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MYO Succubear - Tris by SavannaEGoth MYO Succubear - Tris by SavannaEGoth
I'm so happy my friend Takai-Yubikiri linked me to this MYO event!  I had to make one of these beauties!  I think I may add freckles on her cheeks and some faint stripes on the smaller stitched segment of her legs at some point.  I think I'll make her wings a different color as well, or add a gradient.  For now, this is as complete as she gets.  WellguesswhatIjustadded?


Name:  Tristan "Tris" Agapius  ("tumult, outcry" / "divine love")
Gender:  Female
Age:  22 at death, 2 years spent dead, 24 as of 7/24/16
Birthday:  July 24th
Zodiac:  Leo
Death Day:  July 24th, 2014
Resurrection Day:  July 24th, 2016
Height:  5'3"
Species:  Succubear
Orientation:  Pansexual
Relationship Status:  *Laughs*

Bullet; BlueCommon  Bullet; RedRare  Bullet; BlackLegendary
Bullet; RedTwo teddybear arms
Bullet; BlueSlight insanity, depression, friendliness
Bullet; BlueStitched, glowing heart
Bullet; BlueUndies and chokers
Bullet; BlueTwo eyes, stitches running down cheeks
Bullet; BlueTeddybear ears
Bullet; BlueSimple halo
Bullet; BlueDemon horns
Bullet; BlueSimple spade tail w/ bows
Bullet; RedMecha wings

Likes:  Sitting around, strolling through glades and forests, hiding herself among others' stuffed animals and watching them, playing with others' hair, listening to music, playing with Elmer's School Glue
Dislikes:  Peanut butter, romance movies/novels, weddings, cheaters, her ex (duh)
Phobias:  Arachibutyrophobia - fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of the mouth, Octophobia - fear of the figure eight
Goals:  To find and murder her ex, murder the girl he cheated on her with, to find other potential succubear/inccubear allies

Personality:  Fairly laidback, has a seemingly satisfied appearance/demeanor, but a surprisingly heavy aura.  Tends to be accepting and willing to listen to others.  Keeps many thoughts and opinions to herself unless prompted by a close companion.

History:  Tris was, at one point, a very lively bride-to-be.  Her whole life had been something like a happy dream, and the day she met "the one" proved to be no different (if not more exciting).  Tris and her future fiance fell madly in love, and fast ever since the moment they first met in their biology lab lecture at the local community college.  They began spending all of their spare time with one another, even dropping by to visit one another at work during their hours off.  They would ask each other about their favorite foods and movies, their opinions on children and tastes in movies and music.  The two seemed inseperable.  It came as no surprise to their families and friends that after having known one another for only six months Maddox ended up proposing to her.  She estatically accepted and the two began to hurriedly plan their wedding.
    However, after only one month, Maddox, her fiance began acting a little funny, and asked if they could move their date to be wed back another month or two.  Tris found this a bit peculiar, but swallowed her disappointment, figuring he wanted to save up some more money to make the ceremony all that more special.  She agreed with little reluctance and he seemed to be pleased, and they continued to plan for their wedding as well as look for a place they could call their own in a neighborhood near good schools for the children they planned to have in the future.
    As the month drew to a close her fiance once again came to her and asked if they could postpone their wedding date.  Surprised and dismayed, Tris asked them why, wondering if her love was getting cold feet.  Again, he seemed to be acting odd.  Her fiance simply replied that he was busy with something and he didn't know how long it would take him to finish workng on it.  Mentally she noted how he had been spending less time with her and seemed to be spending more and more time staying on his laptop or phone whenever they were together.  It hurt that he wasn't paying as much attention to her, but she figured he was busy with homework or wedding planning.  Maybe this secret project was some sort of surprise for their big day?  But he didn't look excited . . . he looked nervous.  She felt a twinge of suspicion in her gut, but forced a smile and agreed seemingly complacently.  Again, he thanked her and quickly went back to "working" on his computer by himself in his dorm.
    Tris continued to have doubts and suspicions as the weeks drew on into the second month.  By this time Maddox had all but ceased contacting her through text messages, and they only saw one another in their science classes or when she dropped by his place of work.  She noted with embarrassment and frustration that he did not great her in the warm way he always had before, and when she sat down at the ice cream parlor's counter he wasn't the one to go to her and hand her an already-prepared sundae or banana split.  Crestfallen, she stopped going to his place of work and considered telling her friends what was happening.  In the end, she decided there was only one thing to do.
    It was only two days until the end of the second month, their eigth month being together, when Tris was going to one of college's computer labs.  At that time of day, the labs were normally deserted.  She was met with surprise when instead of finding herself alone, she saw her fiance sitting in front of his laptop in one of the lounging sections.  Just then his phone rang and he stood up, taking out his phone and walking off towards the printer-copier office while answering whoever was calling.  Taking the opportunity, Tris quickly went over to his computer, sat down, and began looking over his screen.  He wasn't doing homework or anything related to the wedding . . . he was in a Skype chat.  She recognized the profile of the girl her fiance was talking to from a similar one on Facebook.  She hadn't thought anything strange of the conversations that the two had there, as they always remained friendly and appropriate.  However this chat was something else entirely.  The language was filled with heavy sexual suggestions and inuendo, not to mention several nude pictures from both parties.  Tris could barely process what she was looking at, and felt as if her soul had left her body.
    Footsteps were heard returning from the office and Tris looked up, blank-faced as her fiance came back, focusing still on his papers and phonecall, smiling as he spoke to the other party in a murmur.  He stopped very abruptly when he saw her sitting there, and lowered his phone, mouth agape.  Tris' expression slowly morphed into one that was hateful and accusing as she rose up and turned his laptop towards him.  Shocked and unable to process much of what was happening himself, Maddox began to stutter and blush, actually dropping his phone and papers, the startled voice of a concerned young woman audible from where it lay on the floor.
    Tris wanted to scream at him, to hit him, to vent on him for everything he had been doing behind her back, but she did not.  Instead, she gathered her things, rose, and left him alone as she returned to her home.  She would not be returning to that school ever again.
    It was July now, Tris' birth month.  She'd forgotten about her approaching birthday due to everything going on.  Did her fiance even remember when her birthday was?  She remembered his--May 2nd.  They'd lost their virginity that day together, or so she had thought.  She wasn't so sure now.  Instead she had become a shut-in, a recluse.  She ceased contacting anyone, and her family and friends as well as her professors were worrying.  A few times people had tried coming over, tried talking to her.  She'd sent them away with little more than a "leave" and a monotone refusal to unlock the door.  She'd lost her job earlier that month for not showing up at work.  Everything around her that was once so bright and vivid now seemed dull and ugly.
    She felt alone, abandoned by someone she thought loved her more than anything.  He was a disgusting liar.  Tris felt that there was something wrong with her, that she wasn't worthy of being with someone special.  These feelings escalated when she received multiple phone calls from her ex.  They started out as pleading and apologetic, then became increasingly indifferent and eventually irate, berating her and calling her terriblet things, playing upon her insecurities and weaknesses.
    The day was June 24th, the day of her birth.  Her phone had been ringing for nearly four hours as her family and friends attempted to contact her and wish her a happy birthday while also asking where she'd been and if she wanted to do anything.  She didn't bother responding.  She had something she felt she needed to do.  Going to her closet she produced a dark, leather case and sat it upon her messy coffee table, pushing everything else onto the floor.  Grabbing her phone, she put on a brooding song and unlocked the case with a click.  Without so much as another thought, Tris took up the weapon--a gun she'd inherited from her grandfather years earlier, and placed the chamber in her mouth, finger on the trigger.
    It wasn't long before her neighbors had notified the police and her body had been removed from her home.
    Two years.  Was it really two years?  Was it longer?  It felt both like an eternity and a mere few minutes of sleep before Tris opened her eyes.  Opened her eyes?  What was going on?  Where was she?  Who was this woman standing over her, sewing needle and fabric in hand?  Why did she feel this way?  Was this a dream?  This had to be a dream.  The woman . . . the . . . life-giver . . . she was saying something about easing into her newly-restored body.  Restored?  What had happened to- . . . oh . . . . . . . right.  Turns out dying isn't as permanent as some may believe.  Here Tris was now, lain beneath this smiling stranger with a sympathetic, knowing look.  She felt . . . a sense of companionship here, a likeness.  Her new life was slowly becoming more and more real, more promising.  This woman said her life would be what she made it, but she must never forget what brought her here.  That would be easy.  How could she forget?
    Stretching her fingers, er- claws, she slowly sat up.  She had a new purpose, a new goal.  Nothing else mattered as much, it seemed.  She had to find him.  She had to get him alone.  She had to end him.  That tramp would be next, if she could manage it.
    This was her new reality, her new life.  This was not a dream.

Theme Song(s):……

Voice Claim:  ?????


:icondonotuseplz::iconmyartplz: - ASK me if you want to draw them.  I reserve the right to say no, butiprollywon't.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Tris (c) Me
Succubear Species (c) xHotaruChu 
    *Succubears are a CLOSED species!  You cannot make one unless you participate in an event or adopt one from the creator.  Don't steal (duh).
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