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Hello my Dino-mates! :D 

Long time no see :)
I got some really cool news to tell you, I now got an Instagram account (and I have no idea how to use it XDD) but I'll be posting paints and some personal stuff :)…

(I got weird voice, and I do a lot of weird stuff XD)

And soon I'll be able to do commissions here and on Fiverr :D
So if you always wanted to save a dinosaur, there's your chance! 

The last 5 months has been really crazy, tons of stuff have happened and I still try to draw and do stuff XD
So I'm sorry for not posting much and no being so active here
(I'm trying my best!)

Hope you all having a great time :)
Stay awesome! :D 
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Hello Dino-mates!

I know I haven't posted anything new in almost 3 months, a lot of things happen and I lost track of time...

I'm really sorry about that :(

I haven't made any new kind of art, I felt like I had to take a break from it

I even had doubts about if I want to continue making art at all

You probably wondering "what happed? Why are you feeling this way?"

I have no idea why, really no clue

I left my job 2 weeks ago, so I can "have time for myself" and work on my stuff
(Yeah look at me, living the dream..)

Just to make things clear, I'm not sad and I'll not stop making art :)
I just took a break from it for a while

Hopefully I'll try to work on something new soon! :D

I love you all! :D
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Hello Dino-mates! :D 

I haven't been around for a long time, I didn't even make any new art!
So many things happen to me lately

Some I can talk about, and some can't 

I was re-thinking about things in my life, like habits, friends, art, profession..
And I came to an conclusion that I need to change a lot of stuff

For starters, I started to workout which is great :)
And started to eat more healthy
I not drinking coffee for the last month, and I'm feeling good :)

Not giving up on coffee, just taking a break from it

I'm still here, and still loves you very much! I'm just a bit slower

Next month I'm going to be un-employed
And I'm a bit scared to be most honest with you, I can't predict the future
But I know for sure that I'll make more art and finally start working on my movie :D

I hope you all have a great weekend, stay happy and make more art :)

Loves ya' all
-Save the dinosaur a.k.a Guy :) 
(And yeah Guy is my name XD)
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Hello dino-mates! :D 

No story this time, just wanted to ask if I own any trades to anyone XD
If I do please let me know!

Yep that's it..sorry for short entry
Here's a dancing dino

Have you see me before???? 
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Best day ever!

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Hello dino-mates!! :D :D 

I wanted to thank each and everyone of you!
Your wishes, notes, drawings and songs made me so so happy!

I can't express my excitement enough!

Raptor La Icon Raptor La Icon 

This is me right now (totally not the same gif from last year!)
MEd by Save-The-Dinosaurs

I wanted to personally thank Flamofox  for her super cool gift!
Your'e awesome!! :D

And a very very special thanks to one of my favorite person in my life! GNneko ! :D
She's a great singer and a very talented voice actress! (and a great person :) )…    - The song!

Doge? Dancing doge Doge :bademoticon: :bademoticon: 

I wish you all the best! thank you! :D 
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