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Cheyenne Comic Con Year 2 Photodump by SavannaEGoth Cheyenne Comic Con Year 2 Photodump by SavannaEGoth
I finally sat down and compiled a bunch of the pictures I took, leaving out what were mostly close-ups on my loot and other pics I took with my friends outside the convention.  I'm sorry I didn't post any pics of the first convention--I didn't really take that many since I was with my ex and we were just kind of doing our own thing and talking to people the whole time.  This time, I went by myself two days and met up with friends on the second day of the event, so I had more time to talk to artists and meet people and take pictures with cosplayers.  I'm just ripping the descriptions from my FB posts, so yeah.  Enjoy!  Sorry that this took so long- OTL



Here was my first day at Cheyenne Comic Con. I got to meet a ton of people! I mean, I was nervous beforehand because I was going alone....into costume. Then when I got there people were super friendly! I took pictures with people and I had people recognize my cosplay! I startled/unsettled a ton of people and they loved it. I met new artists and authors, got to talk to the 501st again and an army recruiter (those guys were super friendly. They deserve more traffic!) I even ran into a few familiar faces! I had to talk to people through silent text also, due to my mask. It worked well for Sal's character/personality, though. I'm already looking forward to tomorrow!


((That fullbody pic of me at the bottom of the images taken for the first day was the one the FB page mods took of me while I was browsing some figurines.  It was so cool to see I'd made it on the FB page!  I'm still super happy about it.  XD))



I got to spend the day with a group of friends! Sorry to the people I didn't get to see today! QuQ

I also didn't take the walk through video like I had been planning, since I thought I'd run out of time. Maybe tomorrow? Anywho, I got to see more Kylo Rens today, (three more to be exact), and took a picture with the one at the 501st! (Shout out to the Mercs for talking to me again today about joining! XD) I had the dumbest look on my face because I was so excited. I also got to see more elaborate cosplays today, and went to Chic Fil A dressed as an yeah. XD Had a fun time meeting people once more. Looking forward to tomorrow! (And now I finally have my own Dovahkiin helmet so there's that.)

((I spent a few hours the night before drawing on some of my friend's tattoos for his Deadmau5 cosplay. I was super proud of the Cthulu considering I only used one stick of eyeliner and some colored eye shadow to draw it on.  Then I made some small arm tats and the two neck tattoos.  I've got a video of eveything . . . but I don't know if I'll show it on DA raw.  I might edit some video and post it in there . . . maybe.  Not in the near future, though.))



I finally got to cosplay as the bae. B) Some of the storm trooper cosplayers nodded to me and saluted. It made me so happy. XD

Today was my shortest day spent there, but I still had fun! I got to meet up again with some of the artists I'd talked to/made friends with over the last two days, of course I stopped by the Mercs and 501st's place once again to ask more questions and meet another member (can't wait to meet up again! :,D) and I got to briefly talk to Billy Dee Williams, so that was nice. Had more people take pictures with me and I was even flagged down by Umbrella Corps, and was escorted to their shack. That was pretty cool. I'll be happy to go again next year! (Plus, can I point out how funny it is to me that as an assassin I scared more small children than as Kylo Ren?)

(No walkthrough video after all. It's kind of iffy with the celebrity panel being there and trying to operate a camera with Kylo gloves is no easy feat.)

Afterwards I met up with mom really quick to give her her loot before we meet up again after my shift tonight. All in all, this has been an exciting three days. Hope to see more of you at the next one!


Stay tuned for a mini journal about that news I was going to share with you guys-

JericiEiliel Featured By Owner Edited May 28, 2017
[Recently I've been watching Vikings a fair bit and I'm slightly drowsy so I kept seeing you as Lagertha when I saw your face, also really great cosplay <>]
SavannaEGoth Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
((Lagertha?  Never . . . heard of them, but thank you!  I'll take it as a compliment!))

*Tackles you*  <><><><><>
JericiEiliel Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2017
[Shes a lovely shield maiden from Vikings; actress' name is Katheryn Winnick]

*he catches her and smiles* ^,|.|,^ <><><><><>
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