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Cade Englichaud and Essy Glider (Art Trade) by SavannaEGoth Cade Englichaud and Essy Glider (Art Trade) by SavannaEGoth
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I'm back with some more art, nerds.  <3  Where did this sudden art skill come from?  Like, is it just me or does this look way better than what I've been uploading lately?
I had this done like, two or three days ago, but have been holding off on uploading for trade schedule reasons.  B)  Yeye.

I've been gone for a few days to figure out how I'm going to make some more income, making art with other people all the while.  For example, one of my FB friends and I took an online quiz a long time ago (I've got a poll about this here:… ) and we were placed into the kids' families from HS.  I was put into the Strider family, and Cody was put into the Harley/English family.  We decided to mash our HS-selves with the kids from the families.  For example, Cody's canon mashup self is "Cade Englichaud" (not giving his real last name, but you get the idea) and his associated color is green with some purple mixed in.  I kept his glasses and hair almost the same, just made it a little more curly.  He likes scythes, also, so . . . I did my best?  I kind of suck at designing weapons, have mercy-  His symbol is an eight-armed spiral galaxy with an eye in the middle.

On the right is . . . well me, obviously.  Just used my nickname "Essy" and added "Glider" as the last name as a sort of combination of my legal last name with Strider, and also to sort of represent my affinity for flight.  I decided to go with a celtic weapon theme, using a celtic sword covered in tribal designs and finished off with a dragon-and-human skull hilt.  Cody made the suggestion to add on a pen to the hilt to represent my love for art while also referencing the Pendragon series.  He also jokingly called it a "legendary can opener," implying that it wouldn't actually be good for fighting.  I added myself that as a plot twist the hilt would be stronger than the blade, as the pen is mightier than the sword.  Heh.  I adored the idea and went with it.  My outfit is a combination of my normal HS aesthetic and the Striders', and I've thrown in my beanie and sunglasses for good measure.  With my hair, the back is cut short and dyed black, the bangs are still red (though are shown as gray, per typical HS style), and they fade to bleached white.  My symbol is my normal symbol with the addition of glasses and headphones.

The designs are likely to change once Cody and I exchange our pieces and we decide what elements we want to keep for our designs.

FRIENDLY NOTE:  No, guys, we aren't seriously inserting ourselves into the HS canon families or even the canon universe.  We're just having fun with something that excited and interested us both.  This is literally just for fun though you're likely to see more art of them in the future, heyoooooo.


Their part:  To be added


Art, Essy Glider (c) Me
Cade Englichaud (c) Dreadlum 
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March 14, 2017
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