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July Assignment Make Up Dump by SavannaEGoth July Assignment Make Up Dump by SavannaEGoth
Whoa . . . I just totally sketched a bunch of Bloody's missed assignment stuff from when I was on hiatus today after calculus.  I seriously stayed at the school for two hours more than I needed.  I could have gone home to look up references . . . literally I didn't have references.  I bet I botched everyone.  Yayyyyy.  I'm so sorry, don't shoot me for being trash.  qnq

Anywho, I even typed up some stuff to rack up exp for Bloody.  I know that none of this work will count as a grade, but fuck it.  It's going up because I put effort into it, kind of, sort of, fight me.

Hey, this is also the first time y'all get a sneak peek of Haze!  Whoa.  Maybe now I'll actually draw and color a reference for him.  :'D


LIN 202:  Intro to Familiars

     Bloody herself was extremely pleased to be in a one-on-one class with her favorite professor.  Razik was a brilliant kelpie, and she still had so much to learn from him.  This type of setting would no doubt provide her with the perfect opportunity to be able to expand her knowledge on familiars, and help her to develop her relationships with her two companions further.  They were more than simple pets to her, after all.  Haze was almost like a child to her after she'd rescued him from sure death when his mother abandoned him for being a runt.  The little cub was growing quickly under her care, and thanks to her written and spoken magic skills, she was able to communicate with him not only through body language and emotion, but through verbal means as well.  (The special collar she'd crafted and enchanted for him didn't hurt, either.)

     Stella, while coming to live with them at a later date, was still an appreciated member of Bloody's unofficial official family.  The little white-spotted scarab had once been partners with her former student teacher for another class, and when he had left OtherWorlde, Bloody had offered her a place in her dorm to stay.  The two females had a sort of unspoken understanding and companionship, though Bloody is still pouring herself over any manuscript or document that can aid her in understanding insect communications.

     Bloody never expected anything from her familiars except for respect and self-control.  True, Haze occasionally was a handful as he was still just a playful baby whom Bloody showered with cuddles and tickles when no one was watching and Stella was vastly independent, but they all got along well and never truly upset one another.  It was notably surprising and pleasing to Bloody that Stella tolerated Haze's playful nature to the point where she would scuttle about for him to chase her, letting Bloody focus on her studies when the Hellcat's energy was brimming.  However, Bloody didn't plan on never asking things of them.  She had aspirations for great things outside of the school, and she knew that they would both be of great service to her one day when those plans went into effect.  Haze would grow to be a menacing beast capable of thwarting enemies, defending his mother master, and providing her a form of back-up transportation should she ever have difficulties flying.  Stella, on the other hand, could continue to teach Bloody valuable communication skills, and could perform reconnaissance tasks for her.  Not only that, but the scarab happened to be exactly two thousand, one hundred eighty-four years old, and grew up in Egypt during the time of the pharaohs, a point of interest for the she-demon.

     In return for their future duties and cooperation, Bloody would continue to provide for them, treat them as equals, bolster their abilities with magic, and promise to keep them at her side as she rose to great strength and power, earning them respect and reverence from their own respective species.

     In order to fulfill these goals, Bloody would need additional teachings on how to become "one" with her companions, and open up herself to them, and gain their trust enough to have them open themselves up to her in turn.

     She was also sure to let her professor know that she was interested in possibly gaining another familiar to aid with her studies.  That, and one could never go wrong with having too many truly loyal allies, right?  They would at least serve as another tutor on understanding animal behavior.

LIN 301:  Dark Incantations

     Bloody had been looking forward to this class since she'd begun attending school at OtherWorlde.  She could, no doubt, use it as an opportunity to gain new terrifying forms of magic while widening her arsenal of spells.  She simply chose to ask her professor to continue versing her and training her in the most useful, powerful incantations that his courses had to offer while also helping her to be disciplined in magic enough so that she would be able to control and channel it to the best of her abilities.

     When Razik had presented her with her task of using the "monochrome" spell on the plant, she was curious.  She hadn't thought of color magic at all before, but supposed that something so mysterious and subtle could prove useful in its own right, though she would be sure to wait a long while before using it on anyone as to hopefully avoid disappointing her mentor.  But plots aside, she had to use the spell on the object placed before her.  It proved simple enough to cast, though the side-effects proved just as contagious as Razik had said, and Bloody quickly found that her markings, eyes, and even the blood dying her hair were all robbed of their color.  Well, Bloody had to spend a few hours studying to find a suitable spell to reverse the magic done to herself.  Being a creature of blood, she couldn't afford to let the spell wear away her powers for too long.  Thankfully there were no lasting effects, and she even went so far as to putting a barrier spell on the plant to keep anyone else from contracting the debilitating magic.

LIN 304:  Dark Blood Magic

     Ah yes . . . finally.  One of the most anticipated classes Bloody had been dying to attend at the academy.  If there was one thing that was for sure to get the she-demon giddy, it was the combination of dark and blood magic.  After all, considering her species, it was what she was literally born for.  This class would benefit her more than most others she'd take after this point, and she was excited.

     She wasted no time in announcing to both Rose and Razik that she was most interested in learning how to sacrifice other beings in order to benefit herself.  However, she had to admit that the enslavement and manipulation that her teacher had mentioned earlier had grabbed her attention as well.  What more could an aspiring demoness want from a class?

     Of course, she was hesitant in putting her plans all out on the table at her teacher's request, but she was to comply as to best complete her assignment and develop her skills in all of the right places.  She immediately dove into her moleskin journal and went into great detail on the dark plans that drove her to attending the academy.  She sought the oldest of all dark desires--revenge.  She hungered to return to her homeland and force every descendant of the chantry, no, every human in the land of her birth to drop to their knees and beg for their lives before she ripped the very souls from their bodies and bathed in their blood.  She wanted to be able to bring about their destruction as penance for the murders of her family and the corruption and betrayal of her brother when she was still but a young demon.  Her very departure from the school had been to scope out the land that she had abandoned all those decades ago--over a century--in order to find out where the church communities were now centered, and if they still practiced demon-hunting.  Not that it mattered to her either way if they did or didn't, because she would see that they all paid.  And she would relish every single scream and cry as their life's blood stained the lush grass beneath their sniveling feet.

     Oh yes . . . they would come to regret everything their ancestors before them had done, and would fear Bloody and her familiars as they rightfully deserved to be.  In order to fulfill her dark fantasies, she would need to delve into the very magic that he had tempted her with, and perhaps . . . just perhaps . . . he could even aid her in coaxing out her Blood Dragon form.


Word Count:  1315


Bloody, Haze (c) Me
Razik, assignments (c) Yekrutslover 
Rose (c) Ra-Punzelle
OtherWorlde (c) viralremix
Yekrutslover Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh man, art on top of the awesome drabbles you do? :iconloveloveplz: Yessss, I love it. I love seeing Bloody. I love Bloody. //dokis quietly

For future reference, you can always supplement assignments with art. Even if the art doesn't show the assignment being completed, I try to give credit regardless, because any effort is welcome! :heart:

Also Razik looks all cute, high fiving Haze, I can't handle this--
SavannaEGoth Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Hnnnn- quq thank youuuu~ I hope I drew everything alright with no references!

I know...but I love typing them up. There's so much more I can express in writing. <3

Haha, yeah he does. (Oops, those eyelashes might be too long, though...) Haze is just happy to make his aquaintance. He doesn't get to meet many others since Bloody's protective.
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