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My Bio

iI'd saay I"Am a chill KiiD.

I like to write really cooly, because its a small talent i have, along with talking with a preppy voice, being outgoing, photography, able to go green with pride, juggling, touching my tongue to my nose, and well.. I think that's it haha, I'm not to great at school but I have fun with it. I'm at junior college so I can save some $$$ so I can study abroad in about two years :}

So yea, one day maybe I'll get hella HELLA good at photography, I've got the potential and I'm not giving up anytime soon. Plus i've got other goals to attend too as well haha...

FolL0wiing IinSppiIrati0n's iinClLudde:

1)Get meself a real job
2)Sleep with a really dreamy asian man
3)Jimmy Eat World concert
4)Try to learn how to speak some Japanese
6)2009Warped Tour 20102011
7)Canon EOS-1D Mark IV(dream camera)
8)Go to Japan. Tokyo,Kyoto,Okinawa,Somewhere
9)Take a photo with a sloth in Costa Rica
10)Become a con-person
11)Get some crazy piercings
12)Become a fairy-God-Sloth
13)Never stand for the 'pledge of allegiance'
14)summmmerrr<3 Affair
15)Let's study Abroad!
16)Make an Album :}
18)Understand My job(I'm bad at what I do)
19)Print and Frame my photos
20)Nikon D90. But cheaper..
21)Learn How To Make Fudge/Cook in General!
22)Get a NORCAL sweatshirt homes haha
23)Think about getting that tattoo
24)Work at an Ice cream parlor
25)Play sardines(hide and go-seek alternative) drunk!
26)Join the Black-Light Club
27)Part-job #2! OR Stocks
28)Lover?(That was fast)(and then fast again!):}
29)$10,000 by August 2012$14,000!
30)Introduce my giraffe to Target
To Be Continued..
keep going

Current Residence: carifornia
Favourite genre of music: alternative anything!
Wallpaper of choice: mike newton kind
Favourite cartoon character: captain planet

Favourite Movies
'girl, interrupted'
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Jimmy Eat World
Favourite Games
Tools of the Trade
pokemon cards
Other Interests
Photography, Fashion, Vamp-Books, Skaa!, Movies, andddd Naruto :}
So, I've got a tad of a stump in my step I'd say&#133; And I don't Ffanccy iit. A'tall. BTW(This will be Daniel tosh'ed hosted Loveline themed tonight) Yea Photography has gotten quite hard for me again, it's usually not like this, I know everyone gets into their slumps but I can't pull anything out! I was just in one of the most beautiful places I've been in in a long time and I couldn't even get a decent picture to show for it. Mt. Bachelor, OR. But I do have a nice butt bruise to show :} 2010 Just isn't treating me well, in the artistic area that is ;} I need to start taking photography seriously again, I easily fall out of things and t
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Life is exciting? Its norm for people to rant freely about their lives right? haha, well for some odd reason I'm actually starting to worry about school(not normal for me, I don't get good grades and I don't care, I'm content with average) But the fact that this week we have a Pride and Prejudice essay to do, a book that I have not read a word of, Math has not made sense to me since second semester started plus just received a test back from that class and did the worst in the class, I have a teacher who cant teach for history so, as most of the class, we fail, and lastly my accounting class is just one tricky bastard and I'm not gettin' it.
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DigggIng liike There'S'a H0le The life of a struggling artist is a sad one, specially on the internet haha, all successful people on DA should have some experience of that unless you just eff'ing rocked from the beginning, then you might not, but for those who do, i congradulate, not only for &nbsp;the class of 2009 but for those awesome artist's that kept going til they got somewhere, That kept digging even if they knew they weren't making a hole, because when you keep going it could be the best thing to do. Its hard though, you fall out of your art for awhile, or maybe you just trip in that hole your trying to dig; which sucks when that happen
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Happy Birthday :cake: I hope you have/Had a fantastic day :party: :airborne: May all your wishes come true :squee:
Kitsune1978 has created the European and American Naruto Character Popularity Poll that will last until December 01, 2012. He is making a poll that is not exclusive to Japan as all other Naruto popularity polls have been. I am trying to help him out by spreading the word to as many people as possible so that they can contribute their opinion.

If you want to vote for this poll, go to the link below and write your top 10 Naruto characters as a comment. Additional directions will be included on the page.

Please contribute to this poll so that Kitsune1978 can get as many people involved as he can.


(If you already contributed to this poll, I apologize in advance for bothering you)
Sorry forgot the link:

Sleep with a really dreamy asian man??
Did I thank you for the fave?

Thanks for the fave.