized their time to make progress, shells are opening, as are hearts, minds and metaphorical doors. This international experience has driven many away from the unifying effect something of this scale should have on a sentient species. The Earth, all earthlings of the human race are suffering, we are all simultaneously experiencing one of the two things that make us feel alive, the other being love. Many choose to look away from the suffering of others, or avert their eyes to only their woes, making mountains from emotionally derived mole hills that they can hide behind.Where are we as a species?Why have we chosen to micro-divide ourselves into factions and particles that comprise a whole we are too small minded to comprehend? We built the pyramids, redirected rivers, impregnated clouds, cloned sheep, photographed stars and walked on the moon, but we spend our precious little lifespans and resources justifying torturing one another, rape, hate, enslavement, human sales, games of war, egos and things that will not last. Perhaps this new situation can still birth greater results?Perhaps we can make something of this mess we've created by taking responsibility for every last piece of it. Start at the start, the now, the nexus of beginning and continuation. We, humans, are responsible for each other, for our survival, for our behavior, for music and pleasure and all of human history; we are in this together and we did this together. We are, thus far, the earth's apex creation, we are humanity, we are capable of so much, but we have systemically controlled one another out of fear and lack of knowledge, our minds enclosed, stunting our senses of self and concepts of reality. We are free, we are beautiful, powerful, creative, kind, human beings of planet Earth, perhaps alone in the solar system, or perhaps we are at the front of the evolutionary line- fucking around, not paying attention while the universe is yelling, "Next!".Enough pressure on the right elements will create something sharp, brilliant and rock solid. Let's be the diamonds of humankind, radiating the prismatic brilliance of our fortitude into the eons to come, silencing the echoes of our barbaric past with a present to the present of our presence and perseverance, post haste! Each day is a compiling of opportunities on which to pounce, so let us poise ourselves, ready and willing to embrace the effort necessary for our continued existence. Let our embrace be the loving pressure with which we become the dazzling diamonds of this, our one human race. Be kind, do better.
This Existential ThreatSa' Bhagairt na Bith SeoCarbadan fidearachd, choimhidimh daoine -----Dall no coma ris a' bhagairt na bith seo ------Feur gorm sgeadachail fhad 's gum mair tart fhathast, -------Dall no coma ris a' bhagairt na bith seo ------'S miann le daoin' fhath'st mire 's annas caithteach,Call faoin strais anns a' bhagairt na bith seo.obramh nam beothach, lus, saoghail airson uaill fhaoin,Sanntais shuaraich anns a' bhagairt na bith seo Is d tuillidh 'th'ann fhath'st gun dearbh 's brosnaich?Dearbh soilleir air a' bhagairt na bith seoFianais nach aithnich, choimhideamh seo dhomh fhathast,Dearbh soilleir air a' bhagairt na bith seo'S mo bhrath, d mar a dh'atharraicheasMi ri foighid anns a' bhagairt na bith seo?Tha feum aig daoin' air foghlam fhoighidneachAnns a' bhreisleach seo na bagairt na bith seo'S e trr aimhreiteach fhad 's gum fosgail snth 'm be,Aimhreit uime fhath'st sa' bhagairt na bith seoThoiribh smior, earbsa 's foighid dhomh shoillseachamh -------Aig a' char as lugh' sa' bhagairt na bith seoIn This Existential ThreatCars idling, people seemBlind or indifferent to this existential threatDecorative green grass while a drought still continues, Blind or indifferent to this existential threatPeople will still want frolic and wasteful novelty,Silly wasting of resources in this existential threat.A sacrifice of flora, fauna, a world for silly vanity,For petty greed in this existential threatAnd what more is there that will prove and encourage?Clear proof about this existential threatWitness that none acknowledge, it would seem to me still,Clear proof about this existential threatAnd my message, how do I changeTo patience in this existential threat?People need patient teachingIn this confusion of this existential threatIt's a tangled mess as the thread of life unwinds,Contention still around it in this existential threatGive me strength, confidence, and patience to enlightenAt the least in this existential threat
Earth Day and Text Art
Recycling - Page 1 - Bottom by K-B-Jones
Drinking the sunlight by EyweenaPterus
Her gecen gun... by fiyonk14
I can not imagine a human like her. She is humble but she acts so noble. She is funny but she seems cool...She is the best street photographer but she also creates photomanipulations without vampire ladies. She never acts; she is so honest on her daily life but she can change both her character and visualisations by acting like a professional when she is modelling
:heart: :heart: :heart:
:heart: :heart:
ALICE ASKS FOR MARRIAGE... by Hermetic-Wings..Fire Alarm on Emerald Forrest by Hermetic-Wings

Today I visited her gallery and choose some photographs to add my journal. It was not that easy to decide what to choose. So I took some random shots
here are some gems from :iconcanakk:...Enjoy

When The Tree Weeps by Canankk.. Cry Me A River by Canankk.. Bosphorus Fishermen by Canankk

She shots some Macros and she gave life to objects with her talent

Fight of The Liquids by Canankk

Various animals are posing for her also

The Seagull by Canankk

Her manipulations are about cultural subjects or Holywood stars

Queen of Another Planet by Canankk...Arizona Dream by Canankk...Falling by Canankk

She is the owner of 7 DD from our dear society;

Mondrian Sea by Canankk...Virus by Canankk

She sometimes takes beautiful photographs with strange models too

The Sweet Smell of A Great Sorrow by Canankk...

But when I try to name her I suppose "Queen of the reflections " would be the best one

A Dream Within A Dream by Canankk

Wish to collect more but I think it is enough just to remind her to our society and our close friends
I must arrange another journal for her photo manipulations from her gallery. Hope you like my random selections and enjoyed

:heart: :heart: :heart:
:heart: :heart:

What would be more important if humanity does not exist on earth one day; what will remain from huge civilisation we created.


how would Gılgamesh or such mythologic characters will succeed to be remembered, if we can not leave some evidences  

that we lived on that BLUE PLANET

:heart: :heart: :heart:
:heart: :heart:

More to see by Hermetic-Wings

The humanbeing on Neolithic age did not have such ideas, they were struggling with the existing problems they have, but they left Gobeklitepe to us. So now we are aware that they passed from earth.

Gobeklitepe by Hermetic-Wings

Now we  can have an idea of how they lived and what they do to survive

The importance of GOBEKLİTEPE makes her the  to be known more and more because of it is the first settlement of the neolitic people not for to live together but to make some religious ceremonies. The floor is giving certain evidences of a liquid mixed by blood and BEER...
Yes, ordinary beer...Because they grew barleycornes to produce beer. I, personally expect they have to grew some wheat in order to produce simple bread to feed themselves, but no...They produce something to drink while they were arranging some primitive cerenomies.

:heart: :heart: :heart:
:heart: :heart:

Untitled by Hermetic-Wings

The  huge "T" figures were symbolising the humans and the varios animals were carved on them; such as lions, lizards, birds and some others.

All faded but the Lion by Hermetic-Wings

:heart::heart: :heart:
:heart: :heart:

We can can not imagine what was really happening there but we can create some mythologic stories. One day people would belive on them.
I learned that many modern people are belive that Göbeklitepe is the point where Adam and Eve met after there were thrown out from the heaven above us. Because they ate forbidden fruit, God punished them and finished their happy life in heaven. They were thrown to earth. Adam was sent to Magrib ( north-west of africa; Morocco? ) and Eve was sent to Mashrub ( south-east of Asia; Endonasia? ) And they spent their times by searching of each other. Many years after, they found each others on Göbeklitepe. So this is the place of the humanity...We all are brothers and sisters to each others because of Adam and Eve. So are all coming from Göbeklitepe.

:heart: :heart: :heart:
:heart: :heart:


All you need is love and a cat

Journal Entry: Sat Jun 15, 2019, 12:35 PM
Cat eyes by ElenaDudina
White Love by Hypnoshot

Maggie July 2006-Dec 2011 by PaigeMillsArt
  by SalamanDra-S
Let me see you in the light once more ~ by mothmori
Maine Coon by Dom2691

Zappa and Fizz. by jennystokes
Mr. Pickles by KahlaPaints

Nimbus (III). by Phototubby
Cat by ArtistHanna
Sun Kissed (Com) by mothmori
Close To My Heart - SpeedPaint by GoldenDruid
mirror, mirror by zemoto
Surprised! by Egor412112
Cat by Victoria-victorem
There's a light in hers eyes... by VasiDragos
Paw Prints by Arte-de-Junqueiro
And this is for Irina, we all miss Masyanya :heart:

Caught red handed by Daykiney
Have a great weekend everyone , enjoy, spreed the love :heart:
Thank you dear :iconblueivyviolet:
Happy Birthday Audra!! by BlueIvyViolet

Thank you dear :iconmickeyrony:
Happy Birthday Audra .Have the best in this newone by mickeyrony

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It's free and your work could be admired by thousands and thousands of people on an international event.


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