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Poke-Apocalypse New App - Raemus by SavannaEGoth Poke-Apocalypse New App - Raemus by SavannaEGoth
*Glares at this art like "no that won't do. . ."*


 Raemus Alroy "Rae/Ray" Rowan
Age: 31 (As of 2016)
Gender: Male
Species: Scrafty
Birthday: August 10th (Leo)
Height:  6'0"

Oreintation:  Heterosexual-ish, Idiosexual (But open for bromances, ohhhhohoho)
Relationship Status:  Single

Job: Weapon Maker (Shivver):  Raemus has been promoted from Drill Bit to Shivver following the intense war between Convicts and the allied Medics and Fist members.  This means that he know can handle blades as well as basic weaponry, prothstetics, and the mechanics of these weapons.
    As a Drill Bit, Raemus handles prosthetics and general weapons mechanics.  He cleans, maintains, operates, tests, calibrates, and constructs weapons in a general sense.  He dabbles in a bit of everything, though is especially good with blades and small guns, and is fair with larger weapons.

Weapon: Brass knuckles
Prison Number:  B-133605

Nature: Hardy
Characteristic: Sturdy body - Higher defense.

Level:  47
Ability: Moxie - If a Pokemon causes another to faint, its attack raises.
     :iconfightingtypeplz:  -  Brick Break  -  The user attacks with a swift chop.  It can also break barriers.
     :icondarktypeplz:  -  Payback  -  The user stores power, then attacks.  If the user moves after the target, this attack's power will be doubled.
     :iconnormaltypeplz:  -  Scary Face  -  The user frightens the target with a scary face to harshly lower its Speed stat.
     :icondarktypeplz:  -  Crunch  -  The user crunches up the target with sharp fangs.  This may also lower the target's Defense stat.

History: Raemus had a lot of trouble behaving growing up.  He often got into altercations with other boys in his elementary and junior high schools, and nearly failed high school, graduating with the minimum amount of credits, and a few electives failed.  He had trouble listening to rules and obeying authority, whether it be his own parents or his teachers (or law enforcement. . .) and was expelled from two schools in his hometown.  He also had a bad habit of flirting with girls, especially those who were taken.  His bad habits also included him hanging around with "the wrong crowd" after school, where he took up petty thievery and vandalism.  After a bad run in with an officer, his parents finally decided to move towns, taking him to the current city.
     The move only made him pout and laze around his family's new apartment for a few months.  Tired of his parents' nagging, he started looking for a job, thinking college was completely out of the question as a candidate for broadening his horizon.  He got one at a super market, and then a music shop, and for the most part stayed out of trouble until some pretty sketchy characters started hanging around the shop.  Raemus got to talking with them and, surprise surprise, got back in with the bad crowd.
     He took up vandalism again with his new-found companions, and even took up breaking and entering again.  After a few more months of this behavior, his parents finally became suspicious and when he didn't return at his normal time one night, they became nervous.  They had reason to be so, for not much later there was a news bulletin on the television about a group of young men who'd broken into a major shopping center and were trying to escape through town.  But that wasn't all--they'd been caught shooting down one of the security guards in the building before fleeing.
     Long story short, Raemus and his accomplices got caught and they were each charged with multiple crimes.  Raemus didn't stay in jail for his full sentence, and was instead released early, only having served about half of his given years before moving back into his parents' home.  This didn't last long as he'd picked up a rather sour attitude, and fought many evenings with his father whom kicked him out only a few weeks after his release.
     Raemus got his own apartment on the other side of town and fell back into his own habits, unaware of the looming apocalypse.  He fell right back into crime and had been put into custody for a second time after having been caught breaking into an upper-middle class home.  However, during the ride to the station, there was a great commotion and, well, one can probably guess what awful event came to pass then.
     After the . . . apocalyptic events . . . Raemus barely made it out of the cop car he'd been riding in, and made his way to a collapsed overpass where he sheltered until he got his cuffs off and rested.  He began looking about and moving from place to place after that, looting whatever he could to survive whether that be weapons, food, clothing, etc.  Any guns he found malfunctioned or were broken, so he took to tinkering around with them though eventually became tired of always having to rely on faulty weaponry.  He instead switched to a baseball bat, and eventually found a pair of brass knuckles which he's kept with him ever since.
     After awhile of surviving on his own, he'd thought about possibly looking for another group of survivors.  Anything to take off some of the pressure of providing for himself.  He went around town, eventually, and ironically, ending up at the jail again where he used his . . . "charm" to convince the others there to let him in.  Now a part of a bigger group, he's able to rest more and keeps his stay by putting to use his weapons making skills.

Personality: Raemus isn't too good of a guy.  He's actually a dick.  His actions greatly reflect his laziness and lack of will to do any difficult work.  Instead, he annoyingly and stubbornly does what he wants most of the time, or half-asses whatever he's assigned with doing if it's too much effort for his liking.  He is pretty good about getting anything weapon-related taken care of, though, so in that aspect he's at least reliable.  He enjoys a good bit of gossip, but doesn't snitch . . . without a little bribery.  He's difficult to trust and even more difficult to like.  He picks on others' weaknesses subtly before increasing the verbal and mental attacks over time.  He really only believes in looking our for himself, and it's difficult to say just what someone would have to do for him to fight to protect them should a dire situation present itself.  Probably staying with the other convicts in the jail.
     He doesn't normally back down from a fight, and will stand his ground if the numbers are workable.  If the situation is too much for him on his own, he'll either use his surroundings or will work with others to neutralize the threat before escaping safely.  He's very sturdy, and can definitely take a few punches.  When battling, he's actually very determined and persistent, making him good to have on your side in a scuffle.
     It's also worthy noting that he's crafty and manipulative, and that he doesn't flirt nearly as much as he did in his youth.

     -  Hanging in "his cell"
     -  Tinkering and working with weapons
     -  Combining different weapons, or as he calls it, inventing
     -  Sleeping
     -  Looking out of any high-up, unobstructed windows and scanning the landscape
     -  Graffiti-ing
     -  Strength and fight training
     -  Getting drunk
     -  Sleeping
     -  Scavenging for weapons materials, food, booze, etc.

Likes and Dislikes:
     -  Fruit
     -  Painting and doodling
     -  Messing with others, seeing what makes them "tick"
     -  Daydreaming
     -  Warmth
     -  Some cool temperatures--not too cold, though
     -  Gossip/rumors
     -  Smoking
     -  Sunglasses
     -  Hip-hop, punk, and rock music
     -  Snobs
     -  Cleaning
     -  Most work-related heavy-lifting
     -  Manual labor
     -  Wearing shirts (only puts on a hoodie or jacket if its really cold)
     -  Getting his clothes torn or dirty
     -  Magic or magic tricks
     -  Pokemon stepping on his pants or tail
     -  Pokemon grabbing his hood
     -  Pokemon messing with his weapons without permission
     -  Harry Potter . . . or any magic-related movies/shows
     -  Rreally strong, rotten smells
     -  Fairy and psychic-type Pokemon
     -  Very cold temperatures

     -  His prison number is tattooed on his back, across his shoulder blades
     -  The two tear tattoos on his face signify different things.  The larger one is the security guard he was responsible for shooting and killing.  The smaller one was the cop he more or less got killed in the apocalypse-related accident.
     -  He has Rhabdophobia, or the fear of being beaten by a rod, criticism, and/or magic.  He only fears being beaten with a metal rod (specifically having his knuckles or fingers broken) and magic.  He doesn't like the idea of a situation or objects being easily manipulated or controlled by someone else.  It is wrong.  So very wrong.
     -  He has Aviophobia, or the fear of flying.  He hated the move to the new city.
     -  He also has Amaxophobia, or the fear of riding in a vehicle.  Specifically, he doesn't like being in the front seats or window seats.  This is because of his accident with the cop.
     -  Fairy-types and some psychic-types admittedly make him a bit (or extremely) nervous.
     -  His nostrils are between his eyes.
     -  His eyes are almost always half-lidded and he's usually smiling/is showing teeth.
     -  He doesn't have the best posture, and is usually slouching.
     -  His blood type is O+
     -  Don't reach in his pockets . . . eue
     -  He recently scrounged up a brown jacket and uses it to keep out most of the winter cold.

Voice Claim:  Matt Shultz -…
Theme song: The White Stripes - "Icky Thump"
     Cage the Elephant
          -  In One Ear
          -  Ain't No Rest for the Wicked
          -  Back Against the Wall
          -  Shake Me Down
          -  Around My Head
          -  Hypocrite
          -  Teeth
          -  Cigarette Daydreams
     The White Stripes
          -  Seven Nation Army


Ain't No Rest for the Wicked by SavannaEGoth  <--  Oh looky here.


Raemus (c) Me
Poke-Apocalypse (c) KrayaSama
Scrafty, Pokemon (c) Gamefreak / Nintendo
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