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Wait, I CAN PAINT?? by SavannaEGoth Wait, I CAN PAINT?? by SavannaEGoth
So basically to help me cope with my situtation my best friend Tempest and her significant other have been inviting me over to hang out, play games, eat, and talk about random shit.  They've been super supportive and have been encouraging me a lot IRL, which is something I really, really needed.  Last night when I was over at their place Tempy went and got a bunch of painting supplies out of her art cabinet and offered me a canvas.  I hadn't tried painting in OVER A DECADE.  Despite a sense of dread and memories of failing to paint anything nice as a child I kind of shrugged it off and tried painting again anyways.  Surprisingly I had a fun time doing so.  It was fascinating watching solid shapes of color take on a new appearance whenever I moved the brush in a different way or when I experimented with mixing purples with whites and blacks to get different shades for new affects.  It was AWESOME.  I didn't realize painting could be so fun and I was surprised and irritated with myself for turning my back on painting.  I have a bunch of painting stuff here that I thought for sure I'd never touch, and I was about to just give it to Josh when he moved out, but . . . I think I'll keep it.

I tried to paint some of my favorite Pokemon from memory, and . . . well, that was interesting in itself.  I know I fucked up Noibat really, really bad . . . especially in the ears.  I also didn't add their legs or anything because I was still sort of lazy and was focusing too much on blending colors in an attempt to shade the piece while making it still look like the Espurr had fur and not a solid, plastic body.  The Noibat's eyes were also kind of difficult. . .  The yellow was really not covering up the purple on the side of the face very well so I had to eventually cover it with white paint and start over.

All in all, it took a few hours, but I really am proud of the result.  It was funny showing Tempy and Trey because I had told them that I hadn't painted in over ten years and I probably wasn't going to be very good at all.  Then I made this and they were just "bullshit."  So yeah.  It boosted my confidence and made the whole night that much more interesting.  I hope you guys like it, too.


Art (c) Me
Pokemon (c) Gamefreak / Nintendo
Sapphire-Scribe Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Holy crap that's amazing! Thank you so much and great job!
SavannaEGoth Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks, hon!
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