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Rank Sheet - Violetta by SavannaEGoth Rank Sheet - Violetta by SavannaEGoth
Here's Violetta's Rank Sheet for the Zeks.  IT'S ABOUT TIME I MADE THIS, OMFG.  And yes, that drawing was made on MSPaint, because yes.  My baby's a soldier now >u>


Name:  Violetta Valeria Melania Nerezza

Mafia Family: The Zeks
     She was raised by her parents who were members of the Zeks.  As a result, she had their protection growing up and has always felt extremely loyal to them.

Alias:  Baby Bat
     "Baby Bat," a pet name originally given to her by her father, was a term of endearment that other members began to use to refer to her as well, as she was sort of "the baby of the family."  (Though it shouldn't be thought that she is in any way favored by them now, she's just like any other member of the family--no special treatment.)

Current Position: Soldier
     Associate:  While she's always been connected to the mafia, she hasn't been able to really join in their big jobs and start climbing the family ladder until now.
     Soldier:  Her dedication to the family has not gone unnoticed, and she's been rewarded with a promotion to Soldier.  Now the real test begins . . .

Reason for joining:  Her reason(s) for joining, obviously are centered around the fact that she wants to work to make the men who killed her parents pay.  She also wants to repay the Zeks for their protection of her while she was growing up, and she believes that dedicating her life to working for them is the best way to do so.

Specialties:  While she's very good at reading other peoples' body language, detecting lies, planning, scheming, interrogating, acquiring materials, and getting information from other members of the Underground as a result of her parents' training, her greatest specialty is weapons handling.  She excellent with both guns and knives and always has one or the other (or even both) hidden on her person at all times.


Violetta (c) SavannaEGoth 
Poke-Noir (c) keldeos 
Pokemon (c) Gamefreak / Nintendo
BedCrows Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2014  Student Digital Artist
cries Mspaint
where do you find patience for that
SavannaEGoth Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I DON'T--ASDFGH.  Meh.  I actually use it a lot X'D
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