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New Fursona Design by SavannaEGoth New Fursona Design by SavannaEGoth
Eyyy, here's a thing.  I thought it was about high time that I sat down and created a default fursona.  It's some kind of feline thing with raptor claws and huge ears, basically.  I mixed some of my favorie animal features for my design--large ears, short tail, fuzzy boots/sleeves, ear tufts, large extended claws, etc.  I'd like to quickly point out that this is their winter design.  During other seasons their sleeve and boot fur becomes shorter and lighter, with their hair staying the same.  I also threw in a sort of in-between-gender chest and my gross rib situation.  Ye.

I originally recorded a speed draw for this, but for some reason OBS can't record properly on my second monitor and so it didn't bother to record half of my total draw time at all, and recorded at about one frame per two-to-four seconds.  The recordings are basically garbage and if I can't get one of my video editing programs to salvage the files I'll have to trash them. . .  In the mean time I need to find a different recording software, or figure out how to change the settings on OBS to be able to record my speed draws.  >_>'

Their depicted mood is pretty much me right now.


Fursona (c) Me
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