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So so excited! George Takei posted my artwork on his facebook page. :)

This has been a wonderful week, thank you so much everyone!

ps- commissions are open!
EDIT: Commissions are closed.

Finally ready to open commissions again. 

General pricing:

• Character digital portraits: $60-$80
• Digital paintings: $100-$300
• Ballpoint pen/graphite portraits: $100-$200
• Ballpoint pen/graphite fully rendered drawings $300-$400+
• Tattoo designs: $50-$100

Larger Projects:

I love to discuss large projects with my clients, obviously these can be a variety of different prices. You can contact me on dA, Etsy, or Facebook, or simply send me an email at 
Thank you!

1. done
2. done
3. 5 lions - ballpoint pen - paid $50 (deposit)
4. Owl - ballpoint - paid $50 (deposit)
5. savage kingdoms rpg
Hello, I'm sorry for being so busy lately! College is rather rigorous. 
I did get a chance to make myself an official Facebook page, which I'd really appreciate if you liked/shared:

In other news, I should be having more prints available for Christmas on Etsy, of artwork that hasn't yet been released. I also got a tablet, so expect some digital painting in the near future!

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Opened my first print shop here:…

A big thank you to my new followers, and anyone who has purchased a print! "Before Winter" is the only piece up for sale right now, but in the future there will be many more options. Enjoy!
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If you are Interested....

Thu May 30, 2013, 1:13 PM
I am uploading the progress of my latest piece onto my tumblr, in my art tag.…

If you are interested in watching daily updates of this piece, be sure to follow me!

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A New Business...

Sun May 12, 2013, 4:00 PM
Good news everyone! Thanks to the encouragement and support of the Reddit community, I'm going to be opening a minor business to sell my jewelry.
I'm working on getting the velociraptor laser-cut from sheet metal, and it should be available relatively shortly. If all goes well, I will have other designs up as well. Thank you so much for your support, I'm thrilled to have this opportunity.

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Commission info

Wed May 1, 2013, 4:28 PM
If you are one of the people who have expressed interest in placing an order for a commission, I would like to confirm that yes I do accept commissioned work. As far as mediums go, I usually use graphite, conte, or ballpoint pen. As far as subjects go, I can do realistic portraits, tattoo designs, character depictions, and many other types of subject matter, whatever suits your personal desire. Contact me if you are interested and wish to discuss pricing.

Pieces to consider:
• Norman Bates (good example of a detailed ballpoint pen drawing)
• Ivorian (graphite)
• Jackie Chan (chalk pastel)
• Mona & Christie (conte)

Thank you for your interest.

EDIT: I have 10 orders so far (mainly from Reddit). Thanks!

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