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Decapitures CS - Traits by SavannaEGoth Decapitures CS - Traits by SavannaEGoth
Ugh.  I have a big day tomorrow, and yet here I am doing homework and art in the ungodly hours of the AM before I have to try to sleep before I go to work. . .  YUP.  I'M GOING TO WORK.  I FINALLY GOT A JOB.  FIRST DAY IS IN ABOUT FIVE HOURS.  WOWIE.


Here is the long-overdue species trait sheet for my lovely Decapiture babies whom I think I introduced last year?  I honestly don't remember and I'm too lazy to look at the submission date of my first decapiture adopt sheet.  Anywho, I seriously revamped their traits and categorized them according to different rarity levels I thought of as fitting.

Quick note before I go into more detail on the traits:  these are a CLOSED species and as such you CANNOT make your own unless I hold an event.  I'll be making more adopts of them sometime, but I wanted to get this sheet uploaded while I work on other things.

The info may be a work-in-progress.


--|-|--SPECIES INFO--|-|--

    They aren't terribly social creatures, and rarely spend time even with one another, much less anything else.  If they do travel in a family unit or take a mate, then they usually only travel in groups of two or three.  "Mating" pairs combine their energies in the dark woodlands these creatures call home in order to produce offspring.  It's sort of like mixing auras with intense focus and purpose.  They cannot produce offspring if both partners aren't willing.  The children produced simply "appear" somewhere in close proximity to their parents and from there either meet up with their littermates (litters consist of three to four decapitures max, and can be smaller) or go off on their own.  They grow to fullsize within three years of age.

    As was hinted at before, other animals don't get along well with these beings.  They become distressed around the decapitures, and either run or attack them on sight.  As a result, these creatures  have to fight often to defend themselves against other predators or scavengers.  That isn't to say that they're unfriendly, though.  They're actually pretty calm.  They rarely, if ever, start fights with other creatures purposefully, and don't feel much need to spar with others of their own species unless one has claimed a den or thicket for its shelter.

    They don't have a terribly high amount of energy, and are usually able to get all exercise they want or need from simply walking around for a few hours a day.  These creatures like to wander at a steady pace, though, so they may explore their forest for almost twelve to twenty hours at a time before bedding down.  They are neither day nor night dwelling exclusively--it's more a personal preference on when they choose to wake or sleep.

    They spend their time learning about their surroundings and the behaviors of other creatures while staying as undetected as they can manage.  They avoid human settlements and roadways, instead staying deep in the wilderness.  Humans seem to be the sole things they are actively aggressive towards.  Attempting to befriend or tame one would be near impossible.

    Decapitures are supernatural creatures with wedge-shaped heads, large eyes, and heads floating above their bodies.  The eyes are odd in the fact that the irises, and even the pupils to some extent, stretch and shrink according to how wide the eyes are held open.  The wider the are, the more stretched the irises are.  The more lidded the eye, the rounder the iris.  If the animal squints, the iris shrinks vertically.

    The heads do not move around very much, and seem to be very stable as they float above their bodies.  They only begin to bob up and down more when the being becomes upset and/or agitated.  They very rarely ever have lower jaws, and obviously they have no necks.  They do not require food to survive.  The fangs that they do have aren't used for much other than defense as they contain some venom.

    They have very thin upper arms, and their lower arms thicken before ending in two fingers.  These fingers have large claws that are incapable of retracting.  Their legs, on the other hand, are much more muscular and have three toes, again with nonretractable claws, and dew toes.  Right around the hip their pelvis bones stick out sharply at the tops of their upper legs.  They're actually surprisingly fast and can jump very high, always landing on their feet.  The way their legs are structured allow them to absorb a lot of shock when they land.

    They are very skinny beings for the most part, and their chests often show their ribs and the bones beneath.  They have no genitals, and are incapable of breeding sexually.  That is not to say that they cannot "breed."  Their tails are very thin and whip-like, and they usually keep them curled.  When curled, they more easily show the spikes that grow along the undersides of their tails.  They can hold their tails straight, though, it simply just folds the spines flat against the tail.  They're used for defense, and contain a venom.

    Their ears closely resemble those of canines, felins, and lapines.  It's most common for decapitures to have folded or floppy ears.  This is due to the very thick masses of cartilage in the bases of their ears that prevent them from being held up.  Instead, their ears are mostly immobile and aren't used for emoting.  They barely even flick them when they detect sound.  The most common position for the ears is to be held back behind the head.  It is also most common for them to end in points.  Larger, rounder ears are more uncommon, as are floppier ears.  Longer ears that taper off into thin whisps of skin and fur are rare, as are ears that fall in front of their faces--this mutation limits their range of vision.  It is very rare for them to have four ears, but it's not unheard of.  It is extremely, extremely rare for them to have ears that stand upright, and is therefore considered an epic trait.  Another very, very, very rare mutation is the tendency for ears to grow feathers rather than fur.  These ears can't quite stand up, but don't have to stay folded or down all of the time.

    Male eyes don't have long lashes, while female eyes do.  Again, the more lidded the eye, the less stretched out the iris and pupil become.  It's actually more normal for them to keep their eyes relaxed and therefore their irises and pupils circular.  It's most common for their eyes to have either small or medium, round pupils.  It's more uncommon for the pupils to be slits or goat/frog-like.  It's rare for the pupils to be very large--so large that the iris appears to be no more than a halo of color around them.  It's also rare for their to be no visible pupil at all.  It's very rare for the pupils to form crosses or x's.  It's extremely rare for them to have multiple pupils in the eye--if this is the case then they lack an iris.  Their scleras are black and the irises can be any color, even two-toned.  The irises have also been known to show different colors in each eye.

    It's common for them to have six visible fangs increasing in size.  It's uncommon, though not unheard of, for them to have longer canine fangs.  It's rare for them to have tusk-like teeth in place of canines.  It's extremely rare for them to have lower jaws, and in the event that they do they just float underneath the head unconnected.  They only have two fangs on their lower jaws, and the tongues are similar to those of snakes, though they aren't forked.

    It's pretty common for them to have either smooth-furred heads or small tufts of fur on the top of their heads.  It's much more rare for them to have longer hair-like fur that comes over the front of their faces.  The fur on their cheeks can either be smooth, slightly tufted and curled down, or sticking straight out.  They do not have long fur on their faces.

    It's common for them to have a range of chest fur variants.  They can have no tufts, small tufts coming down from their collar bones, or larger tufts that cover most of the chest.  It's rare for them to have mane-like coverage of fur on the front of their chest as well as on their back.

    They can have pretty much any kind of coloring or marking you can think of.  It's common for them to have either solid-colored fur or normal animal markings such as stripes, spots, brindling, patches, etc.  They can even have a combination of real animal markings!  These can come in any color.  It's also common for them to have scars or bite marks.  For creatures who do not rely on hunting, they do find themselves under attack by many other animals who feel threatened by their presence.  They can also be free of scars and scratches.

    A rarer trait of theirs in the tendency to leak their tar-like venom from various openings in their bodies.  The venom can trickle out of their ears, eyes, and venom sack openings on the sides of their arms and the underside of their tails.  Surprisingly, they hardly ever leak venom out of the roof of their mouth if they do exhibit venom-leak.

    It's very rare for them to have stitching and zombie-esque surgery stitching.  If they do display stitching, then they may be made up of different types of fur patterning from one stitched-on fur patch to the next.  It's also very rare for them to have unnatural patterns and tattoo-like designs.  These can be pretty much anything--random shapes, skeletal prints, tribal markings, spindly designs, etc.


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GiantPurpleCat Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2016  Hobbyist Filmographer
Hmm, what an interesting species. :meow: I'll keep an eye out when you make some available for adoption.

Other than that, good luck on your job! :D :w00t:
SavannaEGoth Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Haha, thanks!  I still have two open for adoption on an old sheet in my adoptions folder.

Thanks!  My first day went really well.  I go to work again in about four hours or so.
Saturn-Gaming Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm so happy for you! Hopefully things can start pulling themselves together for you again, you deserve as much ^_^
Also these "decapitures" are awesome! I love the floating heads and detail to their anatomy!
If I were to pet their head, would it bob up and down? If so that would be the coolest~!
SavannaEGoth Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks!  Hopefully so.  I don't have fulltime hours, though, so I'll still need to partially rely on art to make ends meet.  That . . . and the school fucked me over again by sending yellow slip saying if I don't pay they'll prevent me from registering again.  I had to leave another message with them.  :/

Thanks!  They're my children.  <3  I kept their anatomy very similar to how I had it in the original upload I had with them.
Yeah, sort of.  If you push down on it enough it'll sink, and kind of float back up or bob a little when you take your hand away.
Saturn-Gaming Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sorry about the late response, and sorry to hear that they did that... they really don't like their students do they? x.x
Any updates on the situation? I've had kind of an awkward week, so I've been out of the loop on a lot of things.
My artwork has been slacking for the past week as well...

That's totally sweet! I want a real one... just for the head bobbing feature... well and the fact that they're adorable as all hell...

I had an idea once for a spiritual creature: It had disembodied limbs that were tethered to the torso by its soul, rather than by bones. It was an interesting concept... and I thoroughly enjoyed the game "Rayman" as a kid, which might have been some inspiration xD
SavannaEGoth Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
It's okay, friend!!  Yeah . . . but I managed to get another scholarship reward so that covers everything.  It's amazing what happens when you threaten to sue someone.
I know the feel. . .  I've had a ton of weighty assignments lately, and I've obviously been going to work so that takes up a little more time.  :'D  I finished and passed my stats class, and it's midterms for geology.  Surprisingly, calculus is my lightest content course at the moment.  I'm okay with this.  I have a few animations due for some MAPs that I'm working on while I have the weekend off.  I think they'll turn out awesome!

Haha, same!!  If only. . .

I've seen a little bit of Rayman.  I think that'd be a super cool idea!  I honestly love floating limbs and I think there aren't enough creatures out there with that trait.  It's something I'd definitely love to see more of.  ((That's why I'm a sucker for a lot of steel and/or ghost-type pokemon anthros.  Sometimes people give them floaty limbs and it looks hella cool.))
hyperdriive Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2016  Student General Artist
good luck on your first day, beb!
SavannaEGoth Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you, sweetie!  It went very well!  UuUc  I go to work again in about four hours.  quq
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