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Veil - Nebula Eater (NEW CLOSED SPECIES!) by SavannaEGoth Veil - Nebula Eater (NEW CLOSED SPECIES!) by SavannaEGoth
Heeeeyyyy!  My (possibly) last upload of the year.  *Shivers because that's weird and somewhat ominous to say*  I was working on the lineart for these things yesterday and decided to go ahead and color one as a sort of "poster child" for the species.  So, without further ado, here's Veil.  He's based off of the Veil Nebula located in the constellation Cygnus.  I really enjoyed the contrasting red and blue, and thought that the nebula itself was kind of shaped like an anteater . . . so here we are.  I don't remember how long ago exactly I came up with these things, but I held off on drawing them for . . . over half a year?  Maybe close to a year?  Jesus, fuckin' art block, man-

Anywho!  These are a CLOSED SPECIES, so don't go on and make your own.  I'm going to be making more if you guys are interested enough, though they won't be super cheap like the rest of my adopts.  This is namely because I'm tired of pouring hours and hours and days into making pages of adoptables and new lineart only to make maybe a couple of bucks back.  Can't buy food or pay bills making money like that, you know?  (These also take longer to make and are composed of so many different layers.)  So yeah.  Not sure how much to price these at.  I might take awhile to decide pricing, or I might listen to suggestions on pricing.

Also, happy New Year if I don't post again!  Drink responsibly, children.


Nebula Eaters, Veil (c) Me
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December 31, 2017
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