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Be Mine - Are You Really Asking Me? by SavannaEGoth Be Mine - Are You Really Asking Me? by SavannaEGoth
-when there are so many others for you to see?


I decided to enter another contest being held by LullabyPrince in which he is having people once again design a special somepony for his (newest?) character Booster.  I love Booster's design and felt compelled to create someone for him to give his heart to.

The character I've designed is Maple Minty Mocha.  Her friends call her M & M for short which irritates her, as she can't fathom why they feel the need to drop the extra "M" from her initials.  She, of course, prefers to go by Maple--short n' sweet . . . kinda like her.

Personality/Temperment:  She is a calm and contemplative pony who is naturally nurturing and peaceful towards others when she befriends them or feels pity for them.  She's a hopeless romantic who occasionally indulges herself in reading stories that get her emotional and moony.  She's a bit sensitive about certain topics, nicknames and ignorance towards pressing social matters or triggers specifically.  She values knowledge and patience, and shuns stupidity.  When she becomes too upset, she closes herself off for awhile and instead pours herself into work, whether it be her studies or her job.  Due to her accident and move she has become more introverted and secretive, though doesn't entirely object to others her seek to get to know her.  After all, she seeks to bring happiness and better lives to those who suffered similar accidents to hers.

A little bit more background information on her character until I get off my ass and start making OC reference sheets:  Maple is the only pony in her family to have moved to Booster's location, and as a result she really doesn't know or socialize with many others in town.  She does, however, attend a community college to help her on her path to achieving her dream of becoming a physical therapist--a dream that was born after an accident in which she lost one of her forelegs.  She appreciated the kindness and admired the patience of the nurses so much that she vowed to one day help other ponies in their hoof steps.

When she isn't at college she's usually at home reading a book.  She doesn't have a huge collection, and often ends up rereading the same romance novels over and over again--they're her favorites.  She also drinks a lot of coffee and tea, and has a part time job working at a small coffee shop.  Her place of work also happens to be her choice hang out when she isn't living as an introvert in the house.  Sometimes she brings her homework with her when she visits the shop, and has been known to stay in the building until the late hours of the evening . . . even when it isn't her shift.

Maple harbors an interest in travel.  She used to travel a lot when she was younger, but after her accident she became rooted in her new town.  That doesn't mean that she wouldn't like to see other amazing places again one day, however.  Until then, she settles for sight-seeing in local areas and occasionally goes down to the beach to unwind in the evening or at night if she's feeling bold.  Other than that, she usually stays in highly-populated areas.  Nature, while interesting and beautiful, is something she'd rather just observe rather than spend mass amounts of time surrounded by.  It is because of this that she holds Winter Wrap Up in bittersweet regard--it's busy work, but there's a whole lot of nature involved.

She also has been known to drop by the salon to have her red-and-brown hair dyed with darker streaks of both colors and is a regular customer at ice cream parlors and second-hoof bookstores.  She was born during the month of September.

Some of her favorite things:  Comfortable clothing, autumn, snuggling her pets--a Turkish angora, Aysel, and an angora rabbit, Melek--before bedtime, snuggling in general, English class, vanilla ice cream, classical music, aroma pillows, caffeinated drinks (specifically mocha coffee), homemade ice cream, romance novels,  angora rabbits, her studies, the letters "L," "M," "N," and "W" for some reason, and staying organized.

Some of her least favorite things:  Shoes, misplacing her planner, ignorance, intolerance, stupidity, nicknames, most canines, and people thinking poorly of her for her disability.

I believe Maple and Booster would make a good pairing for quite a few reasons.  Firstly, they're booth rather physically different from others around them, and it is because of this that they're sometimes treated different and even unfairly.  Booster's love and appreciation of her despite her amputation would touch her seeing as he isn't concerned with able-bodied mares or stallions, and still thinks her beautiful.  Secondly, they both enjoy romantic things such as nighttime ocean settings, romantic dates, symbols of affection, etc.  Thirdly, Maple is patient with others, and even thought Booster tends to be an "asshole" she would likely work with him or get to know him if he popped up around her enough or showed an interest in getting to know her.  As long as he wasn't really rude and non-supportive towards disabled ponies, those with non-binary genders, or differing a sexuality then she wouldn't avoid him, pretty much.

Here's to hoping that I do well in the contest- er, collab?


Maple Minty Mocha (c) Me
Booster (c) LullabyPrince 
    Collab:  Be Mine -open collab-
Base (c) @CreativeMindzSF
MLP (c) Hasbro
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