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Yo! Wanna join this MYO? (There's another one!)

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 5, 2016, 9:13 PM
So this time I'm actually finding out about a MYO adopt event before it's close to ending. There are about 2-3 days left in this event, and it's free unless you don't finish in time, and then it's only about 400 :points: if you wanna keep your design. So yeah. I'll be doing this after I finish a few things for uploading. Anyways, you can read up on it here:
72 hours Free MYO Event! by DeadTsarevna
So yeah! Good luck to anyone who wants to make one!

Oh, and there's another going on, too!  The spots are limited, however, so hurry if you want to join!  You have a week to get them done!
15 free MYO slots (5 slots left)I wanna see if people will be interested in this haha
And yep, only 15 because I'm busy and wouldn't be able to handle more than that atm
If the slots are full and you want to have one then you can pay 200 points for it
1. Fave and make a journal about this
2. Tag only people who would be interested in this and or don't mind being tagged
(Some people don't like being tagged for these kind of things haha)
3. Don't post your myo before I approve of it, post a comment HERE with your stash file
4. You can't resell the myo since it's free, unless you pay for it (200 points)
5. Trading is fine! But be fair, don't trade it for anything that costs much more than the myo itself
6. If you buy a myo/or an adopt (which I will make once I have more time) then you're allowed to re-sell the adopt for the same price you bought it for unless there is at least 10 pieces of art, then you can re-sell it for more.
7. You have 1 week to finish the myo (if needed I could extend the
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