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BwT | Mojo Application by SavannaEGoth BwT | Mojo Application by SavannaEGoth
GUESS WHO'S BACK, NERDS?  Tinycorn's here to wreck shit- er . . . learn.  B)



"Hey, punks!  Get ready for this shit-"


Name:  "Mojo" Kaosu Aku
Nicknames:  Chihuahua 2.0, Mojo-Jojo, Unicorn Bitch, Moji-Joji, Tinycorn, Mom
Age:  18 (as of upload)
Date of Birth:  July 13th
Zodiac:  Cancer
Height:  3'10"
Species:  Corrupted Unicorn
Orientation:  Heterosexual (?)
Relationship Status:  Single


Term:  0

Points:  0

  • Basic shape-shifting into her unicorn form (and other simple forms for short periods of time)
  • Her corruption has altered her magic, making it harmful and even deadly to others, and now instead of healing and purifying, it decays and poisons other things
  • Is able to understand some things that other creatures are feeling/thinking
  • Can literally smell fear or discomfort on others, though she falsely claims she can also smell anger and irritation
  • Like other unicorns, she can tell when someone is a virgin (because that's useful...)
  • Is incredibly annoying and loud
  • She can manipulate shadow tendrils
  • Can make sucky, unflattering voodoo dolls of others
  • Naturally resists medium and lesser hexes and curses

  • Socializing - She really likes being around others, no matter her intentions.  She's a whacked little sadistic social butterfly.
  • Messing/toying with others - This ties in with her being social.  She gets so much pleasure from messing with other people.  Their terror insights laughter.  Their anger fuels her fire.  She's not a very good person.
  • Instilling fear/paranoia - This, again, ties in with the last bullet.  Mojo finds it to be extremely entertaining to scare others.  Seeing them jump, fall down, or drop things sends her into a giggly tizzy.
  • Voicing her opinion loudly - She has a lot to say, whether or not others care or even want to hear it.
  • Talking . . . a lot - Ties in with the last point.  Mojo hardly shuts up and tends to go on a lot of tangents when blabbering about this or that.
  • BLOODY - Bloody is her best friend ever since they first met in the haven where Bloody was telling other magical and dark creatures about the academy she was attending.  She's also possibly the coolest person she's ever met and as a result she's always seeking her out in a crowd.  To say she gets jealous of others who spend time with the she-demon is an understatement.
  • Eating meat - After her corruption, her strictly vegetarian diet turned to that of a carnivore.
  • Jokes - Jokes are amazing, so why does no one laugh at hers?
  • Animals - Mojo discovered a love for animals at her last academy, and the passion has stuck with her, causing her to spend a lot of time with them or occasionally abduct adopt them and bring them back to wherever she's staying at the time.
  • KICHI - Angel is special to tinycorn.  Angel is kind and friendly and warm and  tinycorn likes clinging to him and being picked up by him and just getting to see him in general.

  • Being ignored - Don't pretend she's not there.  She knows she IS there and it'll drive her crazy to the point where you might be attacked as she proves her existence.
  • Being avoided - She doesn't like others purposefully going out of their way to avoid her.  She just wants some company, come on!
  • Having her hair or tail pulled on or being lifted by them - It hurts having one's hair pulled.  Duh.  Plus, it isn't fun to be manhandled when you're as small as she is. 
  • Eating seafood - Fish are adorable and amazing and how could you possibly eat them you horrible person?
  • Being called a horse or pony She's obviously a unicorn, and is therefore better than a horse and/or pony.
  • Being alone for too long - The loneliness does things to her . . . bad things . . . mostly to her mind.  She craves attention and company as she is an extremely social creature.  Granted, she isn't always the most friendly person in the world, but at least she means well . . . except she doesn't.
  • Studying too much or too long - It feels like it rots her mind.  Reading is so boring.  Why would she care about all the different kinds of plants that grow in shadows along with their properties and when you do or don't use shadow tendrils?
  • Being called a mime . . . clown . . . jester . . . etc. - This will make her want to hurt you.
  • Most sexual things - Because ew, gross.
  • Anyone trying to see under her bangs - For Mojo, her new appearance wasn't entirely as appreciated as her new powers and abilities.  She doesn't like what the curse did to her face and is somewhat sensitive about the state of her horn.  As a result, she doesn't like showing anyone her face.  It makes her feel like a monster.  She thinks that someone's actions and attitude shouldn't depend on their appearance, and if she only relied upon her appearance, then she fears that everyone would leave her alone.  Hiding herself away makes things more interesting, as she's still unnerving, but is feared for different reasons, not because she looks scary.

  • Monophobia - The fear of being alone.
  • Autophobia - The fear of isolation.
  • Athazagoraphobia - The fear of being forgotten about.

Personality:  Mojo is an annoying, high-energy, childish, obnoxious, painfully loud sass-pot.  She often pushes others out of their comfort zones with her antics and words and will, on occasion, do so on purpose just to see the reaction that she gets.  She's always moving or grinning or sayingsomething because if she stops for even one moment she gets restless.  Any prolonged calm from her can driver her mental.  She really just likes having a fun time, even at others' expenses, and doesn't stop to think over any of the consequences.  The things she says can catch others off guard or even offend or terrify, but that only means more fun for her.  

History:  Mojo started life out as a simple, fun-loving child among her mother, father, and two sisters.  Though her mother originally hailed from Finland, the family lived in Japan where they would roam seasonally between different woodlands and valleys in Japan to avoid detection from humans.  She and her two sisters played their early days away while under their parents' protective gazes.
    However, as they were making their easy rounds one day, they came across a copse that had been ruined by humans.  The trees were cut, the plants and flowers dry and wilted, the soil arid, and nothing living in the entire area.  Aside from the men responsible.  The girls' parents became instantly enraged and charged the men, attempting to protect more of the land, and avenge what was unjustly lost.  The skirmish didn't last long, and didn't end too well, and Mojo's father was slain in the fight.  The men responsible were instantly afflicted and cursed after killing a pure creature, but the spilled blood of her father also affected Mojo.
    It changed her right then and there.  The blood began to bubble on her face, opening up dark holes in her face that split open further to reveal new eyes blinking open from beneath her skin.  Her nails turned to claws, her teeth became sharp, and her hair turned black as the corruption slowly took hold.  Her mother moved them away from the area, keeping special watch over Mojo, but her daughter's increasingly violent, disturbing behavior and mannerisms soon became too much to handle, and her mother eventually made the hard decision to cast her out, disowning her.
    Mojo was forced to raise herself on the outskirts of different human settlements, her increasing preying instincts leading her to eating meat . . . whether that be wild animals, pets, or even, on occasion, an extremely unlucky individual.  Her restless also started to grow, and she felt the need to get away from her home, and instead turned to stowing away on ships until she arrived in a new land.  She spent time looking around and terrorizing the animals there and eventually settled in a haven for creatures seeking refuge from mankind.
    It was there that she one day discovered a new visitor--Bloody.  The she-demon had drawn a small crowd, and was giving very vague descriptions of a mysterious place full of darkness, magic, and myth.  Mojo instantly wanted to go, her interest peaked by the whispers and the look of the demon in front of her.  She opted to go with Bloody when she returned to the school from the haven, and now that she's arrived, she's ready to wreak havoc and become more skilled at doing so.
    Mojo and Bloody both attended a dark arts academy for several terms, all the while strengthening her abilities--both natural and learned--and made more relationships with other students.  Granted, these others rarely thought fondly of her, but she did end up making a few close friends, at least.  During her stay at the academy she'd also gained a few familiars and . . . strangely enough . . . children.  These were magically-created children, a sort of practical joke by the school's phantasms.
    For awhile things didn't change, that is until her friend, Bloody, announced hurriedly that she had to leave.  Mojo was stunned, and didn't want her best friend disappearing.  Mojo, for as wily and oblivious as she could be at times, knew that Bloody had even less friends than she did, and didn't want the she-demon to be alone.  So she left the school with her, their familiars, and "children."  She never got to say goodbye to her other closest friends Kichi and Aphina.  It felt wrong in a way to leave them, but Bloody said that if Mojo came with her she could be of use to the she-demon's future plans.  Mojo liked the sound of that and went with her.
    They eventually took shelter in a seemingly abandoned mansion dayss and days away in the dense woodland owned by a spider.  He agreed to give them shelter, only asking that they not destroy the place with their magic.  Mojo grew fond of him and so had made another friend.  Eventually Bloody began to grow tired of having to continue teaching Mojo magic as it took time away from her own training and studies.  Mojo didn't want to lose her place in the house, fearing Bloody would ask her to leave and so she went out to nearby havens and asked about other schools or creatures willing to teach.  She learned of a castle where studies had begun not too long ago, and decided upon this has her new school.  She excitedly told Bloody about it and the demon looked into it a bit before agreeing Mojo could benefit from it.  Mojo grew more excited when Mojo helped her put together a few suitcases and went with her to see her off.
    Mojo and Bloody parted, the little unicorn promising to come back and visit, and thus began settling in and stalking observing the other students.  Rumor had it that a particular angel was to be attending this school as well . . . and her old teacher from the previous academy was the school's principal!  This wwas going to be an interesting chapter in her life.

  • Mojo is a Japanese slang term used to describe gloomy, dark, depressed females.  She and her sisters gave themselves names after Mojo's corruption and her insistence that they do so.  It's not that she refuses to go by her real name, she just has difficulties remembering what exactly it was.
  • Kaosu Aku literally translates from Japanese as Chaotic Evil.
  • Mojo's two sisters are Deja and Juju.
  • Her sisters also received a bit of cursing effects from their father's blood, they just didn't receive as much, nor were they affected to the extent Mojo was.
  • Sit her butt down in front of sea creatures and she'll watch them mesmerized for hours--she refuses to eat them of all things.
  • She bites . . . a lot.
  • She's of Japanese and Finnish descent.
  • She has nine eyes . . . literally--five are always open, the other four usually remain closed.
  • The ones she keeps closed allow her to see into another realm when opened, a realm she doesn't recognize as it's so dark.
  • The numbers of eyes correspond to Japanese superstitions over the numbers four and nine, as they are pronounced the same as death and agony or torture.
  • Her mother still regrets releasing Mojo unto the world, but her magic was powerless against the growing corruption.
  • Dresses according to Japanese punk styles.
  • On the app, you can see the affect her blood has on the paper, as it has started to eat through the parchment.

Theme Song(s):………

Voice Claim:  Louise Belcher (Kristen Schaal) from Bob's Burgers:…………… (2:53)…


Character Relationships:

Bullet; PurpleCrushing on Bullet; RedLove Bullet; PinkLike Bullet; GreenGetting to know Bullet; WhiteNeutral Bullet; YellowTolerates Bullet; OrangeDislikes Bullet; BlueFears Bullet; BlackHate

Haku:  Bullet; PinkBullet; WhiteBullet; White
He's her old teacher from the last school she attended, and she's super excited to know that he's the guy in charge around here.  

Kichi:  Bullet; PinkBullet; PinkBullet; Pink


Roleplay Preferences:
I prefer roleplaying on Skype as I'm faster on there, but I'm good with note and comment rps, too!  I prefer literature formatting to scriipt, but am willing to work with your preferences.  I am okay with fluff, angst, characters getting to know one another, violence, language, suggestive humor, romantic themes, etc.  I'm even okay with you putting my character in danger, just don't break their bones or kill them!  But they can still get hurt if they're unable to avoid the attacks or the threat.

Roleplay Samples

Script Sample:
Mojo:  *Waves excitedly to her departing friend before picking up her bags and haring across the campus grounds.  Looks around wildly*  Woooooow!  Oh my gosh I'm really here, I'm really HERE!  YES!  *Pauses to give an enthusiastic hop before hurrying on towards the dorms*  Oh shit . . . which one do I go into?  And . . . where the hell is everybody?  *Wondered aloud at the quiet campus before shrugging and dashing inside the correct dorm building.  Promptly drops both bags on the floor and raises hands to her mouth*  HELLOOOOOOOO!  WHERE THE HELL IS EVERYONE?!  *Waits a moment*  Well . . . if ya aren't gonna come out . . . then I'll have to hunt you down!~  *Giggles to herself and picks up her bags again, tail slightly wagging.  Disappears down a corridor*

Literature Sample:
    Mojo had barely spent more than half an hour in her assigned dorm room before growing restless with unpacking.  She was in a new and fascinating place, and she absolutely had to check it out right that moment!  She'd have months to unpack and settle in--it didn't have to be done right now!  Instead, the tiny unicorn scooted her bags and their spilled contents aside, patting her plant Orc on the head and tossing him a rabbit haunch, gave her shadowy meerkat Jazz a few scratches around the ears, and whistled for her majestic goose stallion Kitty to follow her out as she went.  She might as well see what kind of stables situation the school had to offer for her noble steed.
    Going to the door she flashed a Cheshire cat grin back at her two companions she was leaving in the room.  "I'll be back later, guys!  Get comfy, 'cause this is our home for now!  Now, Mama's gotta go find someone who actually LIVES around here."  And with that, the little unicorn swung the door shut, bounding off down the hallwy with her goose hot on her heels.


Mojo, Bloody, Orc, Jazz, Kitty (the goose), character art (c) Me
Other characters (c) respective owners
Brasswing-Towers (c) Kittrex

:icondonotuseplz::iconmyartplz: - ASK me if you want to draw them.  I reserve the right to say no, butiprollywon't.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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Finally, my little Kiken'na isn't so lonely in Violet Raven! Welcome to the group! ((Yeah, this is a little late. Oops))

Kiken: welcome!
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>u<  I remember when the group first opened, I'd wanted to join with Mojo and put her right in Violet Raven, but I figured it'd be one of the first to fill up.  I'm glad I was able to join, though!  :D

Mojo:  *Whips around, immediately going into some kind of aggressive crouch* WHADDA-  *Looks up to see the other student, and immediately jumps up, suddenly grinning hugely*  Well, shit!  HI THERE!  Thought someone was tryin' ta sneak up on me or somethin'.  *Snickers*
Kai-Foxx Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Nah, Kiken's been pretty lonely xD

Kiken: *takes a step back, chuckling awkwardly* now why would you think that? *Sheepishly smiles* sorry. Im Jumpy
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Well, they shall be lonely no more!

Mojo:  *Tilts head and bounces around to Kiken's side*  'Cause people've been after me before!  Not a lot of people just walk up to me willingly, dude.  *Snickers and quickly darts around Kiken, appearing at her other side*  Jumpy's fine by me.  *Chuckles under her breath*
Kai-Foxx Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Kiken'S working on her shyness. She'll get there soon!

Kiken: *turns quickly, her eyes following the new girl* I may be jumpy, but that doesn't mean I won't put up a fight.
SavannaEGoth Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh goodness.  Hopefully Mojo doesn't push her too far out of her comfort zone too fast.  She absolutely drove one character in her old group insane.

Mojo:  *Cackles in delight*  That so?~  Good!  Ilikeitwhentheystruggle~  *Leans in and stretches up on her toes, flashing a toothy grin*
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She's dangerous and psychotic and I love her already
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Of course!  But I cannot be held accountable for injuries that may result from people hugging her as she is known to bite people she doesn't know who touch her.  :U
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