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Sketchdump 4 by SavannaEGoth Sketchdump 4 by SavannaEGoth
Hey!  Sorry I haven't been uploading.  I've been doing nothing but homework for the last few days.  I'm talking hundreds of pages of text, long videos, tens and tends of pages of notes, tons of formulas, geologic processes, working out schedules to pick up materials, etc.  I'm so tired.  At least the geology work is interesting.  It gives me a break from the other two classes I'm taking.  Now . . . I have to study two more chapters for stats for an exam I have tonight.  After that I just have some work due tomorrow for calculus and I'll be done for awhile.  It's taking the notes that takes longer than anything--the homework isn't terribly long and lets you keep reworking problems until you get the concept down.  It's nice.

Anyways, this dump is featuring some older art I sketched up awhile ago when I was helping Josh with character/species designs for his comic thing.  I don't know if he's ever going to work on it again, but I thought that I should upload this stuff because I worked on it for quite a bit.  I was mainly in charge of coming up with alternate designs for the races in the comic and I was given two of the main characters to design and come up with personalities for, too.  I made the old elf man . . . Leoixeron . . . Leoixiron?  Whatever.  I thought I killed it with the old man face.  Next was Gan, my favorite out of the group of protagonists.  He's, like, the second or third main character you meet in the comic and he's just . . . he's awesome.  He's a cheeky lil shit who's supposed to be the group's glue that holds them all together with his positivity and determination, as wily as he can be.  He was based off of one of the seven deadly sins, as were the other members of the group, though I don't remember which one. . .  Anyways, I really liked his character and I may or may not draw him some more and use him.  He is, technically, my OC, after all.  Also, that sketch in the upper right corner was based off some pose online and I drew Gan doing it as a joke.  It still pleases me.

Another fun fact:  Gan's beastkin designs is based off of a binturong.

I've also got some concepts in there for the fae, a dwarf, and mostly the demons.  (I am aboslutely in love with that one demon in the bottom right of the page full of them.  He has pudgy face.  I want.)  If you look closely at one of the demon sigils I tried out, you'll notice that it has my trollsona's horns.  Josh ended up choosing that one as the sigil for the main character, too.

The two pictures on either side of the bottom are for something else entirely.  This generator online spews out a bunch of character traits and you have to draw a quick character to represent them and so I spent like . . . five . . . ten minutes or so quickly making this guy.  I dunno . . . I don't like his body type that much . . . and his face reminds me a lot of Chu, TBH ( LittlePidgie ).  Actually he's like Abraxas (my minotaur) mixed with Chu and Lewis (from Mystery Ben's Ghost video).


Designs (c) Me
Shalmons Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
binturongs are cuties!  :XD:
love the demon sketches too :)
SavannaEGoth Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Ahh- IKR?
Thanks, hon~
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September 17, 2016
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