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Sketchdump 3 by SavannaEGoth Sketchdump 3 by SavannaEGoth
I'm just gonna scoot this at the top of the description, too, but this dump is featuring characters from OtherWorlde and Poke-Noir .

Omfg.  There were just too many sketches that went into this dump for me to even attempt numbering anything this time.  |D  So you'll have to bear with me and just follow what the description says in relation to the picture, okay?  quq


The pink thing is Violetta as a Noibat.

The weird lil sketch on notebook paper next to it is Bloody being very disinterested in my English work.

The cat next to that was ancient Hollyleaf practice from, like, years ago.

The troll after that with the baseball bat is my brother's fantroll, Vordan.

The thing after that is some old deer line art from over two years ago.

The collection of faces on the side are some more sketches from like over two years ago of me, actually.  Pfft.

Below that is another two-or-three-year-old picture of me with dragon wings.  I don't know how long you've all been watching me, but I had this heroine char I based off of myself called DragonGirl and it was pretty much me with the wings.  I just have always wanted to be able to fly, eheh.

Below that is a few-year-old concept sketch of an angel character of mine, Culver.

Left of that is another super old sketch of me.  I think I was toying with a more realistic style?

To the left of that is the DHMIS trio, though I never finished it because I hated my design for the butterfly.  :/

To the left of that is my first time trying to really practice on a tablet (aside from some random doodles at Josh's house XD).

Above that you'll see some blue papers.  Those were school passes that I doodled Savana on after some texts with HappyFridge where we talked about Savana seeing Vlasse after an entire 100 sweeps of not seeing one another after her death.  The scenario we talked about was him not recognizing her and it utterly crushing her.  The lower halves of the pass slips are some horn sketches for Savana, Fyrfly, their grub horns, and the Balancer.

To the right of that is Savana in an AU where she's a criminal.  She's into all sorts of shit involving the black market, theft, and destruction of highblood property.  She met Vlasse in this AU after he sold her some weapons.  Then, he had a dream where he met the Savana he fell in love with in the "main" universe.  He remembered her, and there were emotions everywhere.

Below the tablet practice is the Bulbasaur evolution line.  BUT you should notice that the Bulbasaur and its evolutions have scars, a roses, fangs, and pretty wicked expressions.  That's because at the time I was in a state of disillusion and wanted to draw Bloody as every.  Single.  Pokemon.

To the right of that you'll see some line art of a dog.

Next to that is a bear I drew last school year for my French teacher.  We had a camping unit and one thing led to another and Mr. Lapoujade somehow became a bear that I dubbed Lapoubear.  I shaded it and gave him a nice copy and he hung it in the window facing the hallway.  quq  I get compliments on it sometimes from other students.  But that doesn't compare to how excited and happy he was to have it.

To the right of that is a shirt graphic I made for someone in my French class for Christmas.  She's a Harry Potter fan and so I made her a shirt graphic.  Those were the concepts.  I might make it a print if I can considering I drew those letters myself.  BUT that's a trademarked item . . . so I don't know that I can do that.  :/

Below that is a Fanventure Time picture of me, my brother, and our cats Soo' fei (the big fluffy she-cat) and Squeak (our tabby tom who passed before Christmas 2014).

To the left of that is the first sketch of Bloody as a baby demon.  ;u;  I originally gave her wings, but I decided against it since she may or may not have been able to summon them at that age.

Next to that is a little chibi reaper that Josh drew for me.  <3

To the left of that is some kind of reptilian  creature covered in fur.  I originally made it for that DA hero challenge about a dream pet and I just never got it done in time.

Below that is a sketch of Violetta and her father, Beniamino when she was little.

Next to that are two drawings to me from Josh:  him kissing my cheek and a little Cyndaquil.  ^u^

Next is a super ugly sketch of Savana.  I was going to make her trickster!form but it didn't turn out great and I gave up.

Next to it is a little chibi of Josh eating cotton candy that he gave me in one of my classes.

And then finally is a picture we collaborated on which I'll be posting separately.  He drew the base and I edited the limbs, drew the hands and controllers, added clothes and hair, and then the Hiragana text.  We play video games together a lot when we hang out, and I tend to get really into some select games . . . and yeah . . . the picture was born.  XD  I'm basically shouting "DIE DIE DIE DIE, SHIT!" And he's just "really, babe?"


Violetta, Bloody, Savana, Culver, Beniamino, Art (c) Me
This features characters from Poke-Noir , OtherWorlde 
Some art (c) ShadowfloeSaidWhat 
Pokemon, Warriors, Homestuck, DHMIS, Harry Potter, Adventure Time (c) Their Respective Owners
SparrowOfTheDawn Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
These are awesome.  And I am suddenly possessed by a severe need to see Violetta, Bloody, and Savana all locked in the same room.  Thank you(and Shadowfloe) so much and great job!
SavannaEGoth Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Omfg.  That would be interesting.  I feel like I should throw in Iyzebel, too |D
You're welcome, sweetheart ;D  And thanks again!
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