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    Bloody held her flower of choice, a pink lily, between her clawed index finger and thumb, seemingly studying it with scrutinizing eyes.  The fuchsia plant's petals shimmered faintly in the sunlight as she turned it slowly in her hold and sat outside on the cold stone table where she had suggested the other members of her group meet.  As soon as the assignment had been given, she had a particular spell in mind--one that had stricken her as interesting during one of her many nightly reading sessions in her dorm.  It was a more complex spell, and she would likely only be able to cast the more basic aspects of it, but it would test her and would provide her with at least a little of experience with incantations, right?  That was all that mattered.

    She stopped twirling the flower in between her fingers and inhaled through her nose, her red eyes still focusing intensely on the plant as she gave a small, definite nod.  She was ready to begin.  She closed her eyes for a moment, still holding the flower in her fingers, and began to clear her mind, trying to only focus on the flower in her grasp.  An image of it took form in her mind, having studied it as closely as she had been doing it.  Picturing the flower, she began to summon and charge some inner power--an inner source of magic that most demons possessed--and let it charge.

    The energy that she felt rising within her slowly swelled, filling the edges of her mind with a faint, red haze that wafted and moved like smoke or blood in water.  The strange energy, the power she herself was still just barely grasping and unraveling with the aid of her classes and books, grew until she was able to picture a bright red cloud around the delicate lily.  It rolled and furled and lurked around the plant in an almost menacing manner while slowly closing in on it.

    The power began to become too much for her to hold in after another moment of concentration.  She had to use this energy now.  In one quick moment--a moment that would probably be startling to some others--Bloody's eyes flashed open, showing to be brighter red than before, and her slit pupils were so narrow they were almost hard to discern from her irises, which themselves were hard to discern from her scleras.  However, they didn't stay this way for long, and in the fraction of a second, her pupils had dilated, widening to briefly show the flashing of some kind of red rune mirrored in both her eyes.  During the same moment, her black skin lit up with countless confusing red swirls and lines all up and down her body, even glowing under her dark clothing before a smoky black energy burst around her, forming some kind of circular rune in the air before a red light lit up the area around the she-demon, causing anyone in the near proximity to go blind for a few seconds.

    A sort of hissing, crackling noise was heard, like a burst of flame, though there was no heat, and the light quickly died away as soon as it had appeared.  In its wake was Bloody, sitting calmly on the table as she had been during the whole process, though the flower in her hand . . . was considerably different.  The lively green stem and leaf had darkened to a near-black green, while the pink petals turned ashy gray, glowing red specks pulsing on their silky surfaces.  The sepals had turned black and curled wickedly underneath the flower's head.  But that wasn't all.  A strange red energy pulsed slowly from the flower, and its petals moved very, very slowly up and down as though by some unseen wind.  It almost looked . . . alive.  And it had a sinister vibe surrounding it.

    Bloody tipped her head a bit to the left, turning the flower in her hand, checking out the changes before giving a few nods.  "Alright, well . . . I did it."  She lowered the plant and looked to the other members in her group.  "I performed a sort of . . . imprinting spell in the sense that I have reflected my own nature and abilities in a physical form on this flower," she explained, holding it out for the others to look at it.

    She leaned back a little on the arm still propping her up from where she'd placed her hand on the table's surface behind her.  "You can all write down that I didn't have to rely much on emotion for this spell.  I simply focused my energy and let it build before transferring it to the lily."  She retracted her arm, bringing the flower closer to herself.  "And I wouldn't touch it quite yet if I were you.  The spell's intensity will fade eventually, and it'll just stay colored like this.  But until then, do yourselves a favor and don't go touching it, okay?  The last thing any of you want, I'm sure, is some kind of curse of the blood."

    She laid the flower down next to her--she'd give it to Razik later to keep--and picked up a small moleskin journal and pencil and cracked open the book, touching the lead to the page.  "Right, now . . . what can you all do?" she asked, her gaze lifting and moving slowly over the others, taking them in.


Razik - LIN 101
Flower Incantations

Artemis:  ?

Cathrine:  The witch has manifested a pair of antlers . . . on top of her own head . . . through use of a forest spirit spell.  They do not appear to be securely attached, though, and- oh.  One seems to have fallen off.  Alright.  Well, they are rather realistic and attractive in design, and she's even gone and adorned them with what appear to be dark violet roses and red ribbon.  Or, perhaps, it was that student from the other group.  Regardless, she quickly performed the spell and seemed very happy about it, which may or may not have played a part in the spell casting; she didn't say.

Charlie:  ?

Imogen:  ?
I just wanted to post this assignment, or, partial(?) assignment since the group rp is kind of halted at the moment and the deadline is creeping up on us.  So . . . Imma just throw this up and then complete Bloody's analysis of the other group members' projects as they submit their assignments.  Whenever the rp is completed, I'll upload it for my fellow members.  UuU


LIN 101:  Introduction to Spoken Magic
January Assignment - Flower-Related Incantations/Spells

Word Count:  1016


Bloody (c) Me
Razik, Assignments (c) Yekrutslover 
     January Assignments:  Magical Linguistics Assignments - January
Artemis (c) BluStarJellyfish 
Cathrine (c) MoeMoe-Momo 
Charlie (c) MysteryPrince 
Imogen (c) zstew2 
OW (c) viralremix
Rune Circle Brush (c) redheadstock 
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I've been typing my incantation up ;v; and I will try to get it to you as soon as possible!
I've been really busy this month, I'm sorry I haven't gotten a chance to RP with you all ;n;
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Sweet!  Can't wait to see it!
Understandable.  January is a very chaotic time of year, so don't sweat it.  UuU
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