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My Boyfriend's Ponysona - DJ Redshift Rewind by SavannaEGoth My Boyfriend's Ponysona - DJ Redshift Rewind by SavannaEGoth
Whoa, what's this?  I uploaded a thing soon after uploading a different thing?  What the heck, is this real life?  You better believe it.


Name:  Redshift Rewind - The "DJ" is only added when they're performing or interacting with fans and/or press.
Kind:  Unicorn
Sex:  Male
Gender:  Male - Tends to prefer some more feminine compliments and occasionally wears feminine accessories because fuck it, why not?  Boy's pretty.
Relationship Status:  Taken by Strange Angel

Special Talent:  Mixing music and creating great light displays - Redshift is a very talented DJ, and enjoys getting other ponies to get up and dance at his shows.  He employs a heavy use of lights and lasers, and believes that the visuals of a show are just as important as the music being made.  He also has an affinity for space and astronomy, and finds discussions or studies on black holes and the movements of celestial bodies to be not only interesting, but exciting.



Q:  Another DJ pony OC?  Can they even DJ?
A:  Actually yes.  My partner is a very talented DJ, and has a lot of equipment set up and ready for mixing whenever the urge possesses him.  He's even performed at pony con raves!  I'm incredibly proud of him, and look forward to practicing more with him in the future.

Q:  I think you might have blotted out parts of the cutie mark. . .
A:  Sorry for the perspective on the haunch there.  It's a record galaxy, with two stars shining at opposite ends, and shows up a little oddly on his pelt in certain lighting.  I might tweak colors if he wants me to, but until then it's all on lighting and perspective.  XD

Q:  I get the "Rewind" part, but what does "Redshift" mean?
A:  Glad you asked!  Redshifting is one type of lighting on an object depending on its movement, specifically, an object moving further away.  When you look at the expanding of the galaxy, all celestial bodies are moving further apart from one another as a result of the big bang that threw everything out into space.  As they move you can see their light is shifted into the red part of the visible light spectrum because the wavelengths are longer.  Objects moving closer are in the blue end of the spectrum and are referred to as blue shifted due to shorter wavelengths.  If that's confusing, you can kind of compare it to the sound a truck horn makes.  Like, if a truck is approaching where you are the siren will be loud and high-pitched as the waves are becoming shorter and shorter as they bounce off of you, and when the truck passes its horn suddenly drops in pitch and the sirens or horn sound more drawn out because the soundwaves are longer and take longer to reach you.  Redshifting is light moving away, and blueshifting is light moving closer.  Ye.  Science class.


My ponysona:   My Ponysona - Strange Angel by SavannaEGoth

Redshift (c) Timtim
Art (c) Me
MLP (c) Hasbro, L. Faust</small>
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