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    Bloody had spent a day reading from the recommended texts assigned by her professor on runes.  She'd seen them before, of course, though understood very little about them.  Before diving into her assignment, she had taken a few hours to sit down with Elder Futhark's book and studied the alphabet inside, committing the letter symbols to memory.  She wanted to memorize their shapes as soon as possible for future uses in the class, otherwise she felt that she'd fall behind.  Luckily, they weren't too complex and it was easy enough to remember the letters they represented.  However, their meanings would present a whole new kind of challenge. . .

    She took up her moleskin journal for the class and began recording the necessary notes for her assignment.


Razik - LIN 102
Rune Meanings

G:  "Gebo" - Gift - This rune represents the idea of a gift both in generosity and sacrifice, and as such it indicates balance.  It can also be related back to matters of exchange and trade.

O:  "Othala" - Ancestral Property - This rune represents inherited property or possessions such as a home or wealth.  It also represents whatever is important to someone such as order, prosperity, birthplace, spiritual heritage, experiences, values, journeys, safety, abundance, etc.

R:  "Raidho" - Wagon or Chariot - This rune represents travel both in a physical journeying type sense, and in a metaphorical sense.  It also represents seeing a larger perspective and then deciding to act upon any options or "moves" you are presented with, and also rhythm.

I:  "Isa" - Ice - This rune represents challenges or frustration, psychological blocks to thought or activity, waiting for what is to come, or to seek clarity.

A:  "Ansuz" - The As, Ancestral God, i.e. Odin - This rune represents some kind of revealing message or insight, communication, signals, inspiration, enthusiasm, speech, true vision, power of words and naming, blessings, taking of advice, good health, harmony, truth, and wisdom.

D:  "Dagaz" - Day or Dawn - This rune represents a breakthrough, awakening, awareness, bright clarity, a time to embark on or plan an enterprise, the power of change directed by one's own will, transformation, hope/happiness, ideal things, security, certainty, growth, release, balance, and the place where opposite things meet.

M:  "Mannaz" - Man, Mankind - This rune represents the self, the individual, the human race, one's attitude toward others, their attitude in return, friends and enemies, social order, intelligence, forethought, creating, skill, ability, divine structure, intelligence, awareness, and expecting to receive aid/cooperation.

N:  "Nauthiz" - Need - This rune represents delays, restriction, resistance leading to strength, innovation, self-reliance, distress, confusion, conflict, will power to overcome obstacles, endurance, survival, determination, a time to exercise patience, recognizing one's fate, facing fears, and self-initiated change.

B:  "Berkano" - Berchta, the Birch-Goddess - This rune represents birth, fertility, mental, physical, and personal growth, liberation, regenerative power, light, spring, renewal, potential new beginnings, promise of new beginnings, growth, arousal of desire, love affairs,and prospering enterprises/adventures.

L:  "Laguz" - Water, or a Leek - This rune represents flow, water, sea, fertility, healing power, renewal, life energy, organic growth, imagination, psychic matters, dreams, fantasies, mysteries, the unknown, the hidden, the deep, the underworld, success in travel or acquisition, but the possibility of loss.

Y:  "Jera" - A Year, or a Good Harvest - This rune represents the realization of the results of earlier efforts, a time of peace and happiness, a fruitful season, breaking stagnancy, hopes and expectations of peace and prosperity, the promise of success earned, life cycle, cyclical pattern of the universe, and everything changing.

U:  "Uruz" - Auroch, a Wild Ox - This rune represents physical strength and speed, untamed potential, a time of great energy and health, freedom, energy, action, courage, tenacity, understanding, wisdom, sudden/unexpected changes, sexual desire, masculine potency, shaping or power and pattern, and formulation of the self.

H:  "Hagalaz" - Hail - This rune represents the wrath of nature, destructive, uncontrollable forces (especially weather or within the unconscious), tempering, testing, trial, controlled crisis, leading to completion, and inner harmony.

   The meaning of my first name, Gorria, roughly translates as someone who is balanced in the generous gifts they give and sacrifices they make which may involve them giving up something that they've inherited such as wealth or their home as the individual tends to travel a lot, and understands that there are things they can only gain after giving up something personal no matter how frustrating that may be.  Though, after these sacrifices, that person gains enlightenment and can come into their true power.

    This, to me, is somewhat fitting considering I had to completely give up everything I owned and leave the place where I grew up due to outside factors, and as a result I traveled quite a lot, seeing many different places spanning a few continents.  It was frustrating at times, and I admittedly still find the whole situation unpleasant.  My sacrifices have led me to this academy where I will continue to learn about and develop my inner powers.  I'll hopefully gain control of them and realize the purpose of my bonded sigils.

    The meaning of my middle name, Adamina, roughly translates as someone who has been shown how and/or discovered how to transform something and direct it by their own will as a sort of blessing bestowed upon them.  This transformation represents their true self, though they may keep this form inside of themselves, hidden, and wait until a situation presents itself where they will need to use it in order to overcome whatever obstacles they will face to ensure their survival and good health.

    This translation, too, has points of similarity in regards to my life.  I have another form, as many demons and some dragons do, though I rarely ever use it apart from leisurely flights at night and using it to better combat any threats I'm faced with.  This is my demon form.  I do happen to have another form, though, something much more difficult to get in touch with--my dragon form.  Who knows?  If this translation is to be believed, I may just have to wait for the right situation to present itself before I'm able to reach and utilize said form.
The meaning of my last name, Bloouhgada, translates to something along the lines of the birth of someone with great energy, powers, and/or imagination that aids them in spiritual and physical journeys while keeping them safe.  They have a great untamed potential that is equal to the wrath of nature itself, and this great power is a gift given to them that they may use for starting contracts with others through the power of words and names that inspire a sort of awakening within the gifted individual.

    Again, this could represent my being born with a greater power (my sigils and alternate forms) which I have only been able to use sparingly in the past to aid me after I was forced to leave my homeland to keep myself safe.  The powers of demons and dragons are said to be so great that they are even considered unmatched, and are often compared to natural disasters due to their strength and potency.  Like other demons, as I grow, I can earn or create a summoning sigil for myself that mortals and other creatures may use to summon me in the event that they would like to strike a deal or wreak a little havoc.  These summoning sigils could possibly link with the ones I was bonded with, and could unlock a greater power within myself--ultimate evil.

    Lastly, I thought it fitting to translate my preferred nickname, Bloody.  The runes translate my name as meaning someone who has been promised a new beginning along with healing renewal as they succeed in their travels, possibly inheriting something such as the right to a new home or the one they were born to.  They have the power to secure a place of safety there, banishing all opposing forces, and finally realizing the results of all of their earlier years of effort.

    This probably carries the most significant meaning to me, as this academy indeed provides me with a chance to live anew and provide me with a new "home," though I can always leave and return to the one where I was hatched after my studies have been completed and I will hopefully be able to use my strengthened demon powers to reclaim my hatching-place and make it safe again by ridding it of the chantry that plagues it.  Only then will I fully come to realize how much I've developed, how far I've come, and will know that the years leading up to my return have been well spent.

    If given the choice, I would either prefer for my identifying rune symbol to be Berkano or even my nickname spelled out fully.  It's simple enough and now carries a deep meaning for me, though Dagaz and Hagalaz, admittedly, are also rather appealing in their meaning.


    Bloody finished with her studying of the runes and their meanings, now possessing a new interest and respect for them.  Perhaps learning a new "alphabet" of sorts wasn't going to be as menial as she'd previously thought. . .


    A few weeks had passed since Bloody first looked into Elder Futhark's rune alphabet, and she'd gone back to look over the letters and their meanings several times since.  In fact, she'd taken to writing her name out in them at least twice daily on small shreds of paper in order to test her memory on their shapes and such.  She'd been progressing greatly in her studies, and was feeling more confident with the written language.  Good thing too, because professor Razik had stated that today they would be presenting the meanings of their runes to the rest of the class.

    Bloody glanced down at the solid, weighty object that she carried which was swathed in a swatch of red silk to keep it from dirtying on the way to class.  It was for her presentation.  Walking into class, she took her usual seat at the long table near Razik's desk and waited for class to begin, setting her journal and wrapped "gift" in front of her.

    She didn't wait long, though, since the class wasn't that big anyways, and he didn't have to spend much time getting everyone on track.  She even volunteered to go first.  Standing and taking her parcel to the front of the class, she stood straight, ears perked up as she stood attentively in front of them.  "For my presentation, I prepared myself by studying the letters and meanings of the runes in my full name, as well as my nickname."  She finished her short introduction and unwrapped what she'd been carrying with her to class that morning--a shining silver-like metal plaque, her name inscribed into the face of it, red rune circles painted meticulously on the background.  Might as well use extra credit opportunities to one's advantage, right?

    She placed the silk on the clothed table behind her and faced the students and professor again, holding the plaque for the others to see.  "My full name is Gorria Adamina Bloouhgada. . ."
LIN 102:  Introduction to Written Magic
January Assignment - Writing Your Name with Runes

Word Count:  1842


Bloody (c) Me
Razik, Assignments (c) Yekrutslover 
     January Assignments:  Magical Linguistics Assignments - January
OW (c) viralremix
Plaque Template (c)…
Rune Circle Brush (c) redheadstock 
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