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MYO Ximitrix - Gethin by SavannaEGoth MYO Ximitrix - Gethin by SavannaEGoth
Name:  Gethin ("darkness")
Gender:  Male
Age:  650 as of 8/12/16
Birthday:  August 12th
Zodiac:  Leo
Height:  6'6"
Species:  Ximitrix
Orientation:  Heterosexual
Relationship Status:  Single

Six horns
White skin
White-and-red forehead eye
Black-and-purple eyes
Six horns
Lilac goo
Black-and-purple goo eye
Lily goo flowers
Dark purple claws
Five tails

Likes:  Lurking, meat, mutilating his prey, sharpening his claws, piercings (has spider bites), wearing his hair as pigtails, straps and bands of clothing, exploring the mortal world, sheltered lagoons/ponds/swamps, low lighting, serpents
Dislikes:  Very bright things, scuffing or chipping his claws, getting his goo in his hair/eyes, being touched by most beings
Phobias:  Monopathophobia - the fear of having a definite disease.  He fears getting a disease his goo won't be able to cure.
Selenophobia - the fear of the moon.  For some reason he does not trust the moon, seeing it as the eye of God.  He believes that if he strays under its light he may be killed instantly by some higher power.
Selaphobia - the fear of light flashes.  For similar reasons to above he finds light flashes nerve-inducing.  He thinks its some holy being appearing or attacking him.
Goals:  As of now, simply to survive and perhaps find a lifelong mate.

Personality:  Gethin is somewhat difficult to get along with.  It's not because he's shy or timid, he just genuinely doesn't like being around most others.  He tends to avoid highly populated areas and especially avoids others of his kind who are hunting, as he finds it difficult to trust those who hunger for murder.  He doesn't even bother talking to others much as he doubts they're interested in what he has to say.
    He himself is also rather sadistic towards most of his prey, making him a bit of a hypocrite towards his own species.  He enjoys stalking them and messing with their sanity before lunging and mauling them with his claws or sometimes even gorging them with his horns.
    Strangely, despite all of this he seems to be affectionate towards his own family, and is very caring of them and their feelings.

History:  For most of his life Gethin has kept to himself or his species.  Ever since he was born he found it difficult to get along with others in his realm.  He didn't enjoy being touched and when the others occasionally went into a feeding frenzy while on a hunt he would feel too crowded or even in danger.  This caused him to distance himself from members of his own race where he felt safer and less likely to become injured or targetted by the others who seemed to have so little control when they hunted.  His parents were different, however.  He felt like he could trust them, and they allowed him to stay with them until he began to grow restless in life.  He attempted to find a mate around the time when most of his kind reach sexual maturity, but no one really seemed interested in the loner.  This continued for a very long time until he had missed his chance to have children of his own.
    Displeased with this turn of events he began to roam further from home despite his parents reassuring him that he could instead stay with them.  He, however, felt like there might be a life for himself elsewhere, and so he set out to find it.  He ventured for a very long time in his own realm of Xistronyon before growing bored of how similar and barren everything seemed.  That's around the time he started experimenting with the shadows of death--the shadowy figures of recently deceased humans that appeared in his realm.  Deciding to venture out into this new world, if for curiosity's sake rather than anything else, he entered the realm.
    What he was greeted with was a beautiful, lush environment filled with plenty of prey and interesting bioms.  Gethin began to trek across the wilds of this world, taking in everything he observed.  So much diversity.  So much beauty.  So much food.  Finally he felt as if he was the apex predator, and that nothing could harm him.  He spent most of his first day hunting before night fell, and he began to once again explore the newe landscape, admiring how everything looked under cover of this strange new darkness.  That was . . . he enjoyed it until he wandered into a clearing and found himself underneath a giant white orb in the sky above him.  At first he froze, eyes drawn and captured by the white light.  What was this?  It was so perfect in shape . . . it was definitely like an eye.  And it was so pure and white.  It must have been the eye of some great, holy being.  Like . . . the eye of the God that he had heard of in his realm.  God was probably watching him in that very moment, and the thought of it unnerved him enough to send him back into the shadows.  He found somewhere near a sheltered pond to sleep for the night before continuing on his way.
    Over time he found that those lush, sheltered spots by water were definitely the most relaxing to stay.  They also drew in plenty of prey, meaning he never went to sleep hungry, and he never met anything as fierce a hunter as he.  This is how his life continued for weeks until he came across the death shadow of another fallen human.  It was the first time since he'd come here that he'd seen an actual human corpse.  They appeared to have fallen from the cliffs edging the forest Gethin was currently exploring.  The human from before had been ravaged by animals, as he recalled.  That had also served as his first meal in this realm.  He considered not returning to his own realm for awhile before deciding that he at least owed it to his family to return and show them he was alive and well.
    Sure enough, they were happy to see him and greeted him in their own eccentric and affectionate ways.  From then on he would jump on any opportunity he could to explore the human realm.  This caused him to become more distant from others of his own species, almost assuring that he would not find a mate within the population.

Theme Song(s):  ?????

Voice Claim:  ?????


:icondonotuseplz::iconmyartplz: - ASK me if you want to draw them.  I reserve the right to say no, butiprollywon't.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Gethin (c) Me
Ximitrix Species (c) Esutera 
    *Ximitrix are a CLOSED species!  You cannot make one unless you participate in an event or adopt one from the creator.  Don't steal (duh).
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o-Ironical-O Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh my gosh so handsome<3333333
SavannaEGoth Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Ahhhhh, thank you, deary~
Trianity Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2016
I might even add more info for the species later on and maybe change a few haha
If you have any ideas let me know eve
I might change the 'being able to have kids until they reach 600 years' to a longer period and even change the 800 years of life to a longer period too but idk
And perhaps i might come up with other names for january february etc  just to nake it sound better eve
SavannaEGoth Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Ah yeah?  I . . . don't know, actually.  :0
If I think of something interesting I'll let you know!

Eh, then I might make Gethin older.  I wanted him to be past the age of having children as part of his design.  XD

Ohhhhhh new month nammeessss.  That'd be fun~  qwq
Trianity Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2016
thank you
Haha np i might just change the life spam age for about 200 years so that they can live just a lil longer lol

Gotta start thinking omg
SavannaEGoth Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
*Thumbs up*  Sounds good, my mayn.  -u-b
Trianity Featured By Owner Edited Aug 13, 2016
He looks really good and I love his design!
Oh, but could you edit the feet if it's not a porblem?? ;v;
They're not shaped like human ones since they don't really walk eve
they're p much like this Feet
btw if you want him to be added into the relation
i literally just edited my xia with some information too so that she's not plain at all
but damn you really did put a lot of work with this information! 
SavannaEGoth Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you, deary! I really enjoyed this! I'll edit the feet after I get a little thing uploaded today. UuU I saved the clip file just in case.
Added into the relation? :0 Like, have him be related to other characters?? (Sorry I literally woke up like six minutes ago...)
Trianity Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2016
haha no problem and no need to rush!
like having relations with other ximitrix once there are more of em eve
so far there are mine, yours and another one who was adopted
relations can be friends; family; acquaintance; enemies etc but only 1 lover/crush since ximitrix are a species that is loyal to their partner 
SavannaEGoth Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Oooohhhhhhhhhhhh. Hm. I'll have to look over all the designs and maybe get a feel for their personalities before I make a decision like that. :')
Trianity Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2016
haha there is nothing yet tho
once there are more designs you can look them up eve
Takai-Yubikiri Featured By Owner Edited Aug 12, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
:heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:PRECIOUS BABY LET ME LOVE YOU!:heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

SavannaEGoth Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
QQQQuuuqqQQQQQQ <3<3<3<3 Ahhhhh~
*Throws him to you*
Takai-Yubikiri Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
*FLAILS* And you used my favorite colors and we had the same idea for the tails!
SavannaEGoth Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist

I just really wanted his coloring to stand out from my recent MYO babies.  And I thought "I haven't used purple for an OC in a very, very long time . . ."
Takai-Yubikiri Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
YAES! Great minds think alike!

Mine's just being a ice cave thing right now XD
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