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Halloween OC - Pumpkin Spice by SavannaEGoth Halloween OC - Pumpkin Spice by SavannaEGoth
I've been fucking dead and am desperately trying to cling to this artistic mood of mine that reared its head out of God knows where the fuck- so here's an OC I've been toying with in my mind for . . . weeks?  Months?  Couldn't think of a name for her, so Pumpkin Spice it is.  Tis the season or some bullshit.  Fight me.


Name:  Pumpkin "Spicy" Spice
Gender:  Female
Age:  25 (as of this upload)
Birthday:  October 1st
Zodiac:  Libra
Height:  6'6"
Species:  Spider Monster / Halloween Holiday Avatar
Orientation:  Heterosexual
Relationship Status:  Single . . . probably recently

 - Pumpkin spice
 - Juicy foods
 - Cooler weather
 - Modeling
 - Photography
 - Scarves, stockings, spidernets, etc.
 - Creepy crawlies
 - Nights on the town
 - Halloween & halloween parties
 - Socializing
 - Turning heads wherever she goes
 - Attention

 - Very hot weather
 - Dry, brittle foods
 - Fish
 - Lacking things to do
 - Shady-ass bitches
 - Cheaters, infidelity
 - Strangers fucking touching her shit and/or person

Goals:  To become a professional model, produce successful clothing or makeup lines, open a year-round Halloween-themed club, travel the world, and find a loyal parnter.

Personality:  Confident, dramatic, motivated, positive, and bold.  She's a strong spider, and isn't about to be taken advantage of or mistreated.  She strives for success and and excitement.  She's hardworking and charismatic, easily drawing others in with her aura and the way she carries herself.  She has been criticized by some as being a narcissist, however, as she's very concerned with keeping up appearances and having others' attention.

History:  Pumpkin Spice, or "Spicy" for short, was always a bit of a dramatic arachnid in her youth, and as the spideress grew she only became moreso.  Spicy was never satisfied with an average life, and craved excitement, interaction, and the limelight.  Having come from a very large family, however, never helped her to stand out much in the home, nor did it do any wonders for her reputation among her sleepy little village.  No, Spicy realized that if she ever wanted to make it big, become somebody, she'd have to leave her boring little spider haven and begin traveling to the larger holiday cities.  She was determined to show the big city holiday avatars that she wasn't some ten-a-penny spiderling, and immediately began fighting her way to the top in various small-time modeling agencies.

Her work began to get her noticed by other holiday avatars who would quite easily became drawn in by the spideress' personality, looks, and boundless charisma.  She gained more professional contacts and began to consider the possibility of diversifying her skillset by dabbling in the aroma and clothing industries as well as business management.  She suddenly had dreams of opening her own Halloween club in New Year City, of creating daring apparel from spiderwebs, and producing lots of tantalyzing perfumes and colognes in the Halloween spirit.  Her big dreams and thirst for achievement and stardom began to attract more than just professional relationships, however, and soon she found herself surrounded with friends from all walks of life.  Unfortunately for her, just because someone is a good friend does not always mean they make a good significant other, and she quickly found that keeping a loyal mate in a relationship was something that was much easier in the movies.  She'd been cheated on numerous times, and each time her partners always ended up vanishing, gaining Spicy another darker nickname--"Widow Spice."  She doesn't seem to mind the whispered nickname, though, and continues to dream of finding true love while making the deliberate choice of keeping her friendships and lovelife very, very separate.

Currently she lives in New Year City, the largest city in the holiday realm, and is steadily rising to fame in her career.

 - Actually fucking loves pumpkin spice foods, drinks, and scents with a burning passion, and will physically assault anyone who criticizes her for it.  FighT hER.
 - Her fangs are actually seen as being very attractive in the Halloween avatar community, which contributes greatly to her continued growth in the modeling world.
 - People moving on too quickly to Thanksgiving and Christmas from Halloween festivities irks her.  Long live the spooky times.
 - Has had about three ex-fiances at this point.  The whereabouts of her former partners have yet to be determined.
 - She has paws.  Spiders have paws.  Did you know spiders have paws?  They do.  She has them.  Lil paw feetsies.  Bappie tappies.

Theme Song(s):…………

Voice Claim:  ?????


Pumpkin Spice (c) Me
:icondonotuseplz::iconmyartplz: - ASK me if you want to draw them.  I reserve the right to say no, butiprollywon't.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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IllusionsMaster64 Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2017
Nothing like spiders to kick off the season with style XD

Also...spider PAWS?! well dang I know how to draw my spliders from here on then 
SavannaEGoth Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist

Mhmm!  It's one of my favorite discoveries ever.  Lil bitty paws.  Two tiny toes and fierce lil grabby claws.
IllusionsMaster64 Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2017
X3 that scientific fact literally makes me like spiders more
SavannaEGoth Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
IllusionsMaster64 Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2017
heck yeah
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