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    Bloody watched her professor intently as she regained her seating behind the table, having brought back two different Hemosanguinite blood stones from his box.  This assignment was perhaps the most interesting to her in theory simply because of its ties with blood.  And now that she was seated and watching her teacher let his blood drop onto the smooth stone's surface, she felt her interest peaking even more.  The stone's reaction to his blood, what with all of the glowing and cloudy swirls just under the surface of the stone, fascinated her.  Watching it, her red eyes seemed to briefly flash.

    After the professor's demonstration, her gaze flitted down to her own stones.  She seemed rather excited by this project, though it wasn't exactly as though she were shaking with giddiness or smiling with glee.  Her eyes merely widened, and her expression was free of boredom or any traces of a smirk or a snark.  She picked up the cool rocks, holding them in the palms of her hand.  There was some kind of energy there that she hadn't noticed before.  Something within them seemed to be pulling minutely at the blood in her hands, for she felt a tingling sensation in her palms and thumb as she ran it over the surfaces.  She really wanted to start the blood-letting, though first she had to make her predictions on what the others' stones would turn out to look like.

    Blinking and glancing at the other two, she sat down the stones back on the table in front of her, a hint of disappointment showing in her eyes and the slight folding back of her ears as she lifted her pencil and journal.  Diverting her gaze from her classmates and instead looked down as she opened her journal and leafed through it to a fresh page.  Touching the pencil's eraser to her bottom lip, she turned her gaze to the first classmate--a skinwalker and fellow freshman.  His name was Charles if her memory served her correctly.  Actually, yes that was indeed it.  She was in a group with him in her spoken magic class.

    She took in his appearance, mostly focusing on the areas were his skin was most thin around his face and hands, looking for traces of blush or veins.  It was hard to say, but Bloody predicted that his blood stone would likely be a rich, nearly solid color with luxurious-looking clouds forming beneath the surface.  He seemed to be healthy and somewhat laid back, though there was a fierceness underlying his features that made her think that the redness of the stone would be a bit brighter.

    She looked down and penciled in her thoughts:

Razik - LIN 104
Hemosanguinite Experiment

    Charles' stone, if my predictions are correct, will likely be a rich, warm red with brighter smoky spots in the cloud pattern.  I imagine it moving slowly and leisurely as he has a calm demeanor, though the color will still appear quite splendorous as he has an animal-like fierceness in his gaze.

She read over her prediction and supporting observations quietly before looking up again to the other student, her sharp eyes studying her for a moment unblinkingly.  This one was a feline shifter. That much was evident from the ears and tail that she sometimes saw on the young woman.  She'd done a bit of reading on them recently, as a matter of fact, and was pretty sure that this girl had a higher than average blood lineage.  She seemed pretty confident in the way she moved and carried herself, and seemed pretty happy most of the time.

    Bloody lightly quirked a brow as she kept analyzing the girl's posture and movements before returning her gaze to her journal again, an arm crossed in front of her on the table as she wrote down her other predictions:

    The feline shifter, I believe her name to be Taka, or Tokei . . . Tokay?  Tokai?  Something along those lines . . . Takai!  Right, Takai.  I believe that Takai's blood stone will exhibit more quick-moving blood clouds than Charles' as she seems to be more energetic and upbeat than he.  I also imagine her as having a brighter red blood that almost bubbles inside the Hemosanguinite without appearing to boil as from heat.  I also imagine hers as having more small, tighter, rounder curling furls of blood in her stone.  I can't explain it- it's just a hunch.  It seems to match her personality.

Bloody leaned back in her chair, her writing hand still holding the pencil as she slung the other arm over the back of her chair and reread what she'd written once again before giving a single, satisfied nod, and placing the pencil down on the table.

    Closing her journal once more, she once again perked up slightly as she pushed her book and writing utensil away, giving her the space she'd need for her work.  Lifting up the stones, she first took the smaller of the two, holding it between her index finger and thumb, making a sort of "a-okay" sign with her left hand.  Once again the faint tingling entered her fingers.  Perhaps it was her blood nature that caused her to feel this energy, this connection, to the object in her hold?  Regardless of what it was, she was eager to bleed on it.

    Holding the stone carefully in her one hand, she brought her right hand to her mouth, her long fangs moving over the soft tissue of the skin at the base of her thumb behind its knuckle,  and pierced it easily with the smallest nip of her long fangs.  Retracting her hand, she turned it, angling her wrist to cause the blood droplets from the two new wounds to meet at a point on the side of her hand before growing heavy and dripping off, onto the small rock.  Two more droplets followed it, and for a second, the stone didn't do anything before it turned completely black.  Her brows went up a little, though, as after a few mere seconds a dark red murky clouding formed and almost began writhing underneath the stone's surface.  The movement was . . . enticing and almost hypnotic, though hard to study due to the stone's small size.

    Putting it down carefully, she looked to the other slightly larger one and gave her skin a slight squeeze, encouraging more blood to drip onto its surface.  This time the dark red swirls appeared just a bit slower than the last time--probably because it had a larger stone to occupy.  The swirling of the clouds was still just as hypnotic to watch as the dark crimson tendrils rolled and slipped around slowly under the surface.  Now that the stones had her blood, they didn't seem to tug as much at the liquid still in her veins.  They must have been satisfied.

    Taking a longer moment to just watch the stones she finally reached for her journal again, ready to record her results.  However, her hand froze as it grazed the journal's cover.  Razik had said that they would react differently to the owner's magical abilities.  So . . . what happened  if she held it more in her hand rather than just lightly between her fingers?

    Taking her hand back from the book, she once again reached for the rocks, this time scooping them into her hands and looking them over intently.  The dark swirls didn't really speed up, but a shadowy type of energy seemed to move around them now when met with more of her skin.  The black aura turned dark red after a moment and then grew brighter until it was just as red as her eyes before fading and then reappearing.  The pulsing red light of the stone was even more wonderful to watch, and she couldn't help but wonder what would happen if she took the experiment a bit further.

    Blinking twice, her look grew more serious as she concentrated on the rocks in her clutches, and with a slight glance to the others in the room, she checked to see that their attention wasn't on her--not that she was shy or trying to hide anything, the situation was just . . . almost intimate for her, as she was further delving into the properties of the stones in relation to her blood powers.

    Finding they were more or less involved with their own work, she looked back to the stones and focused her energy, allowing it to build within before the familiar, mysterious red marks flared up on her skin, the swirls spreading down her arms and up her neck to her face.  The surge of power flowing through her and becoming visible through her sigils had an almost immediate affect on the gems.  They suddenly flashed red, glowing brilliantly, almost burningly so if one were to stare straight at them for a prolonged duration of time.

    The sigils soon faded from her skin, though the two stones stayed glowing brightly moments after the surge had left her body.  Eventually, though, they t0o faded and resorted to pulsing slowly, the smoky, red tendrils undulating slowly within once more.

    The results were very, very interesting to her, and she quickly began writing down a recap of the experiment.

    The Hemosanguinite reacted very pleasingly in relation to my own blood after it had seeped through the stone.  At first, it seemed as though nothing would happen as the rocks both turned black upon contact, though shortly after dark red undulating clouds and tendrils formed and moved captivatingly beneath the smooth surfaces like bloody wafts of smoke or mist casting a red glow from utter darkness.  Not only that, but small points of red seem to appear before fading away only to be replaced once more by other flecks of crimson--like a galaxy of dark red stars.  The energy I'd previously felt tingling and tugging at the blood under my skin lessened considerably as though they were satisfied with the blood I'd given them.

    I also find it worthy of noting that with different amounts of contact with my skin, the stones glowed differently.  With just the touch of my fingertips, they don't glow too much and remain rather static aside from the movement inside.  When holding them more in my palms, they began to pulsate slowly, turning, well, blood-red.  However, when exposed to my blood demon energy, they turned bright red and stayed glowing brightly.  The light eventually faded back to their usual pulsing after the flow of energy ebbed.

    I find it hard to say exactly how the reaction made me feel, though I can honestly say that I felt a strong connection to the stones and will be keeping them in good condition from now on.  Perhaps I'll carry one with me?

Bloody let her hand rest again after writing, and looked back to the stones, placing her chin in her left hand, elbow propped on the table.  They still had that alluring snaking motion under their hard exteriors.  Lightly bobbing her pencil between her pointer and middle finger she eventually scratched down the names of the other two students in order to record her observations of their own stones whenever they performed the experiment as well.


Takai:  The feline shifter's stone more or less matched with what I had predicted--color-wise, blood movment, etc.  What I hadn't predicted, though, was the formation of a heart in the pattern of the blood's movement.  Judging from the strength in the formed image and her expression (and . . . her purring), she's either very pleased with her work or even with being
here.  I guess I can't say much about that, though.  I enjoy being here as well.
LIN 104:  Introduction to Blood Magic
January Assignment - Hemosanguinite Experiment

Word Count:  1941


Bloody (c) Me
Razik, Assignments (c) Yekrutslover 
     January Assignments:  Magical Linguistics Assignments - January
Charlie (c) MysteryPrince 
Takai (c) Takai-Yubikiri 
OW (c) viralremix
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