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MYO Qasha - Fleur by SavannaEGoth MYO Qasha - Fleur by SavannaEGoth
Heeeyyyyyy I got this done!  I actually had it finished yesterday, but I had to wait for her design to be approved before I could upload.  ((I'm really sorry about the recent inactivity.  I'm actually drawing more shit right now, I promise- *wheezes*))  Also, I know she's way fucking skinny, okay?  I just realized I'd been making a lot of curvy, short, thick characters and I've been revamping my old characters to give them more meat on their bones and I was like "I kinda want to just make another lanky twig child."  So yeah.  This happened.


Name:  Fleur  ("flower, beautiful as an orchid")
Gender:  Female
Age:  25 as of 8/22/2016
Birthday:  August 22nd
Zodiac:  Leo
Height:  6'5"
Species:  Qasha
Orientation:  Heterosexual
Relationship Status:  Single

Bullet; GreenCommon  Bullet; BlueUncommon  Dark Blue Bullet - F2U! by Drache-LehreRare
Bullet; GreenSoft, green skin tone
Bullet; BlueDiamond eyelashes
Bullet; BlueSlit pupils
Bullet; BlueBat/rodent ears
Bullet; GreenUpper fangs
Bullet; BlueForked tongue
Bullet; GreenScales on cheeks, backs of hands, frontside of lower legs, top of feet
Bullet; BlueScales on shoulders, sides/stomach, back, and back of lower legs
*Finned lizard tail

Likes:  Swimming, fruity drinks, lilies and water flora, going barefoot, rap music, socializing
Dislikes:  Walking on gravel/woodchips, really gritty/rough textures, snobs, storms
Phobias:  Tonitrophobia - fear of thunder, Gerascophobia - fear of growing old
Goals:  To find a new home and a mate, to have children, to have a vast garden.

Personality:  Fleur is a flirt.  She is very attuned to reading body language of others as well as using her own body language to communicate her interest in others.  She's rather friendly, if a little overbearing at times.  She really likes making her presence known to others, and likely wouldn't be the kind to skulk about or stay in the shadows.  Unless she believes someone to potentially be a romantic partner, however, she isn't likely to try to get to know them as is she is very much focused on getting a mate.  She isn't super compassionate, again, unless she believes the person she's interacting with could end up becoming her romantic partner.  She's also very concerned with keeping herself looking presentable and attractive, not only for the pleasure of potential mates, but for herself.  She really likes beautiful things, and often stays near lush areas around bodies of water.

History:  Fleur was, from a very young age, a bit of an odd child.  When asked how she imagined her future life by her parents she decided that she would have a loving family and would live by a crystal-clear lake or river in a lucious glade or lagoon surrounded by flowers and beautiful gardens.  They would be happy and content and that would be that.  Not long after she had realized this dream of hers had she begun looking for her soulmate.  Fleur wanted someone who would gladly share their time and affection with her, and in turn she would love them unconditionally, care for them, and give them a family.  Her parents, however, tried to encourage her to enjoy her childhood instead and make friends with other Qasha.  Fleur would pay little attention, and only tended to gravitate towards groups of young males, hoping she would notice or be noticed by that special someone.
    Due to her odd, moony ways as a child, as well as her growing concern for her appearance, she made very few close relationships with her peers as she grew into a young adult.  She did not feel lonely, however, as she only increased the time she spent socializing and flirting with others.  When she wasn't looking for that special someone, she would spend her days lazing about near ponds and streams or going swimming.  She thoroughly enjoyed the peace of the gentle waves of water as she moved through them, and the feeling of the soft, fresh grass cushioning her as she relaxed on the banks.
    Thunderstorms proved to be rather terrifying, however, and it seemed that the older she became the more common they were becoming.  This would displease her greatly, and would cause her to quite literally flee in terror at the first sound of thunder.  The loud, threatening roari in the sky always made her feel very small and weak compared to its booming might.  She didn't enjoy the way it made her heart race or that the air became thick and still as it awaited the looming storm's break.  She began to hope that her mate, whoever they would be, would be able to reassure her, or protect her, from these terrifying weather events, and think any less of her for fearing the loud noises.
    At the time of her early to mid twenties, Fleur discovered a new kind of music that others seemde to enjoy listening to--rap music.  Beforehand, she'd only listened to the gentle sounds of flutes and stringed instruments with the occasional folk song.  This new, fast music was exciting and energetic.  She herself felt energized listening to it, and found the things discussed in the music interesting and even refreshing as the music proved to be edgier and more honest than other music she'd heard so far, and she appreciated it for that.  She began to listen to more of it with some alternative, funk, and hip hop thrown in, to the disappointment of her parents who believed this music to be in poor taste.
    Her music taste wasn't the only thing troubling to her parents at this point, however.  They weren't very impressed with their daughter's lack of close relationships with others at this point in her life, and feared that she was too shallow and dreamy-minded to ever get someone to fall for her.  They also disapproved of how lazy she'd gotten, and her need to treat herself to an easy, luxurious life.  They had hoped that she would do more with her life than just sit around all day surrounded by flowers and shade trees.  They began to doubt that they'd ever have grandchildren at the rate their daughter was moving through lfie.  Fleur took all of their disappointment and doubts in stride, though, and paid them all little mind, not feeling a need to change the way she lived her life seeing as how it made her happy.

Theme Song(s):…

Voice Claim:  ?????


Fleur (c) Me
Qasha Species (c) Smelly-Mouse 
    *Qashas are a CLOSED species!  You cannot make one unless you participate in an event or adopt one from the creator.  Don't steal (duh).
:icondonotuseplz::iconmyartplz: - ASK me if you want to draw them.  I reserve the right to say no, butiprollywon't.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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