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Your (Unofficial) Guides to Novilar by SavannaEGoth Your (Unofficial) Guides to Novilar by SavannaEGoth
Tis my deer and me.  I play an online pet sim called Novilar where you choose your animal Guardian to serve and aid in freeing your new home from the corruption that grips it by going on quests and exploring the world.  I chose the Forest Guardian (the deer guardian) as I grew up in a forest in my youth, and the Festival of the Deer takes place during my birth month, February.  After choosing your Guardian, you are given your own pet to design, mine in this case being the buck shown above.  His name is AlulaOscon, a combination of two names--Alula, meaning "embodied with celestial wisdom, they are dainty like feathers, are the first born, and full of rushness," and Oscon, meaning "an admirer of deer."

I see him as being a calm, wise soul, and he is by far my favorite pet I've obtained on the site.  I keep him as my active pet and go on all of my adventures with him.  I chose his names carefully, utilizing Celtic names to reflect my own background while honoring the themes and values of the site--feathers, wisdom, etc.  He was also my first pet, making him like my "first born."  His colors were taken from the same color values I use to draw myself on DA.

I did take a little liberty in drawing him, however, as on the site the deer are drawn more like elk, and so I . . . pretty much made him an elk, height and all.  Hims is a pretty boi.  My big, sweet antler babby.

My reason for making this wasn't just to finally draw my faithful companion, but to make a cool image for my Novilar Exploration Guide.  The old one in the forums is pretty much dead, and so I'm going to be making a newer, updated one with item and minipet locations, as well as some encounters and alchemy-related things.  It's kind of going to be a catch-all guide that I'm going to be developing over the course of my stay on the site, and now it has a fun image of my pet and I, much like the NPCs all have theirs!

If you guys want to join, then come find me!  My ID# is 4075 and my username is GuardianSEG.  The site's a little quiet right now, as it had a lot of functionality disabled due to ongoing bugs and glitches, but a bit of gameplay has been restored, so things are slowly starting to stir once again.


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Kal241 Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2018
Lovely duo!
SavannaEGoth Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Eyyyy.  Thank you~
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SavannaEGoth Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Ah- thank you!~
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