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Bloodstuck Official Tumblr by SavannaEGoth Bloodstuck Official Tumblr by SavannaEGoth
Bloodstuck Tumblr:

Guess what loser just made their first Tumblr account and sister Tumblr blog?  This dumb vanilla bean right here!  Are you proud, astral-buttercups ?  I hope you are.

The official Tumblr page will act as a place for people to give me suggestions for plot developement and silly scenarios or actions that the characters can take.  Please keep suggestions relevant to current panels as they are uploaded, and try not to suggest anything too drastic like killing another character or committing suicide.

(In case you're wondering what the hell suggesting scenarios has to do with anything I've written for the plot, many of the quirky scenes and prompts in Homestuck, as well as Hussie's other adventure comics, arose from suggestions from readers that they submitted to him by clicking the "SUGGESTIONS" button underneath "Adventure Info" underneath the comic's panels near the bottom of the page.  These will only really act as filler for the comic, and won't really have any huge lasting effects on the story or the characters--at least, none that I can currently fathom.)


Art (c) Me
Please don't use this art anywhere.
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February 10, 2017
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