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We are dedicated to the fans of TV shows Caprica, Battlestar Galactica and BSG: Blood & Chrome!

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    Hello Everyone, This is Majestic, the only high ranking staff member still on the group. I just wanted to pop in and say that while our Commander has been absent for 152 weeks and my co-xo has deactivated his account I am still here and will continue to accept new submissions to the group. So we aren't dead the group is still moving forward. So feel free to continue with your submissions and all enquires about the group, at least until our commander !darthdoull ( returns can be directed to me. My profile is :iconmajestic-msfc:
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    May I contribute a commission I had done for me and submit it to your fan club?
    It's not letting me submit a fic to Literature?

    It seems I am the only member of staff here still active. However I have very limited control over any settings. I'd recommend just submitting it to featured. 
    All this has happened before. All this will happen again!
    I Don't think Caprica is coming back on T.V., IMO the Franchise will be in another form...Hopefully, But Truthfully for me as an Original watcher of the Original Series back in 1978, I prefer the Original, If they would come back with that I would definitely watch the show Religiously, Truthfully this incarnation is like watching a futuristic version of Earth or a Parallel Version of it, Fedora Hats and 3 piece suits doesn't make it for me in a Sci Fi, The Cylons combined with people wearing 1940's Earth Attire really don't mix, The Original Premiss was suppose to be that they were GOD's that came to Earth Thousands of Years ago and left and now because of the war they are trying to get back to Earth, Somewhere along the Reboot line they forgot this mainly because they are almost parallel to what is going on to Earth Now except for the FTL ships and Weapons which really doesn't look right with 1940's Attire and Feel, Look, SYFY likes to take a Gamble once in a while, So why don't they just try and Redo not Reboot Battlestar Galactica from the Original 1978 Idea not the Re-envisioned one and see how that goes, You have to remember BG from 1978 would have had a chance if Cable was around, But with only 3 major stations and back then the T.V. Execs thought Sci Fi Shows were only for Kids which was wrong on their part, The Original looked like they were in a different part of Space the Reboot looks like a futuristic part of Earth to me that's Boring, All I'm saying is Bring Back the Original 1978 Version It Made More Sense, Like I Said this is My Opinion, On another note a little trivia for you, The Cylons were Originally suppose to be Humanoid, But back in the mid 70's because of the T.V. Show S.W.A.T. , Congress past a Non Violence Act on Television, So When BG was invisioned back then they were told that they could not kill people on the show, So They turned the Evil Alien Cylons into Robots so it would get past the Censors, Meaning it's OK to Kill Robots just as long as their not Human Looking, T.v. came along way in 34 Years. :p
    "I prefer the Original." Hipster B.S. This is the standard trope from one lacking in vision and originality.
    I'm leaving this group as a member, just because I have nothing really to contribute. But I'm still watching, because you guys have some great art! :) Thank you!