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These are other people who also wish to help us. United we are strong, united we will win.

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Preserving and bringing back the real Archie Sonic Continuity!

ARCHIE comics, SEGA, and Penders actions have butchered and warped the comic. Walking all over the cherished memories of the fans who love this comic!

And to be clear, this group is dedicated towards returning the Sonic the Hedgehog comic back to how it was. We are not a group for those who just want say how they hate what ARCHIE, SEGA, and/or Penders has done. We work to let the parties responsible know that we wish for the comic to be returned to it's correct form and how much it means to us. We additional draw and/or submit artwork of the true StH continuity into the group here to further show our love for the comic before they ruined it.

Also, all rules for the group are in the about us page of the group, read them to know the rules.
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Oct 2, 2013


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Support & Cause

304 Members
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Sally's Mary Sue test (a visual guide) by ShanahaT Sally's Mary Sue test (a visual guide) :iconshanahat:ShanahaT 106 44
Let's talk about how well IDW is really doing.
Last month IDW Sonic #20 sold 11,202 units
Before we talk about anything, it is important that you watch this video.
Because it goes in depth with what IDW's financial state is.
the reason I bring this up is because of people that use the sales charts of the IDW Sonic comics to justify why Sonic is "better off with out any Freedom Fighter crap"
Specifically sales from This chart.
Before you start jumping to conclusions, here are a couple things that you need to take into account.
1. All 90s sales figures (and prior decades) are un-official, because there were multiple prints that Archie use to publish at the time. They stopped doing that in the 2010s.
2. Archie's Sonic comics use to sell better then most of Marvel and DCs comics back then and they were Archie's best selling series for a long time. IDW's books cant even seem to sell better then Marvel and DC's worst books (like Captain marvel) and it is still not even IDW's b
:iconsave-western-sonic:Save-Western-Sonic 11 81
Sonic And Sally (Sega World) by JohnK222 Sonic And Sally (Sega World) :iconjohnk222:JohnK222 79 57
Sega is not trying to kill American Sonic.
… If anything they are more interested in this branch of the franchise now then they were in the past.
It has become clear as day at this point that the evidence against Ian Flynn and the many other members of the IDW Sonic staff has become too great ignore at this point.
Especially since they have clearly gone out of their way to lie about stuff like How Ian Flynn fought tooth and nail too keep the freedom fighters in the comic when the reboot occurred despite that the real reason they stayed was because Archie was contracted to keep using them. As well as say nonsense like how the Freedom Fighters are not Sega property, despite that there is evidence out there that clearly proves other wise.
and as far as those Sega mandates are concerned, they lied about them too.
Let alone t
:iconamericansonic:AmericanSonic 4 25
How to stop what we love from becoming obscure.
Nothing is set in stone and I have encountered many fans who have expressed them selves in saying that everything they loved about the Archie Sonic series will soon fade into obscurity.
Even though the chances of everything coming back is still quite likely (one way or another), there is no denying that we would have to wait for at least the rest of the decade for a good chunk of the things we loved to come back.
Keep in mind that what I'm saying does not just apply to the SATAM characters, but to anything that was involved in the Archie series. Including Ken Pender's exclusives, The Adventures of Sonic characters, Underground, and even the stuff in between.
However, there have been situations like this with other franchises before.
For example, Star Wars fans once felt that some of there favorite characters from the old expanded universe would never return after Disney bought the franchise. But as the years have passed, more EU material has returned bit by bit. ( I would give names bu
:iconamericansonic:AmericanSonic 9 13
Freedom fighter lovers by Moon-Shyne Freedom fighter lovers :iconmoon-shyne:Moon-Shyne 383 111 Forest Stalker revisit by Son-Neko Forest Stalker revisit :iconson-neko:Son-Neko 105 3 Sonic the Hedgehog : SatAM by Tiara-C Sonic the Hedgehog : SatAM :icontiara-c:Tiara-C 739 101 Antoine D' Coolette Moments by Sonic-Ray Antoine D' Coolette Moments :iconsonic-ray:Sonic-Ray 18 1
Petition to save the Freedom Fighters
Save the Freedom Fighters by putting them in IDW's Sonic comics!

Howdy, friends! :flagus: :flagus:
There is a petition going on right now which is about to save the Freedom Fighters by putting them in IDW'S latest Sonic Comics.
It was made by the owner. :iconShanahaT: ShanahaT
Here is the link to sign in:
I guess it's best to quote the text from the petition:
Princess Sally Acorn, Nicole the Hologram, Bunnie Rabbot, Antione DeCoolete, Rotor the Walrus, and all these other non-game characters from the Sonic franchise don't have a home anymore! They need you're help!    
On July 19th Sega announced the end of their partnership with Archie Comics. On October 9th IDW publishing, the new publisher of the Sonic comics, announced that they will be "starting fresh". Meaning that they wi
:iconamericansonic:AmericanSonic 1 18
SA3 Concept Art (Sally Acorn) by Justice2free SA3 Concept Art (Sally Acorn) :iconjustice2free:Justice2free 47 3 Sally Acorn by Chalkolatte Sally Acorn :iconchalkolatte:Chalkolatte 284 64 Colored Sally - Finished by greliz Colored Sally - Finished :icongreliz:greliz 79 20 X-Men Bunnie and Antoine by Chauvels X-Men Bunnie and Antoine :iconchauvels:Chauvels 83 14 super sally and bunny by lightmega777 super sally and bunny :iconlightmega777:lightmega777 400 78 Couple's Night by glitcher Couple's Night :iconglitcher:glitcher 2,123 321
These things are relevant to the group's aim but for some reason most of these did not receive approval from the initial up-loader, or other reasons.
You may have noticed that this group has recently become affiliated with a group with this icon.


This group is called the Save Western Sonic group.
This group is dedicated to uniting the silent majority that supports the old pre-Sonic Adventure continuity and having their voices heard so that Sega can finally acknowledge the demands for older characters like the Knothole Freedom fighters, Scratch & Grounder, Manic & Sonia, and even STC characters to make a come back since their absence has been going on since the new millennia began.

And yes, this group will improve upon what the Save-Archie-Sonic group has been trying to do.

The rules will be more strict.

The membership problem that people have complained about here is no longer there now.

We will focus on bringing back other aspects of western Sonic other then just the stuff related to the Archie series.

And we will be bigger, more diverse, and over all more organized.

With that said, the group is still establishing itself,  so not everything is posted up yet. But we have established rules (check them out for yourself once you click the link) and are currently opening ourselves to new members. So by all means, join in and sign up to join the our movement.…

remember when I told everyone about the Don't Save Archie Sonic Group six months ago and stated that...
"They currently have 12 members and seven deviations posted on there group." and how the formed roughly a week ago prior to me writing that journal?
Well the Save-Western-Sonic group (a group that supports the American continuity and characters) was able to gain more then 50 members and watchers in that same time.
And we have far more then seven deviations.
That should hopefully give you all some hope for just how capable the concept of both this group and the new group truly is.
Fellow members, please hear me. Given all that has happened and how much time has past, I believe the time has come for us to accept hard truths. This group was formed for the purpose of trying to save the Archie Sonic comic that we all, for our own reasons, loved very much. It should be clear by now to any rationale individual that this goal is no longer attainable. What's more, our group has gained a tarnished reputation by the bitter rantings of various members (who I won't name here). Such outbursts do nothing to help achieve our original goal and are a disservice to the memory of Sonic and his friends. To make any more attempts would be essentially flogging a dead horse and be seen as acts of desperation by others. The time has come to concede defeat. However, while the official comic can no longer return to us, that doesn't mean we'll allow Mobius to fade from our memories. Though it may be gone, it still brought us joy once. Therefore, I give my support for all members to continue fan projects that are of a positive nature. And as for our name, I would like to submit one that properly reflects our new stance and will do credit to the franchise we love.

"We Are Mobius" (W.A.M.)
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I do miss the Archie comics created Freedom Fighters like Gregory St   that skunk freedom Fighter or Fiona Fox.

not sure if Sega or Archie comics own the other Ecinas  or if sega only owns Knuckles
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