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Cancer (MAP) by SavannaEGoth Cancer (MAP) by SavannaEGoth
I got a thing done.  YEsssssss.  Now I have more things to do.  Ooo-kAAAY!  :iconcatbugplz:

My Part:…
Complete MAP:  TO BE ADDED

Basically, Raemus is venting to himself about how he might not survive or be enough to keep Niko safe in the wasteland.  Part of him worries he'll fail them and Niko could get hurt if something happens to him that might prevent him from going to see the Porygon.  As I explained in the video's description, I really didn't take a long time to put this together when I actually sat down to work on it.  I just had to deal with wifi issues and college shit and . . . my emotional well being.  Sorry for worrying you guys when I vanished again!  I'm trying to get more content up on my channel--I've got MAPs to finish, donation reciprocations/gift to make, and other business to attend to, so yaaa.  I'mtryingtobeactiveagain,Iswear.

I stayed up all night to just get it uploaded and done this morning.  I was tired of the process dragging on thanks to one thing or another and just fuckin' sat down the night before work and got shit accomplished.


Raemus, Art (c) Me
Niko (c) Boo-Ghosty 
Pokemon (c) Gamefreak / Nintendo
Poke-Apocalypse (c) KrayaSama
Music (c) Twenty One Pilots
    Song:  "Cancer" cover (original by My Chemical Romance)
MAP host: kryptisch 
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November 30, 2016
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