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I was reading  that IDW won't use freedom fighters due to their darker tones  that they perfer to have sonic and the restoration chasing after  Dr Robotnik   ( Eggman)  across the planet sort of like saw in Sonic X show with a bit of a lighter tone.   they want a more free going  sonic   these days that reflected in Sega games and  i guess live action movies. 

I do miss the Archie comics created Freedom Fighters like Gregory St   that skunk freedom Fighter or Fiona Fox.

not sure if Sega or Archie comics own the other Ecinas  or if sega only owns Knuckles
Sorry for sounding like some, grammar police (I hate doing it) but it's spelt 'Echidna,

no worry i know i'm a rotten speller

Same here lol just wanted too correct an easy and possibly future embarrassing moment

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I think it'd do me wonders to see my journal to this group. I figured we should focus our energy on something more positive, and I thought my journal would somewhat encourage that.
Some major Sally Acorn news that you might wanna support.
If only we could get as excited about saving starving third world nations
and sinking islands
and civil wars
and ...