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Bloody - Personality Scale by SavannaEGoth Bloody - Personality Scale by SavannaEGoth
Active - Lazy
    While she often spends time reading or studying, Bloody does tend to get pretty restless when she isn't able to get out and fly or go for a quick run.  Her activity usually peaks at night when she feels the most energetic.

Attractive - Ugly
Her personality has many negative points, outnumbering the positive and thus leading to her personality seeming more ugly than attractive.

Brave - Cowardly
    She's actually very brave, and at times it can get her into trouble, yet it is also a good thing as it means that she isn't afraid to face challenges head-on.  That, and she often challenges herself/takes on a lot of work/research.

Caring - Curel
Bloody isn't too empathetic of a gal.  Actually, she lacks empathy in nearly every circumstance.  That, and her caustic comments tend to put people off or keep them away.

Charismatic - (Neutral) - Awkward
    She certainly isn't awkward, though she doesn't make it a point to be open and charismatic with people, either.  It's a shame--she has the potential to be very charismatic if only she tried.

Social - Antisocial
    She is more social than antisocial, though that doesn't make her a social butterfly.  She interacts with the professors/school staff when needed, and will occasionally respond to minor chitchat if someone else initiates it.  Otherwise, she's pretty much independent.

Confident - Uncertain
    She is very, very confident in her abilities and capability to pass her classes and expand her knowledge on the dark arts.  While her confidence can be occasionally misguided, it's still one of her best traits.

Dominant - Submissive
    She is far more dominant than she is submissive, and will take charge if presented with a situation where she know she can.  This is why, when in group projects, she'll often try to take the lead by heading discussions and research.  She's just a very task-oriented person and has more faith in her abilities to get a job done than to depend on others.

Friendly - Cold
She's often seen as being more cold than friendly, after all, she doesn't go out seeking to make friends.  Hell, when she heard about dorm partners, she booked it back to her room.  No room mates for her!  However, if someone does manage to warm up to her and vice versa, she'll be fair friendlier with them, so she isn't totally cold.

Humble - Arrogant
She is, unfortunately, more arrogant than humble due to her sense of pride and, ahem, ego.  She thinks pretty highly of herself and doesn't like belittling or even showing much modesty.  She doesn't brag or show off or anything, she's not a total insufferable jerk.  But she's not about to just bow down to some other student if they're higher up than she is or if they've graduated.  She'll of course still show the teachers respect . . . as long as they don't do anything to piss her off.  This is going to be interesting.

Honest - (Neutral) - Liar
    While she isn't a compulsive liar, she doesn't always elaborate on the truth, either.  A few traces of truth here and there, a few white lies, etc.

Intelligent - Stupid
    While she isn't an extraordinary genius, she does have a higher than average intelligence and impressive analytical skills along with a fair knack for problem solving.  She doesn't dislike learning, and works hard when studying.

Leader - Follower
    Bloody is much more of a leader than a follower, as is evident when working in a group.  Her confidence aids her in this along with her intelligence.  That, and she doesn't like being ordered around by her peers.

Patient - (Neutral) - Impatient
    Her ability to be patient depends on a number of factors, mostly situational.  But she isn't too patient, nor impatient.

Strong - Weak
    While her personality isn't always top notch, it's still a strong one.  She has pretty good physical prowess as well.


Bloody (c) Me
OtherWorlde (c) viralremix
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