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Bloody - Term Four App by SavannaEGoth Bloody - Term Four App by SavannaEGoth

"I almost couldn't fit my damned name in the book. . ."


Characters this Term:  Don't Touch


Bullet; Black Basic Information Bullet; Black
Name:  Gorria Adamina "Bloody" Blooughadda
Age:  118
Birthday:  February 19th
Zodiac:  Aquarius
Height:  5'10"
Species:  Half-Blood Demon, Half-Blood Dragon
Orientation:  Bisexual (Leans more towards males)
Relationship Status:  Single again, yo
  • Basic shape-shifting - She is able to take on the appearance of a demon, however she has yet to shift into her dragon form.
  • Bonded sigils - She is unable to use them as of yet, and can only make them briefly appear for short amounts of time.  They most often light up when she's angered or is using great amounts of magic.
  • Basic demon/dragon abilities - Things such as heightened senses (though they're nothing too extreme--average compared to other students), agility when flying/running, increased speed for short periods of time, being able to breathe tiny flames, etc.
  • Advanced spoken, written, and blood magic - Is able to manipulate blood in small creatures, cast powerful spells, and activate written and/or locate hidden ones through spoken magic.
  • Minor animal communication - Is able to communicate or at least somewhat understand the language of felines and reptiles, though she is working on understanding insects as well.

Bullet; Black Academic Information Bullet; Black
Level:  Expert
Current Classes:  LIN 302, LIN 303, LIN 401
Passed Classes:  LIN 101, LIN 102, LIN 103, LIN 104, LIN 201, LIN 202, LIN 203, LIN 301, LIN 304
Experience:  1592

Bullet; Black Personal Information Bullet; Black
  • Evening/Night - These times of day possess the least harsh type of lighting upon Bloody's eyes.  That, and it's the best time for hunting should she feel up to it.
  • Thunderstorms - She finds them to be soothing and pleasant to listen to, unless the thunder is right above her, then it just hurts her ears like most loud noises.  That, and she can't actually watch any close up lightning due to its brightness.  She mostly enjoys them for the energy that they fill the atmosphere with.
  • Reading - Reading is by far her favorite hobby.  Over the decades, she has collected a plethora of books and scrolls, and pays frequent trips to the school's library.
  • Flying - Flying fills her with a sense of ultimate freedom, and can be a great way to expel excess energy.  The sights aren't so bad, either.
  • Parkour - She really got into such athletic stunts when she was in her fifties and sixties.  It's exhilarating to be running atop really high or precarious places before jumping or flipping off.  She was able to hone her physical strength and abilities through the sport.  However, she hasn't been able to do much of it since she joined the academy, and has instead been focusing more on intellectual pursuits and honing her magical powers.
  • Adrenaline rushes - Anything that induces a burst of adrenaline can actually be exciting for the she-demon, and she has a hard time saying no to extreme activities that could provide her with the energetic "drug."  Too much adrenaline can actually cause her to go a bit feral, though.  Invite her to extreme sports at your own risk.
  • Horror - She favors most horror novels, and of the some odd thousand or so movies she's seen, horror films are her favorites.  She's mostly into psychological thrillers, but won't say no to gore.
  • Instrumental music - During her long life, Bloody stayed listening to classical and other instrumental music more so than other types.  She tends to find lyrics annoying and tarnishing of the piece they belong to.  However, there have been some few choice songs that really grabbed her attention.
  • Darker colors/shades - Simply put, they're the most aesthetically pleasing to her.
  • Autumn - It's her favorite season.  The lighting isn't too harsh, it doesn't get too hot or too cold, and the storms are pretty tame, meaning she isn't deafened by thunder or blinded by lightning, and can fly about without hail pelting her, possibly damaging her wings.
  • Shape-shifting - It's a bit of a rush to change one's form into something more threatening and more powerful.  She can't wait to discover her dragon form.
  • Blood magic - Blood magic is by far Bloody's favorite type of magic, as if it wasn't obvious enough.  Both breeds of creatures she descended from are closely linked to the blood aspect, and while they don't depend upon it for life, they do enjoy ingesting it and their blood intake can increase their own power and abilities.  Bloody's fascination is mostly linked to life's dependency upon the liquid and all of the different properties different creatures' blood possesses.
  • Dark Magic - Another greatly interesting area of magic that has captured Bloody's attention is dark magic.  While not all dark magic is evil, it can prove to be one of the most destructive and dangerous magics, and she seeks to strengthen her ability to wield it successfully and flawlessly.
  • Comfortable clothing - A lot of students at the school seem to wear things that are impractical with the cold weather, or restrict movement.  Others wear things that are sacred or traditional.  Being someone who left their roots and shrugged off many aspects of their life and bloodline, Bloody seeks instead to dress comfortably and casually with a modern twist, utilizing items of clothing with darker shades.
  • Piercings - Piercings are very interesting to Bloody, and after seeing more and more of them, she got several of her own.  She enjoys using them to not only express herself, but just to wear them because she thinks that they look cool.
  • Having her own space - This ties in with her reluctance (or refusal) to share private space.  She has a need for a quiet place of her own where she can work and relax.  Something free of outside influence and/or distraction.  If she can't get time on her own, she starts to get irritable and antsy.
  • Meat - Bloody is primarily carnivorous as she depends greatly upon meat for protein, and blood for her magical abilities.  She often hunts around the school when she isn't taking meat from the kitchen.
  • Lava drinks - Thanks to her demonic origins rather than her draconic ones, she's able to partially withstand the heat of lava internally, and actually enjoys its taste as opposed to cooled rocks resulting from magma pools.  She claims it tastes better when it't hot and molten.
  • Being called by her regular name - She dislikes using her real name due to her family having used it when conversing with her, especially her younger brother.  It's another way for her to "cut ties" with her deceased relatives and move on.
  • Bright lights - She has difficulty seeing well when around bright light sources.  They hurt her eyes.
  • Below zero temperatures - Having originated in a place filled with fire and ash really changes a person. Freezing temperatures irritate her and can even cause her pain.  Her fire is not currently strong enough to keep her warm in colder climates.
  • Annoying/pesky individuals - Anyone who's too bubbly or meddles with her personal affairs can fall into this category.
  • Having to share personal space with others (dorms, etc.) - This is due mostly to her greedy nature.  She doesn't like sharing what is hers, especially space due to her dedication to her studies.  She doesn't want anyone intruding on her work.
  • Being ridiculed/bossed around by peers - While she normally doesn't care what others think, she hates feeling ridiculed or judged poorly in relation to her abilities and, in some rare cases, her character.  She also dislikes other students trying to tell her what to do.  If they're not a teacher or a student teacher, then she'll go on doing whatever she so pleases.
  • Failing - She dislikes failing to the point where it can almost be categorized as a fear.  She doesn't want to appear unintelligent or incapable of doing whatever has been assigned to her for pride's sake.  Not only that, but a failure to complete or perform some kind of magic-related experiment could put her in danger either then or at some point in the future.
  • Being made fun of - She dislikes many jokes and pranks.  She doesn't care for being made a fool of.  This is one of the fastest ways to earn a place on her mental list of people she despises.
  • Sharing - Sharing has already been touched upon, but the aspect of sharing an item is different than sharing space to her.  Sharing a special item might mean that she goes hungry, she is without knowledge, or that she had to give up something cool from her collections of random stuff.
  • High-pitched noises - Anything like a scream or a screech grates on her ears more so due to her heightened senses.  She doesn't even like anyone talking too loudly around her.  It physically hurts her.
  • Chantries - Who wouldn't dislike a whole organization dedicated to eradicating their very species?
  • Demon hunters - Similar to chantries, they can pose a real threat, though more often than not any demon hunters Bloody comes across tend to be amateurs and are therefore annoyances. 
  • Betrayal - Stemming from her childhood, anyone who betrays her is then after seen as either a threat or absolute trash.  She hates being betrayed, and rarely puts her trust into anyone.  If she happens to trust someone, then they've accomplished something great.
  • Being at a chantry/demon hunter's mercy - It could be an end game type of situation if ever the occasion arises.  This is one of the main reasons why she's focusing on strengthening herself.
  • Staurophobia (Crosses/Crucifixion) - It's a bit of a weird fear, but she is actually terrified deep down of the prospect of being executed in this fashion.
  • Losing her ability to fly - Being grounded and unable to experience the delight that is flying is one of the worst things she can imagine.

Strengths:  Being both part demon and part dragon, any wounds Bloody receive naturally heal faster than for mortals (though struggles with more extreme wounds), and the wounds she herself inflicts last longer.  She has strong sight, hearing, and smell.  When flying, she moves with incredible speed and agility.  When on the ground, she's still rather agile and swift, though nothing too great.  She can run at high speeds for short periods of time, though not without tiring.  She is rather intelligent, and can think things such as projects or problems over carefully in order to finish and/or solve them.  She works very well on her own as opposed to working in a group.  The personal drive she harbors to excel in her race's abilities pushes her to work and study hard in hopes of developing her abilities.  It's also important to note that like some types of demons, she is "fire-proof" in a sense, however, she's only really partially fireproof on the inside, i.e. in her esophagus and a few other organs in her digestive system, to the point where she can actually ingest lava when bolstering her organs with potions or magic.  Her skin while in her regular form is still susceptible to burns.

Weaknesses:  While she has very little abilities associated with being a demon, she is still greatly affected by holy water or sacred places and may experience burning sensations, spontaneous bleeding, difficulty breathing, and piercing sensations in her chest/gut.  As with many dragons, she is rather prideful and greedy in regards to some certain items.  Because of this, she doesn't do well with being made fun of or failing at anything, and come across as stubborn and hard-headed.  She will also hoard things she deems as valuable in odd places in spaces she lives in.  Her greed can also make it somewhat easy to bribe her into doing things if the briber has something very valuable and of interest to her.

Goals:  To pass all of her classes, develop her magic and other skills, be able to use her bonded sigils, discover her dragon form, return to her home and eradicate the descendants of the people who murdered her family, and then go from there.  ((While possibly developing a stronger relationship with Chaii.))

Personality:  Bloody, at first glance, can be rather intimidating and off-putting, and while she isn't needlessly aggressive or violent, she can still be unpleasant to be around to certain company.  She is thorough in her thinking, which is part of what feeds into her high confidence.  She sees herself as being extremely capable and this can either help her earn respect and recognition, or can lead to failure and embarrassment along with a stinging ego.  She's very proud, though she wouldn't admit it, and doesn't like being wrong or failing anything.  This can help push her to try harder on different things, but can also lead to her developing an unhealthy obsession with her tasks and/or goals.  She can get pretty cocky at times, when her confidence begins to inflate too much, making it hard to like her.  Other than that, she's fairly laid back and will avoid unnecessary conflict unless she is repetitively provoked or her abilities are harshly challenged.  She's very much independent, and doesn't go out of her way to start up conversations with anyone, though she's perfectly comfortable in a crowd, so long as that crowd isn't invading any space that belongs to her such as her dorm.  Bloody also battles with a touch of greed, though she craves knowledge more than material objects--any objects she does take a liking to, she may end up hoarding in secret places in her dorm.  She finds it somewhat difficult to share, as she doesn't like giving away things that she herself could have use for.  It can also be said that she is self-serving, cynical, and hard-headed and/or stubborn.

However, despite the mounting negative aspects to her personality, she is very passionate and driven about the things she finds interesting, and seeks to excel at them.  She is determined and strong-willed, as well as a fighter.  It is also important to note that any close relationships she does build she guards with the utmost devotion and can prove to be very loyal to said individuals.  This is only after a gradual period of time, though, as people she only has casual relationships with she wouldn't stick her neck out too much for, if at all.

History:  Bloody came into the world as a hatchling over a century ago (and was then only known as Gorria) to a she-dragon and a powerful blood demon in the United Kingdom.  She had ten other older siblings and, eventually, a younger brother.  Her family lived in relative peace amidst grassy hills and tiny woodlands, the young ones never venturing too far from Mother's nest.  The hatchlings all kept themselves quite busy with different games and exploring the wilds all while receiving lessons from their parents on the dangers of the world.

While dragon hunters had all but disappeared off of the face of the Earth, demon hunters were still in great supply, and Gorria's parents made sure that they knew to stay away from any strange humans until they were old enough to kill any potential threats.  However, merely warning children to stay away from danger isn't enough, and Gorria and her siblings soon found themselves in grave danger while their father was out feeding off of the people in a nearby village and their mother was hunting on the other side of the moors.

The children were all out playing as per usual when their sharp senses began picking up on small noises and a strange, fleeting scent.  They began to grow curious, and very nervous, and quietly debated with one another on what to do.  Gorria and her younger brother weren't given much of a say by their older siblings, and it was unanimously decided that they could stand up to this potential threat by themselves.  What they didn't know was that they'd been tracked down by a chantry based in one of the larger towns nearly one hundred miles away from their den.  Being as young as they all were, the children had hardly begun to grasp their powers, and Gorria and her little brother hadn't used or been trained in anything aside from some minor shape-shifting, so they were even more helpless.

As soon as the decision was made, they all instantly regretted it.  The members of the chantry were obviously very experienced with dealing with demon-kin, and these youngsters, who hadn't even seen a mortal human before, were in over their heads.  It was an extremely terrifying encounter, and only Gorria, one of her older sisters, and her younger brother survived the attack.  In fact, they would likely have died as well if their mother hadn't come looking for them when they hadn't returned home at dusk.


Almost a decade had passed, and the three remaining children of the original twelve had grown a little.  Their parents continued to teach them what they could, and their shape-shifting abilities were flourishing.  Gorria had mastered the demon form, although the abilities still eluded her.  Fortunately, the chantry wasn't able to find them after they moved to another part of the country, and they'd managed to continue to survive in secret.  Then, one day, her father didn't come back.

Distraught, Gorria's mother went to look or him, ordering the children to stay at home, and promised she'd be back within the next twenty-four hours.  They waited nervously, hoping everything was okay, but he never did come back, and neither did their mother.  They hesitantly left their new den to try and track their parents, and stopped as soon as they came to the first rise and smelled smoke . . . as well as the scent of burning flesh and the sound of agonized roaring.  Terrified, they all fled their home, going even farther north than they had before until they came to a desolate beach.

It was there they resided for another uneasy year before one night, just like her father, her younger brother vanished.  Gorria and her sister were worried sick and were preparing themselves to face another fight, having grown stronger, though her lessons hadn't been completed.  Yet, as they made their way in the last direction they'd seen their sibling, they were terribly shocked to discover that a party of armed men were waiting for them, and it was none other than their younger brother leading them straight to their home.  He had betrayed them and was leading a party of mortals to kill them.

The sisters fought for their lives, but only Gorria made it out of the fight alive.  Lucky enough for her, there weren't as many men as last time to face.  When the fight was done, the only ones left standing were her and her brother.  In a fit of rage, she attacked him, wounding him and pinning him to the ground, demanding why he'd betrayed her and their older sibling.  He responded saying that he didn't like what their father had been doing before his supposed death--feeding on, possessing, and murdering humans--and that he didn't want anyone else following in his footsteps, nor their mother's who had also hunted humans often as prey.  Gorria didn't say anything else to him at that point . . . she instead did him a favor and murdered him right then and there, driven by the deaths of each of her family members.  Some part of her wanted to be responsible for his death, rather than have him be betrayed and murdered by the men he'd gone to, just as he'd done to his own family.

Now, most individuals, usually mortals, are completely devastated by instances such as these.  Gorria, however, was part demon.  She didn't experience depression as much as she did angst or anger, and she'd been very, very furious at the actions committed, but with her brother dead, and a majority of the local demon hunters taken care of as well, her anger was partially quenched, though she would always be privately afraid of the chantry, demon hunters, and their ways of killing demons, and she would always hold grudges against those who went against their word with her or if they too betrayed her in anyway.  Blood demons are, after all, more prone to hate than sadness and self-pity.  Gorria moved on, moving house back to the southern part of the country and then beyond, just trying to find some sort of new, safer home.

More decades passed and Gorria, now refusing to go by her old name and instead going by the self-given nickname, Bloody, continued moving all over Europe, briefly into Asia, and even at one point the Americas.  It was around then that she'd heard whispers from the supernatural community of a special place for all sorts of creatures to go and learn different types of magic and rituals or strengthen their own preexisting abilities.  Bloody had been trying to learn on her own for years, using odd books she'd found, meeting with strange supernatural beings, and even watching old films on such topics, though they'd mostly been bogus or unhelpful.  So far, she'd only been able to take on the form of a demon and had more recently discovered sigils she'd been inscribed with unbeknownst to her by her parents when she was still barely more than a hatchling, though she didn't know how to use them or what they were for.  This place sounded promising, and it could help her with more than just reaching her full potential.  She could use the skills learned to both protect herself and rid her former home of the scourge that had wiped out her family should they ever confront her again.

So it was with a bit of searching (and an unpleasant discovery of the school being shielded by an awfully cold fog) that she finally came across this rumored academy.  Let the lessons begin.

Theme Song(s):  
Creature Feature - "Bad Blood"…
Elena Siegman - "115"…

Voice Claim:  Vitani (Jennifer Lien) from the Lion King 2 (just a tiny bit less raspy and voice-cracky):… (0:41)… (0:50)

Misc. Information:
  • Bloody used to go by Gorria in her youth.  In fact, her younger brother referred to her often as Gore or Gorey.
  • Bloody's hair grows faster than a mortal's.
  • She heals faster and is more agile than a mortal.
  • She has heightened senses.
  • Direct sunlight greatly affects her vision, and she detests bright lights in general.
  • She religiously avoids sacred places.  (Pun very much intended.)  They weaken her and harm her.
  • While being over a century old, she's still actually very, very young by both of her race's standards.
  • She loves watching horror movies, especially ones by Stephen King and found footage films.
  • She mostly hoards books that go into depth of shape-shifting and blood magic/rituals.
  • She has four piercings on her upper lip, two on the bottom, and one on her eyebrow.
  • She has claws, not nails.
  • Her bangs are allegedly dyed with the blood of her prey.
  • The red marks on her cheeks are natural markings.  There are more on her back.
  • While she's discovered her demon form and her bonded sigils, she hasn't yet turned into her dragon form, and is hoping to learn how.  (Neither does she understand how to use her sigils.)
  • Her scar is from a fight with another demon a few decades back.
  • Uses some English slang.
  • She can easily imitate most European accents (due to demons speaking in tongues), and speaks several European languages.
  • Is allergic to angels--they can even burn her depending on their angelic strength.
  • She lives with the Hellcat cub that she rescued from the woods after it was abandoned by its mother.  He has become her familiar, Haze.
  • She has taken in a scarab named Stella after Virgil left the Magical Linguistics department.


~Relationships will be re-added at some point in the future~


Bullet; Black Roleplay Information Bullet; Black
Chatroom Availability:  I don't often roleplay in chatrooms as I can't readily save those logs.  However, I am on DeviantArt every day and could probably squeeze some time in though I really would rather keep chatroom communication to events with specific dates.
IM Availability:  I roleplay most often in notes, comments, and Skype.  If you'd like my Skype name, just let me know!
How did you find #OtherWorlde?:  I . . . don't remember.  I think I was checking out some group affiliations and just stumbled across it and it BLEW.  MY.  MIND.  I got so bleedin' excited I just had to make an app for it!

Script Sample:  Bloody:  *Yawns as she slowly sits up stretches, her extended arms and legs shaking slightly before dropping again*  Gahhh-ah, damn.  *Rubs back, twisting her spine either way to pop it*  How long was I out?  Feels like decades . . . and I know what that feels like.  *Rubs at a watery eye with one black fist, letting loose another yawn before standing, leaving the bed*  Hnng.  Ow, my bleedin' back!  *Grimaces, rubbing it once again*  What the Hell . . . am I sleepwalking all night now!?  What's up with my back!?  *Trudges over to and stops in front of the mirror, twisting around, lifting up shirt, and inspecting her back*  Hm . . . nothin'.  Whatever, I guess.  Prolly just slept on it wrong.  *Shrugs, putting shirt back down, and goes off to shower*

Paragraph Sample:  Darkness had once again crawled over the dreary, desolate skies stretching above and far, far beyond the grounds of the academy.  The sounds of the ground's . . . "birds" (if they could be called that) had ceased and gave way to the occasional eerie moan or wail emanating from some other building in the academy.  Flickering lights that had been lighting up the school's courtyards eventually began to go out as the students went off to their dorms before curfew.  Well, the supposed curfew.

One student, a youthful-looking black-and-red-skinned she-demon, though she trekked on back to the bone dorms with the other freshman, grudgingly wondered if there even was a curfew in this place.  After all, many races attending the school were nocturnal, or simply preferred being awake during the night as opposed to the day.  Bloody herself preferred it--the sun was harsh on her eyes and sometimes caused her to feel as if her blood was boiling.

Sighing quietly through her nose, she glanced up and over her shoulder at the moon.  It was almost full.  Great.  The various werebeasts attending the academy were sure to keep the rest of the student body up anyways.

She blinked.  Surely there's someone I can talk to . . . some member of the school staff, who'd be sure to give me an answer.  Maybe there are even optional night classes?  . . . Alright, that's probably a stretch, but what I wouldn't give to at least spend twenty minutes or so flying and letting of some steam.  It feels so crowded down here with everyone else, she irritably thought, flick an ear.  The hoard of students steadily moving along all sides of her only proved her point.

Oh well.  At least I have my own room.  So . . . I get a little freedom here, she finally thought, attempting to find the "bright side" of things, as it were.


Bloody (c) Me
OtherWorlde (c) viralremix 
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SavannaEGoth Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Just throwing this here for a new reference whenever it comes:
I've got an old reference sheet for her from the time I had dusted her off and submitted her into a rather toxic roleplay group here on DA.  She's a dragon-demon hybrid hailing from the UK over 100 years ago (bitch ages slowly).  She lived in a lair with her mother (a dragon), father (a demon), and her many nestmates.  Her parents both hold the power to shapeshift into different specific forms, as well as breathe fire and manipulate certain things.  They raised their clutch of differing ages in secret, keeping them hidden from the world until they were old enough to hunt and defend themselves from others, particularly the chantry, who still had members out and hunting demons at the time.  Bloody (her birth name was Gorria, though she was nicknamed Gory) was the second youngest member of her family, and had been babied by her mother for much of her life, shadowing both of her parents as they did things in and around their home set.  She had some difficulties shifting and using her powers, and so was a bit lacking compared to her siblings, though she'd never admit inadequacy.  Instead, she sought to learn and read and hone her powers.  This in turn led her to falling behind on her hunting and actual application of her born abilities.  Her mother and father had another child after her, her younger brother, and this new baby was very gifted.  His abilities seemed to be naturally stronger and more developed than his older siblings, though he was physically weaker and would grow sick very easily.  Their mother babied him constantly and ignored much of her other children to focus on him, causing Bloody to grow jealous while her other siblings were focusing on finishing their training to leave and start lives of their own.  Bloody was still much younger than them, though, and so would be with her parents and brother for awhile yet, meaning she'd have to put up with being ignored by her parent.  She began growing closer to her father to ease her sense of replacement/abandonment, and began looking up to him more than before.  She idolized him for the proud, fearsome being he was.  He was a very powerful demon, not quite content with always having to hide in the shadows while the chantry took over their homeland, but heeded the warnings of Bloody's mother.  Still, he noticed Bloody's growing irritation and began to try to train her more.  He saw her hunger for knowledge and power, and felt there was potential there to make her into a force to be reckoned with.

Life continued somewhat normally until she and her siblings caught of wiff of some other beings they'd never been introduced to before.  The children voted to investigate it, Bloody and her brother not having much of a say as their older siblings ran their little pack, herding them closer to the strangers.  This mistake would leave a majority of them dead apart from Bloody, her brother, and one sister.  The strangers had been dangerous members of the chantry, armed to the teeth and looking to spill demon blood.  The three survivors barely escaped certain doom when their mother came looking for them after they all failed to come home.  She finished off the chantry men in her powerful draconic form, and ushered the others home while ignoring her wounds.  Their parents became more protective than ever, and fought about whether to hide the family or train them harder.  They ended up moving to a new lair in hopes of escaping the encroaching threats of the humans, but they were pursued.  One day, Bloody's father vanished, and when her mother failed to return from looking for him the siblings left to investigate.  They found their parents burning alive--their mother tied down and piked with crude spikes, and their father being crucified.  The gruesome sight would forever instill the fear of being put to death on a cross into the demoness' mind, and the siblings fled to escape a similar fate, being unequipped to stop their parents' torture.

The three went to live on a remote beach for an uneasy year.  The sisters trained religiously (pun unintended) while their brother seemed to grow more distant.  It was during this time they noticed he became withdrawn and never ceased in his brooding.  He began voicing his objections to hunting humans and their livestock, not wanting to harm these sentient beings or their food sources, but Bloody wanted them to live their lives unrestricted, having great pride in their bloodlines.  She argued with him that he wouldn't be accepted by the humans, and that they couldn't trust them. The two fought before he disappeared.  The sisters looked for him, but after turning up nothing stopped and settled for waiting for him to return.  It was very late when Bloody finally heard someone approaching their den.  She went out to investigate, finding her brother accompanied by several other humans, all bearing the sign of the chantry.  She was outraged that he led them to their set, and accused him of betraying the family.  He tried to reason with her, assure her that they could be more than demons, that they could be members of a society where they wouldn't be threatened, that they could eat things other than people.  Bloody refused to become a member of the society that hunted both of her races and genuinely believed demons to be superior to mortals.  Both she and her brother failed to reason with one another, and their fighting brought their older sibling out of the den, their raised voices having woken her from where she slept just inside.  The humans were also becoming more uneasy and angered by the younger she-demon's words, and they began to grow aggressive.  Her brother realized too late what he'd done in bringing the humans there, seeing his sister was right about them trying to use him to bring them to his siblings to kill them, and the tense situation quickly broke into a vicious fight.  The demon sisters fought for their lives against the humans who outnumbered them, thouh in the end the older sibling fell in trying desperately to assure her younger siblings' survival, sacrificing herself to give them an upperhand in the skirmish.  Bloody was the final victor in the fight, having slain the last human to have invaded their temporary home before turning on her brother.  He pleaded with her but she wouldn't listen, hating him for the loss of their family, and she killed him.  Now she was entirely alone in the world.

She left her final home that day to gather knowledge and hone her skills in other ways, vowing to become powerful enough to make every last member of the chantry pay, to punish the settlements of the kingdom, and to become so strong that every last creature alive would fear her.

There were many short stories I wrote and uploaded to my gallery based on the group's prompts that developed her character and showed her practicing her skills, but in the end I had to leave and I attributed that to her leaving the school after she received a letter from her brother notifying her that he had somehow returned from the hell she sent him to in killing him, and that he was going to return to her.  She left to go back into hiding and continue her training in seclusion, thinking he had returned to drag her down to hell as well.
SparrowOfTheDawn Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
is BloodyChaii canon please tell me it's canon
SavannaEGoth Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Yeeeeep. *Sort of awkward laugh* Ah- no. . . . Chaii hooked up with Bloody's enemy and she's with a former student of the academy now. QuQ
SparrowOfTheDawn Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh, okay.  *derp*
SparrowOfTheDawn Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Does she like Lovecraft?  Cause that would be really cool.  :D
SavannaEGoth Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Haha, how did you know!?  He's her favorite author!!! QuQ
SparrowOfTheDawn Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I got into him a couple of months ago and couldn't get the idea of her reading him out of my head.  :D
SavannaEGoth Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
She adores his literature.  UuU  She truly does think of him as the father/king of horror, as do many others.
AngryChickenstrip Featured By Owner May 12, 2015
She is so well developed! I love it (and her).
I'd love to rp with you sometime!
SavannaEGoth Featured By Owner May 12, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Ahhhh~ Thank you!
That would be fun! QuQ Whenever you're ready--though I am about to go to sleep so . . . not tonight |D
AngryChickenstrip Featured By Owner May 13, 2015
Ahh, thats no problem!
Would you prefer comments or notes,and paragraph or scrip? ^_^
SavannaEGoth Featured By Owner May 13, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
*Rubbing eyes like DAYUM why am I still tired?*
Haha, I am good with comments and Skype!  Notes are kind of shut down for me for the moment.  I need to clear them out |D

And I do both!  I prefer lit, but I'm flexible in case you really want to do one over the other~
AngryChickenstrip Featured By Owner May 14, 2015
We can try Skype! I've been meaning to use it more as most people prefer it. My Skype name is the same as it is here, Angrychickenstrip. Feel free to add me sometime! ^_^
SavannaEGoth Featured By Owner May 14, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Alrighty~  ((I'm sorry for not being on these last few days!  qAq))
I'll send a request~))
Ra-Punzelle Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ohoho, Bloody lookin' good! ;D And she'll be LIN 203 classmates with Rose :heart:
SavannaEGoth Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you so much, hon~  Ahhh yeahhhhh~  Perhaps they can get up to hijinks together.  eue
RielaOmavi Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2015  Student General Artist
Chaii- Bloody! You're in Blood Dorm now, right? Ehehe... Bloody in Blood Dorm-  Well, congratulations! ...I'm not quite there yet... but I'll try to do my best so we can be in the same dorm again some day! OuO
SavannaEGoth Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Bloody: *Blinks in surprise before giving him a smile, one side of her grin rising up to make a dimple appear i her cheek--her signnature half-smile reserved for the zombie* Hey there, Chaii. I am, ahah. *She gave a little playful smirk, crossing her arms* I'm actually pretty pleased with being in them. Been movin' all my stuff to my new room today, too. *Rubs a shoulder* Hm? *Brows go up* Not yet? Did something happen? *Brows slightly pinched*
SparrowOfTheDawn Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh lord she looks scarier now.  Cool, but scary.  Thank you so much and great job!
SavannaEGoth Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Heh.  Thanks.  Hopefully . . . things don't get fucked up again . . . QuQ
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