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INFIRMIS by SavannaEGoth INFIRMIS by SavannaEGoth
EDIT:  I FUCKING HATE EVERYTHING I WROTE IN THIS PIECE.  I'M SCRAPPING HER ENTIRE HISTORY.  Sorry, Moina.  I just really need to take a second stab at things. . .

They labeled her.  They tested her, watched her, analyzed her.  Her blood ran through clear, plastic tubes.  They sure took a lot.  They said they needed it to know things about her, things . . . her body was hiding?  She didn't quite understand it, nor did she understand why they shoved foul-tasting liquids and bitter pills down her throat.  "To make her better."  Better?  It made her sick.  She felt weaker medicated, more slow and heavy.  Fragile and cold.  Tired.  Just . . . there . . . and yet absent.  She was "infirmis"--unwell.

That didn't last.

Did they really think that her mind had slipped enough for them to lower their guard?  Did they think she'd forgotten what it was like before?  To feel strong?  To feel alert?  To feel alive?  Because she hadn't, and she wasn't about to give up on feeling that way again.  They soon found out . . . her determination.

A new environment, a new life.  She was different, and the same.  She was free, and hunted.  The remaining knew of her escape, what lengths she went to to get away.  They said they had to find her.  She didn't want to be found.  She decided to blend in, became lost in the crowd.  She kept her head down, never smiled, never spoke.  But she was not unhappy.  She was finally living her life free of their desires.  She wasn't merely exisitng.  They weren't going to get her back . . . not if she could help it.

Things would be fine now.  She just had to stay alert.  She had to watch, listen.  She had to stay on guard.  She had to be prepared . . . just in case.  They did end up finding her a few times, tracking her down based on locals' word of mouth.  She was always ready.  Odd that they never expected to find her looking so . . . normal, so . . . bland.  She seemed harmless on the outside--stoic and simple, not drawing attention to herself or making any moves that would warrant alarm.  Odd, though, that they were always so startled when she smiled.  Perhaps they thought it innapropriate, or out-of-character.  Perhaps it was because of the confidence or mania that accompanied it.  Her smile was a dangerous thing.  When the corner of her lips curled and her big eyes grew bigger it became as apparent as the harsh, winking gleam of the cold metal knife in her hand.  She smiled because she amused.  They thought they could take her.  She smiled because she knew they couldn't.  She never gave them the chance.

Yes, she was
infirmis, but not in the way they'd originally thought.


So . . . a few of you might recognize my adopted doe character I got from here:  *PRICE REDUCED AGAIN* adoptables (CLOSED)  I drew her awhile ago in this sketchdump here:  Adopted Characters Sketchdump

I honestly don't know why this took so long to upload.  I mean, I lined this and and colored it a long time ago.  I guess that between work, school, and trying to share a computer with my boyfriend and his family I just kind of lost the drive to touch this.  But I got it done finally and uploaded it and . . . yeah.  I used to liike the look of this way more, but now I see a bunch of mistakes and wish I could have done the hair a little differently.  Also, I've been debating on whether or not I should use black outlines or colored outlines in my art like I normally do.  I think black outlines are better for shading . . . but I don't know.  I guess just tell me what you guys think?  You may see a lot more dark outling from me in the future.  *Glances at pieces I still have to upload*  I mean . .  actually that's a guarantee.  You definitely will be seeing more of just that.  Sorry.  Or not sorry.  I don't know yet.


Character, Art (c) Me
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