A Summary of ACP Vs. Ken Penders

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Hey guys, as you should all know, we had a huge dilemma with Archie Comics Publications and Ken Penders battling in court from 2010 to 2013. But some people don't know the full story. That's why there's a source at corporate-sellout.com called "Go, Ken, Go! — Part 4: Bibliography" that has everything people need to know about this whole situation.

Here's the link to that source: www.corporate-sellout.com/inde…

So if anyone says they don't know the full story of ACP Vs. Ken Penders, then show them the page I linked here, so that they know the full story. The more people that know, the less that people will ask about it.
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Penders is a joke.
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The rest of this guy's articles on the subject are great too, well worth reading. On another cool note, this is the same fan who got the first online letter printed in the comic, way back in issue 40.

Oh yeah, and if you check out his stories about other comic book people tagged under "creators rights," you'll find that whenever there's a creator vs publisher court case, the fanboys will dump on the creator every time. Sad but true, most fans only care about whether their favorite characters are featured month after month and attack anyone who rocks the boat. No matter who it is.
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where do we stand? same as last time
Penders is a greedy prick who doesn't deserve the right to even be remembered in the Sonic world after what he is done
he is now a living reason why we exist and why we must stand as are own group of Freedom Fighters
Penders, you are a shame to Sonic fans everywhere
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I don't think that's wholly true.


A) He created most of these characters. Out of all the characters not from SEGA or DiC, how many characters created by the other 3 writers (Gallagher, Bollers, and Flynn) have been even slightly that amazing? I'd say that's worthy of beign remembered.


B) They (Archie) did try to cheat him and others who've worked there out of royalties and stuff. I might not be able to look away at the whole go at BioWare though since he's really out of his league on that one despite having a slight point about the similarities.


C) Even if he didn't cause a stir that made the characters get purged, there were SO many other factors that have caused this group to form from Flynn's basebreaking writing to SEGA's weird mandates.

The man may have some shitty politics, but I'm glad we even had him else there'd be no characters to love so dearly that we mourn their loss.

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I agree. But he still pisses me off on that he thinks his new project with Lara Su was A good idea. It was terrible idea.
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I'm not wild about it either.
THEATOMBOMB035's avatar
...*sigh* I hate when I get debunked off my soup box on Panders -~-
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I just believe in judging by what is provable. His politics kinda suck and supposedly he's not exactly an angel but I wouldn't go so far as to hate him when Archie is as guilty if not more than he is.
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I'm just still pissed about Scourge being put in limbo
ain't gonna stop me from putting him in my comic storys
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Scourge being in limbo is because of SEGA. Penders did try to claim Scourge, but since he was claiming "Evil Sonic", there was no way he could get that one. However, SEGA said that they don't want Sonic to have an Archie-created evil twin, presumably so that they can make on themselves if they feel like it.
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I would make a comment about the million Metal Sonics that have been made but thats all sega
yeah at this point I hate Sega's guts but I will always love Sonic and what his comic WAS.
Scourge is now the fans proporty and we aren't giving him up like the rest of the "lost" characters from the comic without a fight
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Well, million's a bit strong. He's supposed to be the same guy in new bodies. It's only in Archie where he's become a canon fodder mook.

I don't think the comic was ever that stellar.

The one thing that annoys me about Scourge's end (He's my least favourite character in the comic, but if you like him, cool, whatever) is that he just got erased, rather than actually getting a final comeuppance. 
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Go ahead. I actually like his new look even though he's been a character always doomed to be a bit of a loser.
THEATOMBOMB035's avatar
he is SO MUCH cooler in his mean green look, and I don't think he is a loser as much as he can't beat Sonic
in any other fight he has kicked ass
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I mostly meant he's anti-cool. At least as far as people's regard for him go. But his revised look is pretty badass.
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So where does this leave us standing?
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With the truth. And believe me, the truth is a very powerful force.
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