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Everything had been fairly quiet for Violetta lately.  She'd gone back to frequenting speakeasies and jazz lounges in order to gain some information from the chatter of the other patrons once again.  Lately, it seemed that some pink menace was terrorizing the town.  Some said it was small, others big, some even claimed it to be a disgruntled cherub.  Riiiiight . . .

Violetta shook her head, supposing that the others had just been having too much to drink and decided to call it a night and go home before dawn broke.  Now that she was back on her nocturnal sleeping schedule, she'd been trying to only leave her home during the evening, night, or early morning unless the Zeks requested otherwise.

As she made her way through the dim streets, however, a small furry shape popped out from behind a trash can and stood in her path.  She slowly came to a stop and looked at it curiously, her yellow eye glowing as she gazed at it.  Due to her night vision, she almost immediately made it out to be . . . was that a pink Buneary?  Umm . . . alright.

She began walking forward again, and at the same time the tiny creature leaped in front of her once more.  Again, she stopped and gave it a light glare.  This little creature, in all of it's small, pastel glory, glared right back and balled its teeny little paws before lifting one and beckoning her forward, almost as though it were inviting her to fight.

". . . You are joking.  You are joking, right tiny coniglio?" she asked, cocking her head a bit as the feisty little thing merely stuck out its tongue at her.  She sighed and stepped around it before continuing on her way.  I don't have the time for these shenanigans, nor the patience.

But before she got very far, she felt something hit the back of her head.  Her visible eye slightly widened and she turned back around.  "What- oh good lord."

There, having fallen to the ground, was a bright pink frosted cup cake with pastel-colored sprinkles lying splattered on the pavement.  The Buneary let out a squeaky laugh and pointed at her with one brown paw as it held its furry gut.  Violetta let loose a thick breath through her nose and lightly clenched and un-clenched her fists.

"Listen, piccola peste.  You just need to get out of here, alright?  I'm tired and I have no patience for your games.  Find someone else to bother, or maybe go play in heavy traffic," she growled, her lip lightly curling to reveal one of her fangs.  The tiny Buneary paid her no serious mind and instead waved her off, still chuckling to itself while a mischievous glint entered its eye.

She let out a quiet huff and was going to leave when it shook its head, locking gazes with her as it held up the paw that had been hed over its belly.  She narrowed her eyes a bit as it little paw opened to show it held- WAS THAT HER ZEK PIN?  She blinked in surprise as it smirked and then beckoned her to fight again.

She narrowed her eyes, pupils contracting to slits as she gave a nod.  "Very well.  It is your funeral."  She let her fur boa drop to reveal she'd been concealing two long knives crossed over her chest.  Her wings, which had been freed now as well, stretched a little before staying open as she reached and took her knives out of their sheathes, twirling them in her fingers a bit.  "Do you wish to simply hand it over?"

The little normal/fairy Pokemon's eyes widened and it glanced down at the badge as if to be reconsidering before glaring back up at her in defiance and sticking out its tongue.  She sighed.  Very well.  If it's a fight you want, it's a fight you'll get.

Easter by SavannaEGoth

The tiny creature dropped to the ground with a final shudder and laid sprawled on the pavement.  Violetta put away her knives, not having actually used them as she'd just sort of directed the path of her flying attacks with them.

She stepped over it and retrieved her badge, returning it to her dress before grabbing the Buneary by its one long ear and hauling it off into a nearby alley.  Filthy animal.  She tossed it into a cardboard box and dusted her hands off before coming back out and picking up her boa, shaking it out a little and replaced it upon her shoulders.  She then continued home as though nothing had happened and she totally hadn't just kicked a little bunny's ass.
Arc I - Mini Event - Issue 4:…

Ahhh yes.  Those gosh darn Bunearies.  Fun little tykes, aren't they?  I totally used my battle screenshot things in this, eheheh.  eue
I really liked this one--it was kind of goofy and added some comic relief to the whole log series.


Violetta (c) Me
Poke-Noir (c) keldeos 
Pokemon (c) Gamefreak / Nintendo
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