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Tis the season, or something- by SavannaEGoth Tis the season, or something- by SavannaEGoth
Here's my super rushed contest entry for the Furvilla holiday art thing.  I kind of wanted to enter it towards the beginning of the month, but pushed it off as I focused on other projects and job hunted.  Then, I just kind of ditched the thought of doing it entirely.  I rarely ever join contests, and it wasn't until today that I kind of mentally slapped myself and forced myself to make something to enter after all.

Wish I had started this yesterday so I could have used the characters' actual colors, but some nice minty holiday reds and pinks did the trick pretty well.  Here we see my poor shy bab Lieven the lop-eared rabbit presenting cookies to my villagers' mayor more or less against his will while his housemates accompany him for moral support.  The velociraptor is Velox, and is pretty much Lieven's best--though unlikely--friend, the dragon is Pendragon, the golden eagle is Aquilina, and the slightly sinister-looking Chesire nightmare of a cat is the wonderful mayor of Dragonsmaw Manor.  He haunts the little bun's dreams more than he'd like to admit.  It took a lot of coaxing and encouragement to get him to even put on his scarf knowing what task laid ahead of him, but the others finally convinced him that everyone deserved to be included in the holiday celebrations, and so this little scene was born.  May the bun's trauma be short-lived.  And may the scarf stop eating Aquilina's wing.

Forgive me for this crap- ahaeiuwhgawg.

If you want to check out my villagers or add me as a friend on FV, my account is here:…


Art, Villagers (c) Me
The Mayor (c) FurVilla
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