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Welcome to the Save Western Sonic group

As the description states, This group is about uniting the silent majority that has supported the western Sonic continuities since Archie released it's first Sonic issue in 1992 as well as new fans of this continuity that have recently developed a connection to the characters that still to this day have yet to be done justice in the games.

As you are probably aware at this point, When the Archie Sonic comics were canceled on July 19th 2017, The western continuity died with it. When the IDW series was announced, there was great potential for the Series to get revived or start a new series that contained everything we loved about the Archie series and beyond. And despite what some people online have been saying, there was actually nothing stopping them from doing just that. Unfortunately, as you probably know at this point, the exact opposite happened. As of right now, we have a comic that has overall been a huge insult to the legacy of those that contributed to what made Sonic the big star he became in the 90s. Such as Madeline Schroeder, Tom Kalinske, and of course the deceased Ben Hurst. (hell, even Yuji Naka and Natao Oshima would be insulted by what has happened)

Now there was indeed a group that tried to do something similar to what this group wants to achieve called Save Archie Sonic, but the founder of that group has announced that the group should surrender and move on. Thus rendering the group inert. However, that's where this group comes in. I for one am not the type that gives up so easily, especially since the situation we are in is a situation that is completely under the fans control. I am especially certain of this thanks to the research that me and many others have dug up these past couple of years.

Now let's establish the rules.

1. keep your behavior rational. We don't want people giving out random emotional outbursts that don't tell us anything. All it does is show how trigger happy you are.
The same rules apply to the admins when they start submitting journals. For example, we don't want a submitted journal that says something like "they wont answer me? OH-EM-GEEEEEEEEEE!!!" That type of behavior is un acceptable here, and it only makes you look like an immature brat.

2. Members are to submit material that is connected to the western continuity. That means Sonic or Tails or any main character from the games alone is not enough to qualify a submitting approval. Unless they are with a western character like Sally or Coconuts or even a Sonic Boom character, or unless they are drawn in the old western art style (like Scot Shaw or Art Mawhinney's art style) they will not be approved.

3. most if not all fetish art is banned here. No Vore, no Hyper growth, and especially no Male-preg. Also, if you are submitting a violent piece of art, talk with me or the co-founders first. We don't want any kill art submitted here. And of course, no porn. We are not that type of group.

4. members are only allowed to submit 1-3 art pieces a day. We don't want a situation where someone tries to submit 10 art posts at once, only to overshadow the other art pieces that where submitted minutes ago. Everyone deserves a chance to have their art seen.

5. If you are to make a claim against a certain Sonic VIP on the staff, you better have major evidence to support your claim before submitting something to the evidence folder. Or in the case of the admins, submitting your journal. Sight your source, otherwise your claims are simply fake news.

So there we have it, submit and promote fan projects that support the western continuity, submit evidence, and help this western Sonic movement grow so that we can finally get Sega to acknowledge the silent majority that has wanted the likes of Sally, Bunnie, Uncle Chuck, Scratch, Grounder, and even the likes of Manic and Sonia to return to the mainstream since the era of Y2K. Remember, this is a situation that is completely under the fans control and the fact that Sega was willing to green light Mighty and Ray for Sonic Mania Plus proves it.

Lastly, Speaking of things that are under the fans control. Be sure to support this and make it grow as well.…

only you can help save this branch of the franchise from a medialess limbo.
Hey guys, I have a small update to give when it comes to the project Lost Hedgehog Tales.
As some of you know, I made this blog post questioning why LHT hasn't been released yet. However, on the video BumbleKast Q&A for March 15th, 2021, Aussie Mate asked the question "Can you explain why you are so firm when it comes to Lost Hedgehog Tales stuff?". Ian Flynn responded to the question with this quote (which can be heard after the question is read by Kyle Crouse starting around 41:28 of the video):
...and I get that, I really do, and I wish it was... simpler. It really ought to be far simpler than it is. But, there's just one particular factor that I am very concerned about. One particular factor that has proven to be extremely volatile over the years, even over the smallest thing, and I don't any goodwill on my end to be twisted and used by that factor, to undermine something that could bigger and better for everyone else. Once if things fall into place where I think they will, hopefully sooner rather than later, then I should be in the clear. Because, things will be where I want them to be and my contribution to something online, it shouldn't affect it. Now what's done will be done, and I'll be in the clear. But, there's just that one factor that I know could potentially ruin everything, and the only thing that would set it off (again, potentially) would be me going ahead of everything else. And it's not worth it, at least in my mind, that's a lot of vague speak, because, again, I don't wait to bait certain factor into factoring certainly... I hope the level of frustration on my end is coming through the mic, because this was supposed to be a fun bit of closure for everybody, and it's not, and when you put it like it's been 10 years, Winds of Winter, Half Life 3, "OH NO! I'm becoming one of those!" It will happen, I promise. Either things will fall into place, or I will be so old and bitter I won't care anymore and let the world burn down around me. We'll see what happens first.
So there you have it. LHT is still in progress, even if it's coming slowly as usual. I do hope the project will come out sooner than later, and Ian DID promise the project would come out someday.
I do wonder what that one factor could be, though. What do you all think it could be?
I hope you are all doing well.
I would like to take this time to make some quick anouncements out of the way.
First, news broke out that Roger Craig-Smith will no longer be playing Sonic.
I will say it sad to see another Sonic VA bite the dust, but I will say that he had a good run.
Keeping your role alive for an entire decade is a bit of an accomplishment in of it self.
As of now no replacement has been announced, but weather or not Ben Schwartz will suceed him is unknown.
Second, The producers of the new Sonic show have announced that their version will be in the game cannon. Not a new version like what boom did.
But this does still mean that anything can happen.
Lastly I should mention that Our members still seem to be having problems putting subbmittions in the right gallery.
Remember that you need to put your submissions in the folders designated for the subject of said submission. Not in the Featured folder, that is not for regular use.
Anyway, I hope you all are doing well otherwise.
Take care.
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Freedom United!Now then, based on all of the STH incarnations that I value, such as (games/comics/cartoons), this volume series will become my reinspiring of the Sonic the Hedgehog saga and continuity. Much of this fanfiction will include game adaptations, as well as ones in the cartoons and comics. For example, I'm incorporating the Pre/Post Archie Sonic/Fleetway Sonic/IDW Sonic and SATAM/AOSTH/OVA/SB/SX/SU cartoons/movies. I'm returning that balance between lighthearted, comedic fun, and deep, sometimes emotional drama the original became known for that time. Blood, profanity, graphic death, that messy stuff will sometimes stay out, depending on the type of situation. It's honestly perfect in terms of the kind of presentation I'd like in a Sonic story to become: intense stakes and plenty of dark moments while not being exclusively those things and knowing when to keep things zany and lively.For instance, the Mobians and Humans exist in the same world. Robotnik can become both comedic and threatening at the same time. Knuckles is a lot more badass and not some blockheaded idiot who's constantly the butt of jokes. And Amy's characterization is more in line with her Boom counterpart. Another thing that I would revise is that Sonic isn't always the end-all-be-all solution to everyone's problems, and too many characters get the boot simply for the sake of giving Sonic the spotlight. The bottom line is that other characters can become used as well. I will give them that chance.I will NOT insert OCs into the story, whether they are Mobian or Human, because the Sonic series has a shedload of other characters that could potentially be valuable in the story. Whenever I read a Sonic story and see an OC character as part of the main cast, I tend to ignore them. Now, I want to go on the record to clarify that I am NOT hating good OCs or sending any harassment to anyone else. As much as I detest the idea to include OCs in stories, I never condone that sort of behavior to good people.Aside from that, I might remove any unnecessary story concepts and flesh out new ones too. The plot will be in a future society shared by modern HUMANS and highly evolved animals called MOBIANS. Humans live in the cities of urban areas, while Mobians occupy the forests or an opposite side of a border. Rarely do the two societies interact, but there will be a backstory between them that'll involve discrimination, jealousy, and conflict. It'll all start as the way they were, but try to stay tuned as I develop the entire series with new twists of my own!
My 10 Street Fighter Characters 4 SonicVerse by 4xEyes1987
My Message to Ian Flynn by PrincessShannon07
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cda95 Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2021
Don’t worry Archie sonic characters will get you into the games somehow 
Louis-the-Hedgehog Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2021
Any Idea how?
Piko Practice by BlehMaster7
Found this & I loved it!
Edit: was mean to reply to below post.

I read the list & know that some of these characters are not owned by KenPenders. Some of the characters are BenHursts work and are owned by Sega instead...

For example:

Roter (not Boomer Version), Lupe the wolf, (Ken even admits it), Antwan (the unnamed species version from the cartoon) etc. etc.

The complicated part is the details on how sally is & his king dad loop hole off the list... It’s all in the “Acorns” & “what” Ben Hurst would have named his dad...

SO Sally “Acorn” is owned by Ken on the list & her heavily clothed version is owned by Archie Comics...

“BUT NOT”... “Princess” Sally Alicia ???(unknown last name) from the cartoon by BenHurst!!! Both teen & kid version in the cartoon... this is a huge save for #Rally4Sally !!!

This is what we pay from KenPenders “Sonic Armageddon con-artist work”! had respect for him until I learned of this. At this point BenHurst should have been working on the comic & etc...!!!

( Even found some unnoticed ancient & new stuff, both good & bad based on your opinions on searching “Princess Sally” on YouTube & DeviantArt instead, both famous and infamous !!! )

Can somebody start “stripped by Archie meme’s about this odd ownership of Archie owning everything she used to wear? Pretty pleas???

“Princess Sally”: Who do these Archie maniacs think they are stripping me of everything I wear but my vest!!! Now how am I opposed to get past no shirt service policies!!! >:(

“Princess Sally”: And how are even Sonic, tails, AND Knuckles... GETTING AWAY WITH IT!!! LET ME IN!!! >:O

Imagine one angry squirrel 🐿... or chipmunk 🐿... If only we had answers from Ben himself.

But not all is lost “wink”.... a lot of BenHursts the people & friends of the people that worked with his old Sonic Cartoon are in rally4sally vids on YouTube!!! I think even with a channel!!! If we can get guys & gals like these to finish, continue, and/or start working on his old stuff (instead of some of the con artist we know & I don’t want type more in this reply/post 👩‍🎨 👨‍🎨 🧑‍🎨 ), we can finally be having something we can thank Sega Of America or someone for something finally FUN 🤩, and if we can talk to Sega of Japan non-domestically & convince them, it can happen!!!
Warrior4hire Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2021
Characters to be ExcludedDue to the lawsuits made by Ken Penders the following list of characters are not to be accepted as SEGA canon and should be treated as OC's:AaronAbbyAerialAlbion High CouncilAlbion Security TeamAlexis AcornAlicia AcornAlpha 100 SeriesArachne ClanArakkisArchimedesArchimedes (Light Mobius)Arlo ArmadilloArmand D'CooletteAthenaAuroraBarneyBenedictBenjyBernadette HedgehogBimmyBlackjackBodoBoomer WalrusBrotherhood of GuardiansBrotherhood of Guardians (Light Mobius)Brutus KintoborBuns RabbotBush FemurCatweazleChaos KnucklesChaos Knuckles (Light Mobius)Chaotix (Light Mobius)ChristophelesCobarCouncilorCrystal-LaCyber-Mechanoid Design FacilityCyborg Freedom FightersCyborg SonicCyclopsCynthia-WaDark LegionDarwinDaveDemi-NaDeo VolenteDiabloDimitriDimitri (Light Mobius)Dingo RegimeDoctor Eggman (Light Mobius)Doctor Ivan KintoborDoctor NivenDoctor QuackDowntown Ebony HareDrago WolfDuane QuackDylan PorcupineDYNAMACE.V.E.Echidna Security TeamEdmundEgg StationElias AcornElizabeth QuackEnerjakErikEspio the Chameleon (Light Mobius)FeistFelidaeFire AntFire Ant CouncilFlemingFloren-CaFoxxyFriar BuckGae-NaGala-NaGarekGeoffrey St. JohnGeorge SommersbyGerbilGiants for Offensive Occupation and NullificationGlintGolden Hive ColonyGolden WingspannerGrandmaster (Sub-Boss)GriffonHamlinHarlanHarryHarry (Light Mobius)Harvey WhoHawkingHelmut Von StrykerHershey the CatHigh Council of EchidnaopolisHolmesHubert QuackHunterIan St. JohnIsaacIxis MagicksJakerJanelle-LiJani-CaJeepersJenna-LuJon O'HedgeJordanJordann and Kayla-LaJossJuanita the ChameleonJulayla ChipmunkJules HedgehogJulie-SuJulie-Su (Dark Mobius)Julie-Su (Light Mobius)Kali-CaKicks a LotKing BeeKing GongKingdom of MerciaKnecapeon "Kneecaps" MaceKnecapeon "Kneecaps" Mace (Light Mobius)Knuckles the Echidna (Light Mobius)Kodos LionKomi-KoKragokLara-LeLara-Le (Light Mobius)Lara-SuLeeta WolfLien-DaLien-Da (Light Mobius)Liza the ChameleonLoboLockeLocke (Light Mobius)Lost Tribe of EchidnasLouise QuackLugerLyco WolfMadam CouncilorManik AcornManik Acorn (future version)MarcosMari-AnMari-SuMaria (Wolf)Marie D'CooletteMathiasMauriceMaximillian Acorn (future version)MechanautMelloMelody ProwerMennikerMenthorMercian Freedom FightersMerin-DaMiles "Tails" Prower (future version)Miles Prower (Anti-Miles)Minion (Archie)MonkMonolithMoonwatcherMoritori RexMount KobiyunjaboNicole (future version)Nicolette the WeaselO'NuxOcto-PodOrb-BotPaladinPatch D'CoolettePenelope PlatypusPerriwinklePolysaurus RexPravdaPrince Emerson AcornPrincess Alicia AcornPrincess BeeProfessor ClarkeQueen BeeQueen HathorRaynorRazorklawRebel UndergroundRembrandtRemingtonRenfield the RodentRepublic of Angel IslandReynardRiki-LeRipper the RodentRita-LeRob o' the HedgeRobo-Robotnik v1.0Robotropolis Spy NetworkRoyal Secret ServiceRudyardRutanSabreSabre (Light Mobius)Saffron BeeSally Acorn (future version)Sally Acorn (Light Mobius)Salma the ChameleonScourge the HedgehogSemper FidelisShadowbotSherman WalrusShockraSimonSiwa-RaSkye ProwerSleuth "Doggy" DawgSmileySnottingham CastleSnow PigeonSojournerSojourner (Light Mobius)Sonia AcornSonia Acorn (future version)Sonic the Hedgehog (future version)Sonic the Hedgehog (Light Mobius)Sonja-RaSpectreSpectre (Light Mobius)Stealth 'BotSteppenwolfStreaking PashaSubstitute Freedom FightersSuppression SquadSWEEPbotSyntarTatiana the TigerTeri-LuTheodore AcornThunderThunderhawkToadyToborValdezVoni-CaWillisWynmacherWynmacher (Light Mobius)XeninYanarZax the Echidna
I know I’m not really trustworthy right now, but I thought you guys might want to know about this. I’m scared that this could become the new normal for Western Sonic fans, so I thought I’d show this to you
WildonVantrix Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2021
I meant to reply but here but it got posted above you.
Nintrendodude Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2021
so...anyone have any hope in the new netflix show?

sega owns everything created for satam
wildbrain owns the rights to satam as a show
and man of action has mad some amazing shows like ben 10, generator rex, megaman fully charged, marvel's ultimate spider-man, etc.
ShanahaT Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2021  Hobbyist Interface Designer
that last one has me concerned though.
Nintrendodude Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2021
man of action? whys that?
ShanahaT Featured By Owner Edited Jan 11, 2021  Hobbyist Interface Designer
It's the fact they made Ultimate Spider-man. 

That was a show that had a lot of Sonic Boom like humor and Peter acting like a brat even when he's spider-man (and that's saying something)

Sure, the show got better in it' later years. 
But at the same time, by that point it was too late. 
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