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MYO Tea Unicorn - Tapioca by SavannaEGoth MYO Tea Unicorn - Tapioca by SavannaEGoth
Holy God.  My computer updated today while I was at work and my art program and my Ugee monitor drivers were all completely fucked up.  I had to troubleshoot for a little over an hour just to get them semi-functioning again, and now they're still a little wonky. . .  It's going to take some getting used to to use the programs with the edits the companies have made since I last updated. . .  Anywho, have this cutie mama.

Annnnd- this thing is taken more than one try to upload.  Today is such a great day.


Name:  Tapioca
Sex/Gender:  Female/Female
Age:  21 as of uploading
Birthday:  April 11th
Zodiac:  Aries
Height:  4'4"
Species:  Tea Unicorn
Orientation:  Homosexual
Relationship Status:  Single

Bullet; PinkLop-eared
Bullet; PinkMaid/Servant Profession
BulletmagentaGlass w/ Bits (Middle, Horn, HooveS)
BulletceruleanCreamy Tail
BulletspringMilk Tea

Likes:  Baking, cleaning, hosting parties, braiding hair, dancing, singing while she works, preserving insects, taxidermy, sweets.
Dislikes:  Being away from work for too long, keeping her hair up.
Goals:  To continue serving her employer for the rest of her life, probably.

Personality:  Tapioca appears to be a very happy, carefree girl.  However, no one's really sure what she's got going on in that mind of hers.  One minute, she's serving beverages, snacks, and cleaning, and the next she's uttering some kind of dark, violent shit.  Whatever her thoughts or intentions, she's always smiling, and loves working for her employer, even if he is trying to get rid of her.  She's loyal and a bit oblivious like that.

History:  Tapioca was an odd duckling in her youth.  No matter what problems she encountered, she always met them eagerly and with a smile, never seeming to become depressed or upset at all.  In fact, to most everyone in her life she seemed to be stuck in one emotion--joy.  Her enthusiasm coupled with her deadpan voice tended to make others a bit uneasy, as did her intense stare, though she either didn't seem to notice, or just didn't care.  On very rare occasions she would say something dark or a little alarming, causing others to really wonder what her mental state was.
    It was feared that Tapioca would never find an employer as she scared too many potential hiring folks away.  Eventually she was taken in by a reclusive man who didn't seem to mind her eccentric nature.  That changed after a few years, though despite his many attempts at coaxing her to leave she has remained in his service, and he hasn't the heart to fire her.  She continues tending to his secluded mansion to this day.

  -  She has a tendency to say unusual or slightly startling things, and tends to catch others off guard or even make them uncomfortable.
  -  It's possible she has a screw loose, but is most likely harmless.
  -  Makes some of the best damned milk tea, hot or cold.
  -  She totally puts her tail's cream into the drinks she serves.
  -  Is constantly cleaning up after her dripping tail.

Theme Song(s):…

Voice Claim:  Heather McNamara (Heathers the Musical)


Tapioca (c) Me
Tea Unicorn Species (c) princekaiju 
    *Tea Unicorns are a SEMI-OPEN species!  You cannot make one unless you participate in an event or adopt one from the creator.  Don't steal (duh).
Little-Missing-Ghost Featured By Owner May 7, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
I really LIKE HER??
she is so pretty omg
SavannaEGoth Featured By Owner May 7, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Aw, thank you!
Little-Missing-Ghost Featured By Owner May 7, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
You are welcome! I just love her design and her personality. She contrasts a lot with my own tea unicorn. Tbh I just love odd characters, they are super interesting in their own ways.
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